Simple rules to help your pens look beautiful

Press reaction to the Milan - Inter match

Lukaku won a personal duel against Ibrahimovic

“Milan have been crushed by Inter in a derby - now in the Nerazzurri Scudetto race plus four points. Lautaro Martinez's double, after which Lukaku scored. Ibrahimovic is stopped by Handanovich, and Romelu stung him: "The best is me." A confrontation in the spirit of Mourinho, ”writes Milan's La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Ibra, now? Milan was out of breath and the mystery of San Remo for the untouchables. The Swede, who left the field due to discomfort in the calf muscle, will draw up the final program of his participation in the San Remo festival tomorrow. ”

Martinez is Inter's best player

"Inter", take off. Proof of the strength of Conte's team, who have beaten the Rossoneri with confidence and are ahead of the competition for the first time this season. Milan are now four points behind in the standings, ”says Milan's il Corriere della Sera.

“Martinez is the best in the team because he started scoring in big matches and going beyond Dybala's best, given the lack of role and age uncertainty. Inter with him and Lukaku have one of the best attacking pairs on the continent, which in Italy means a great superiority over the opponents. This is a great team. ”

Milan are in a slump

“Escape to the Scudetto. Martinez's double and Lukaku's goal, where the Nerazzurri dominate the derby and surpass the Rossoneri. “Now we are showing the best,” comments Antonio Conte, while his counterpart Stefano Pioli is trying to maintain the team's morale: “We will get back on our feet,” writes Roman il Corriere dello Sport.

'Inter is the favorite on the Scudetto: on defense they have conceded only one goal in their last six games, and their attack is the best in Serie A with 57 goals. The pair Lukaku - Lautaro scored 30 goals, and only Lewandowski and Müller from Bayern did better. On the other hand, Milan seems to be in a downturn, giving the Nerazzurri time and a lead considering that in 2021 they are already have lost four times in the league, once in the Italian Cup.

Inter put his hands on the scudetto while Milan are on their knees

What muscles to pump

To get the handles in shape, you need to tone the muscles in the shoulder and forearm.

Focus should be on:

The shoulder area above the elbow is the most fat, so you need to concentrate mainly on the biceps and triceps.


Hand symmetry is an important part of your workout routine. Rounded, full shoulders should taper to round and full biceps and triceps, which then taper towards the forearms. There should be a visible separation between all three deltoid heads, biceps and triceps.

Short and long biceps heads should be of equal size. To focus on developing the inner (short) head of the bicep, choose a wider grip while doing the bicep curl. The narrow grip is more aimed at pumping the outer (long) head.

If increasing the peak biceps is your goal, choose exercises that maximize muscle contraction, such as concentrated biceps dumbbell curls. If your bicep peak is high but lacking in length, make sure you train your biceps with a full range of motion, working the entire length of the muscle.

All three triceps beams must be worked out so that they are all visible and balanced in size. Dips, French bench press and extension of the arms on the upper block are good for the overall size and development of the lateral (outer) head of the triceps, press with a narrow grip, French bench press activates the work of the inner (long) head, the medial head is working out extension on the upper block with a reverse grip and with a rope handle.

All this is important to know in order to evenly pump your hands or identify their lagging group.

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