Sowing carrots in 2021 according to the lunar calendar: favorable days, planting dates, when to plant

Many gardeners annually grow root crops in their garden, rich in vitamins and macronutrients. Carrots are one of the most popular vegetables that are unpretentious and easy to care for.

Carrots are a common root crop grown by gardeners and gardeners in the garden. Due to the unpretentious content, increased value and wide culinary use, as an ingredient for the preparation of various dishes, vegetable crops are planted not only in spring, but also in autumn, before the onset of frost. Winter planting helps to strengthen the immune system, making carrots resistant to common diseases, pests and climatic features of the region. Regardless of the season chosen for planting, sowing is carried out according to the rules, observing step-by-step actions that allow you to prepare seed material and soil, choosing a place that corresponds to the recommendations of agronomists.

Observance of the Lunar calendar and the use of fresh seeds when planting will speed up the growing season, reducing the adaptation of sprouts to a minimum in the garden. Favorable days falling on the waning moon phase will contribute to the appearance of simultaneous shoots that correspond to the information stated by the manufacturer on the package.

Planting carrots in 2021 is no different from past years. Sowing dates are determined based on the variety, the duration of the growing season, favorable days of the lunar calendar and the climate of the region. Based on the classical factors and the time of obtaining the desired harvest, the gardener chooses the planting date, not forgetting the recommended temperature indicators.

Timing: when to sow carrots in a year

In the springtime, astrologers identify a sufficient number of fertile periods suitable for sowing root crops. Planting carrots can take place from the beginning of April and be completed only in the last days of May.

  • in April - 1, 3 and 5, 8 and 9, 28;
  • in May - 2, 5 and 6, 28.
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    Prohibited periods for cultivation and germination of seeds:

    • April - from 10 to 12;
    • May - 11 and 19, 30.

    Planting carrot seeds is also allowed on neutral days of the Lunar calendar, if the summer resident does not have enough free time. The most important thing is not to perform work on unfavorable days of 2021, falling on the phases of the New Moon and Full Moon, the lunar day under the influence of the barren zodiac signs of the zodiac.

    Favorable days for sowing carrots before winter, in autumn 2021:

    • in September - from 1 to 3, 24 and 25, 29 and 30;
    • in October - 23, from 25 to 27;
    • in November - 2 and 3, from 21 to 24, 28 and 30.

    Sowing carrots in 2021 according to the lunar calendar: favorable days, planting dates, when to plant

    Diet Treatment of Chronic Colitis

    Treatment of chronic colitis with a diet has long established itself as one of the most effective. So, if the disease is of an infectious nature, then it is necessary to exert the correct effect on microorganisms. To do this, you need to eat at least 6-7 times a day. In this case, it is worth using the so-called fourth diet.

    It contains rusks made from wheat and rye bread, low-fat soups, semolina and rice porridge. Pay attention to barley, lean meat and fish, soft-boiled eggs. As for drinks, green tea and coffee are allowed. If severe inflammation has begun, your doctor may prescribe a fast diet.

    In any case, colitis must be eliminated with proper nutrition. This will relieve unnecessary irritation and soothe the intestinal mucosa. There is a specific type of food. Moreover, there are special diets and remedies. Details will be provided below.


    Dear readers, your opinion is very important to us - therefore we will be glad to give feedback on the diet for colitis in the comments, it will also be useful to other users of the site.

    Alexander, 26 years old:

    I was diagnosed with colitis. A very serious illness, I felt terrible, I could not eat anything. I went through treatment, the doctor prescribed a diet, which I still follow, after a year of treatment. Nothing torments now. I advise everyone to eat healthy and good food. Now I fell in love with vegetable soup, although before I could not stand boiled vegetables, except for potatoes.

    Alina, 30 years old:

    I didn't know for a long time how to save myself from constant abdominal pain. Just eat, I immediately feel unpleasant, my stomach growls, discomfort. I didn't know how to cope with this, I hate going to doctors. I think that they do not understand anything, there are only a few who know. I searched the Internet for how to be in such a situation and for all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract it is indicated that you need to keep a diet and eat right. I stopped eating all kinds of nasty things, stopped overeating and I felt much better. Moreover, I also lost weight, began to look better.

    Things to consider when designing a menu

    The task of the diet for colitis is to provide nutrition for impaired digestion, that is, mechanical and chemical sparing of the digestive tract, reducing the inflammatory response.

    The main task is to nullify fermentation and putrefaction in the intestine and to normalize its functions and the functions of other organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

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