Strengthening the fingers and hands

Exercise Features

Exercises for hands and fingers are a solution to many problems, prevention of ligament and joint diseases. For children, such therapeutic training also serves as a mechanism for the development of speech, memory, attention, fine motor skills. They are used as a method of rehabilitation after craniocerebral trauma, strokes, and the development of arthritis.

Hand and finger gymnastics can be done right at home at the table, no special conditions or equipment is required for this. But you will have to adhere to certain rules so that such a warm-up is as useful as possible.

It is worth noting that monks from Tibet began every morning with exercises for their fingers. They consider it to be a miraculous method for restoring energy. For them, it is an additional source of support for vitality. And this is an indisputable fact, the proof of which is the presence of a large number of reflex cells on our palms.

Fatigue Relief

If you often work at the computer or you have to fill out a lot of papers by hand, then you simply need such a charge. But ideally, everyone should do these exercises every day to maintain joint health by keeping skin youthful for longer.

Finger Gym

Every person has to perform a lot of operations with his hands in a day, and especially with his hands. And there are a number of professions where the mobility of the joints of the fingers plays a particularly important role. These are artists, musicians, illusionists, gamers, etc. Today, when each of us works at a computer, finger gymnastics is of particular relevance. Hands and fingers get tired during the day. To relieve tension and allow increased performance, you need to exercise your fingers.

For children, finger gymnastics is especially important, it develops fine motor skills, trains the parts of the brain that are responsible for speech.

In order to relieve fatigue, increase the performance of the hands and improve their shape (which girl or woman would not like to have beautiful hands?), you need to exercise them regularly. We offer you a set of exercises for the fingers, which will help you to increase their mobility, increase the strength of the fingers, as well as maintain high performance, prevent occupational diseases of the joints.

Almost everyone loves sweets, including chocolate. However, in store products there are usually many different unnecessary additives that do not affect the human body in the best way. But when preparing a treat at home, you can control the composition of the product. Vegan chocolate is most beneficial. Such a delicacy can be consumed without harm to health. Today you can make your own vegan chocolate at home. There are many vegan recipes.

DIY Vegan Dark Chocolate

First you need to purchase all the necessary ingredients. For this type of sweets you will need:

  • Coconut oil (as an alternative, cocoa butter can serve) - a quarter cup;
  • Powdered cocoa - a quarter cup;
  • Sweetener of natural origin (for example, honey) - 2-3 tablespoons.

When you have all of the above, you can start cooking. First, the butter is melted in a water bath. Then all the ingredients are mixed together until smooth. Lumps should not be present in the mass. Everything should mix well. If desired, you can add dried fruits, nuts and other additives. After the completion of all these processes, you can distribute the product into forms, after which it should freeze in the refrigerator.

This kind of food will give you a sense of energy. It is this type of such delicacy that is considered the most useful in comparison with others, therefore, in addition to a tasty snack, efficiency increases.

Milk Chocolate - How To Make Vegan

This kind of sweetness has more fans due to its sweet taste. For cooking you will need:

  • Bitter bar - 120g;
  • Almond oil (can be replaced with coconut) - half a glass;
  • Vanilla - 1 tsp;
  • Syrup - 1 tbsp. ;
  • Soy milk - 3 tbsp. ;
  • Salt - on the tip of the knife.

First, melt the butter together with the chocolate bar. After that, all the remaining ingredients are added except milk. It should be poured into the bulk mass last. Next, the same steps are done as were indicated for the preparation of the bitter type.

White Vegan Chocolate, How To

This delicacy can also be prepared at home. Among the required ingredients:

  • Syrup (honey) - 1 tbsp. ;
  • Cocoa butter (coconut) - a third of a glass;
  • Soy powder - 1 tbsp. ;
  • Vanilla - half a teaspoon.

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