Sorry man, wrong

Police beat a resident of Tomsk, confusing him with a suspect

Sergei Petrochenko, a resident of Tomsk, is limping after being beaten by Rosgvardia officers, still speaks poorly and has difficulty eating due to injuries to his jaw. A few hours after the attack, the operatives confessed that they had confused his SUV with a passenger car, and himself with a suspect in theft. They apologized and offered to insert broken glass in the car. But they soon changed their minds: the relatives, who had been looking for Sergei through all possible departments for almost two days, "made too much noise." As a result, Petrochenko was accused of resisting the police, and the court found him guilty and fined him.

The victim himself appealed the court's verdict and intends to seek punishment for the police officers who attacked him. His relatives have already written statements about the attack to the Investigative Committee and the prosecutor's office of the Tomsk region.

"Sorry, man, we made a mistake, mixed cars!" (although how could they be confused? Even in the court order it is written that Sergei has an SUV (Ford Kuga), and they were waiting for a Ford car!). Then he was offered to insert glass in a battered Ford in exchange for silence. "Who will fix my face?" - Sergey asked. But soon he was generally told that "the deal was canceled" and, they say, "we will solder you for 15 days - during this time everything will heal." And then "your relatives raised the noise too much."

I hope he looked decent before the beating. Now his physiognomy is easy to confuse with the hijacker and other criminals. Just a standard composite "the police are looking for them."

Throwing bricks from the roof of a house, remember, one day you will fall into the enemy of the people!

Who will help us?

I read this post Negotiations of the neighbors of the killer of the Kemerovo woman with the police who did not come to the call: "No need to swear" Horror. Just wild horror. I don’t understand the system as a whole - dial 112, tell it there, and there they will decide who to transfer you to, they’ll be transferred - tell it there.

Given: 2 characters, negative and positive. It's summer, it's hot outside. I live in a residential area, it is not that few people pass, but they are not teeming, as in the center, and here it is also hot. I walk along the sidewalk, next to a small road, behind it there is a parking lot, cars are driving. A cry ahead. A man screams and screams so seriously. When I approached, I realized what was happening. Negative: clearly in a long binge and clearly caught a squirrel. In one hand he has a healthy knife, like a hunter, in the other hand, scissors, old, iron, my grandmother had such. Yelling something like: "S. ki, you all will pay for this, all of you! I will send you all there!" And he actually throws himself with this weapon. Positive: barefoot, there are slates lying nearby, which clearly prevented him from keeping this patient. He tries to knock the knife and scissors out of his hands, but he cannot, he rushes back. Asks to call the police. I call, the girl answers, I explain the situation to her, and she asks me questions "Who are you? How long ago? And what are you wearing? And how old is he? Well, at least approximately? Who else is there? And what is he wearing?" How old is he? Why don't you know anything. " Then she transfers me to the police and there I say the same thing! How much time do you think is lost? And can something happen here in 1 minute? And for 5? And then there is no one people, except for a grandmother and two boys who are clearly interested in what is happening and who do not even hide it - they moved to the parking lot and from there with ice cream and with a smile, they look, and as soon as the moron jerks in their direction, then they skip the heels not visible, then they return. The positive is clearly a miracle that restrains it, it gets in the way, does not allow to move further, throws stones at the feet, but cannot come up, its own life too, you know the road. And only 15 minutes later two guys passed, who helped him - they knocked everything out of his hands and knocked him to the ground, one sat on him, the second stood next to him. The police came and took it. But after 50 minutes. But damn it, how? They already had an uncle there, whom they dropped off and said to wait, "Here by this tree!" They have no room for two there. And specifically, I don't blame the police themselves here, but I blame those who invented it all! Few outfits, small cars, where one can't really fit in, this fucking 112 service! Why is that?

A Moscow policeman could not sell a pound of mephedrone because he could not find his own cache in the snow

A police operative in Moscow demanded a bribe of 340 thousand rubles from a man who set up a drug den at his home, and also tried to sell him 500 grams. mephedrone. Criminal cases have been opened, a law enforcement source told TASS.

"The police officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Zyablikovo district demanded from the owner of the apartment of one of the houses on Kostonayskaya Street, where the drug den was organized, a bribe of 340 thousand rubles so as not to conduct an inspection. The man reported extortion to the police, and the operative was detained while receiving a fake money, "the agency's interlocutor said.

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