The best varieties of terry balsam, home care

In Russia, flowers are rarely given to men. Usually flowers are given to representatives of the following professions: big bosses, teachers, less often doctors. And, of course, for a significant anniversary. As a rule, there is no question of a simple birthday. February 23 is also not the best occasion to present a flower gift.

But edible bouquets for men are completely different, original. They can be gifted for any occasion. An edible bouquet can solve the difficult question of what to give, it can be either a bonus to the main gift or the gift itself.

In what case would an edible bouquet for a man be an appropriate gift?

Despite the fact that the composition is edible, it is still a bouquet. Since we are talking about a bouquet, it means that professional florists are engaged in its preparation. Masters take into account the following factors in their work: style, shape, color scheme.

You don't need a special occasion to make such a gift. This compliment will always be pleasant. You can give it for a birthday, for a name day, for February 23, and even for the New Year. You can also make such a gift for no reason: for example, if you are invited to visit and you do not like to come empty-handed.

Let's deal with the question of who can be presented with an edible bouquet. You can present it to any man or boy: brother, uncle, father, grandfather, colleague. It is ideal to give such a gift to someone who does not need anything, who already has everything.

Those men who do not like flowers, but love to eat deliciously, will be delighted with an edible bouquet. The composition of such bouquets includes good smoked meat and various sausages. Also, masters often add cheeses, various seafood, vegetables to the composition. It is possible that the hero of the occasion will put your gift on the table. Hardly anyone can resist such delicacies.

Dessert bouquets are most often purchased as a gift for teachers.

If you don't know how to congratulate your colleagues on February 23rd, an edible bouquet will solve your problem. There are a number of confirmations for this thesis:

· You can order an unlimited number of identical gifts.

· The gift is universal and will please any of your colleagues.

· If your team is friendly and you have planned a celebration, then you can order a general gift: a huge bouquet or basket.

DIY bouquets of lilies

Terry balsam is one of the most beautiful representatives of the Balsamin family. Differs in lush bright buds, which are formed in large quantities on the bush throughout the year. This is a spectacular flower, often found in an apartment, appreciated not only for its appearance, but also for its low maintenance requirements.


Terry balsam is a plant with branching smooth stems that form a dense lush bush. The color of the stems ranges from light to deep green. There are varieties with a purple shade of shoots. The root system is located at the soil surface. Consists of thin, strong filamentous roots.

Leaves are simple, opposite or alternate, oval or lanceolate, with whole or serrated edges, with long petioles. The length of the leaf plates is 7 - 12 cm, the width is 7 - 8 cm. Reddish glands are visible along the edge of the leaves.

Inflorescences - umbellate, including about 12 flowers, or single. Terry balsam flowers can have regular and irregular shapes, their size in diameter is 4 - 6 cm. The color range of flowers is varied, but red shades prevail. Blooming all year round.

The fruit is a round, fleshy box with seeds. When ripe, it opens easily, releasing the seeds outward, as a result of which they scatter 1 - 2 m from the mother plant.


Terry varieties are very popular in indoor floriculture. The reason for this is the luxurious look of the plants, strewn with expressive buds.

"Athena" is a popular variety of terry balsam, recognized as one of the most beautiful due to its lush flowers with a diameter of 15 cm. Externally, the buds resemble carnation flowers. The color of the petals is burgundy, white, purple. The bush reaches 20 cm in height.

"Athena Aphrodite" is an expressive variety with flowers that combine boiling white and scarlet shades.

"Athena Artemis" is a bush consisting of numerous stems studded with large flowers of deep red color.

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