Running in the fall: how to understand and love fall jogging

Running clothes, shoes and accessories, which we will recommend to you for use in this article in the autumn-spring period of the off-season (and this is six (!) months a year), have a certain set of characteristics that distinguish them from purely "summer "Or from purely" winter ":


Most of the models we want to show you are light in weight. Yes, these models, of course, are not as weightless as the "summer" options, but due to the fact that they do not use a large amount of insulation, special structural elements that protect the runner's body from winter cold and wind, the weight of these models is quite small. <

Thermal Insulation

Insulation, if any, is used in “off-season” models in a symbolic amount, rather in order to protect the owner or wearer from mild discomfort rather than from real freezing. Good ventilation is more important during the off-season than keeping a layer of heat around your body.

Wind protection

Yes, the wind will blow heavily in the off-season. The change of seasons is always accompanied by the struggle of cold air masses from the Greenland region with the warm winds of the Mediterranean and Sahara. That is why, in the collections of clothes for spring-summer, special membranes are often present - your reliable windscreens.


Sports activities, those that were previously performed in the daytime, now will definitely end in the dark. This means that there is a need, for your safety, that you can be clearly seen at dusk. Special inserts and applications of reflective paint also prevail in mass and volume in the "transitional" collections.

Fast drying and waterproof

Puddles, slush, wet, melted snow will be mandatory attributes of the off-season, which means that clothes, and especially shoes, should have pronounced properties to dry quickly, and even better - not to get wet for a long time. Membranes, thick fabrics, waterproof zippers, water-repellent impregnation are almost indispensable elements.


We push light models with a mesh for ventilation and "flat" soles on the far shelf in the closet, let them wait there in the wings, until next summer. We begin to wear “closed” models with a Gore-Tex membrane for jogging - waterproof, with a pronounced tread on the sole, keeping the runner well on a slippery surface covered with a layer of water, mud or melted snow. In some of the models that we recommend, there are mini-leggings sewn into the main part of the sneaker - this is a very convenient feature, it appeared several years ago, first in football boots, and then migrated to running shoes, primarily in trail shoes. Mini leg warmers - additionally protecting the wearer's feet from moisture and cold, elastic material inserts in the upper part of the sneaker.

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