Shaving foam, socks and shower gel: what gifts for February 23 enrage IT people

Holidays for some people are not only the joy of gifts and meetings with friends and family, but also a painful choice: which present to choose. It can be especially difficult with themed days. February 23 is one of those. On this holiday, we asked IT specialists how they feel about gifts, what they would like to receive and what gifts annoy them.

Danila, producer in game development

- I was always surprised when people give something on a military theme on February 23rd. "We give you from the whole team / department / stream / group this set of a real man! To keep your feet warm to protect the homeland." And give khaki socks and deodorant. For me, February 23 is the day of the defenders of the Fatherland. Day of “men” exists separately. Why are these words to someone who has not served, does not know the words of the oath. I didn’t serve, I don’t know the terms well and I just don’t understand all this admiration with which these words are pronounced. The common man needs other words, but these should be left for the defenders and the one who deserves them.

And what to give a man in order to make the most inconvenient gift for sure?

1. Deodorant. Let's skip the jokes about sissy men. Deodorant is an individual product. Men are creatures of habit, we take the same deodorants, shampoos, toothpaste and everything else. Yes, we often buy shampoo in the store, just if it says "Shampoo". But this does not mean that we will use the very first deodorant. We will use and buy the one we bought last time.

2. Clothing. Of course, we all know that socks go missing all the time, especially from men. In the evening you have socks, but in the morning you cannot find them and take new ones. And they disappear every week. But this does not mean that a man will wear any socks. Do you know how a man buys them in a store? "Oh socks, I'll take 10 pairs of black ones." It is convenient to store in a drawer, if they get confused, it's okay. And if you donate special socks, then surely one will be lost. It is necessary to give something from clothes knowing the man, whether he will wear it, whether it suits him. This is a bad decision for a gift in a team.

3. Tools and typically "male" devices. 100-in-1 screwdriver kits, drills and more. Do you know what all this has in common? They are all of poor quality. To choose a good tool, you need to understand it. And believe me, even men don't always know how. There is a very high risk of buying a Chinese device that breaks down very quickly. Once a screwdriver was presented to us in the team. Nice packaging, nice words. And you know what? Some broke even while opening the box.

How to give a good gift in a team? Ask your business manager or any man who understands tools. He will help you choose something good. Yes, it could be a Swiss knife, a flashlight, or a small multitool. It will be a small gift, but most likely a high quality and reliable one.

There is no such advisor, but you want to make a useful gift? Ask your IT sysadmin. And it will turn out to be a USB flash drive, a mouse, headphones. But it will be a good gift.

And what if the budget does not allow, or there is no one to ask at all? Bake pies, cake, present an inexpensive food order certificate. Congratulate the men and say: "Men, only you know what you need, we didn’t buy unnecessary items, but we decided to feed you!".

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