Slavery in Chechnya and the Shooting of Militants: Scary Stories of the Novosibirsk People - Participants in the Hostilities

"Opposed US military bases"

City Council deputy Leonid Rybin ended up in Afghanistan after a military school, in 1981. He served for two years and two months, was awarded two military orders.

He received the Red Star Award in 1985 for escorting columns with fillers.

Leonid Rybin, participant in the hostilities in Afghanistan, deputy of the Novosibirsk City Council:

“At that time, convoys with fuel were driven from the USSR to provide airfields, and my detachment accompanied them. We met resistance from bandit formations of dushmans, about 50 people, but there were only eight of us. Reflecting the attack, three people were killed on our side. We were saved only by combat helicopters, which helped us with fire support. Eight people confronted 50 for four hours, five survived. ”

The Afghan also remembered another story from the battlefield.

“On New Year's Eve, from 1985 to 1986, there was a major Kandahar operation. I was wounded there, my arm and leg were broken. For about five days we held the line on one of the passes, and they could not evacuate me to the hospital. The hand has already begun to turn black, ”he recalls.

Nevertheless, the helicopter flew in, and Leonid Rybin was sent to the Kandahar hospital, from where he returned to his unit.

“We have fulfilled our international duty honestly: we did not allow the deployment of US military bases near the borders of the Soviet Union, stopped the drug traffic that went through Afghanistan. We were not there in vain, ”concluded Leonid Rybin.

Enemies Poisoned the Water

Slavery in Chechnya and the Shooting of Militants: Scary Stories of the Novosibirsk People - Participants in the Hostilities

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