Rowing machine for home: pros and cons, training nuances

Do you exhibit such photos?

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Today people rate each other through social media. They look at everything: the avatar, the posts on the wall and, of course, the photo. It only takes a few seconds to identify someone with outdated views and bad taste. We have compiled a list of photos that are considered taboo for modern social networks. Don't post them!

Photos with filters that hurt the eyes

Instagram's built-in filters are a prime example. They were relevant when this social network first appeared. More than 10 years have passed since then, and the choice in the application is still the same ... If a person does not like the light or the main color of the photo, then it is better to correct it in the "Edit" section right on the smartphone or in the same Instagram.

Today, photos with a minimum of processing and without retouching are valued. So it is worth trying to make initially high-quality shots.

Selfie with a bouquet

Many girls and women still sin with this. It is clear that they really want to show everyone how much they are loved and appreciated. But poking this in the face of subscribers is not necessary. You can boast of a bouquet more modestly. For example, take a picture of your home office, where the donated flowers will stand by chance.

Strange blur photo

Photos with a minimum of corrections are relevant today. So, artificial blur literally screams that the person tried very hard to make the picture even better. In fact, this is an unnecessary effect that only gets in the way. You should leave the natural background, and entrust the blur to professional cameras or portrait mode.

Selfie behind the curtain

Previously, such a technique helped out everyone who did not have a good background for a photo. Plus, the natural light from the window made the shot almost flawless. Today everyone is tired of the perfect picture. A wall, a door, a closet - subscribers don't care what a person has behind him.

we show exercises for arms without additional weights, which will make the arms thinner and more prominent. A big plus of such a workout is that it does not take much time, but it will help to tone up not only the muscles of the arms, but also the abs and deltoid muscles.

Sami Clark recommends doing the exercises for 45 seconds with 15 second breaks in between. From the inventory, you only need a gym mat.

Side push-ups on one arm

lying on the right side, legs bent 90 °. Place your right hand on your left thigh, and support with your other hand so that the left hand is parallel to the right shoulder. Do not move your supporting arm away from your body.

Extend your left arm at the elbow to lift off the floor. Perform the movement smoothly, without jerking. Bend your left arm at the elbow and return to the starting position.

Try to transfer the load to the arm, and not to rise at the expense of the lateral abdominal muscles. After a 15 second break, repeat the exercise on the other side.

A set of exercises for hands without dumbbells

Standard push-ups

In most push-up variations, the triceps do the most work, while others only stabilize the core by helping other muscles contract. You can change the load by changing the distance between the arms, but remember that this also changes the main working muscles. Learn more about how to do push-ups →

The distance between the hands also plays a big role. If you do push-ups with a wide grip, then the chest works more, if with a narrow one, then the triceps.

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Butt workouts are an important part of an exercise program for any athlete. This muscle group should be given attention not only by women who constantly care about the beauty of body lines, but also by men.

In this article, we will look at many aspects important for athletes that affect the training of this muscle group, and we will tell you how to pump up the buttocks at home and in the gym. Especially for our readers, we have collected in one material the best exercises for the buttocks that will make your body irresistible.

Glute Anatomy

Several muscles are responsible for the general appearance of the buttocks. Every bodybuilder is obliged to know about the peculiarities of their structure so that in each case it is possible to choose the most suitable and effective exercises. The gluteal group consists of three main sections - large, middle and small pairs of muscles.

Gluteus maximus

This is the main part of the buttocks. It has a diamond shape and is located above the other gluteal zones. Its main function is hip extension and external rotation. When walking, the muscle is in a static position. The anatomical features of this region prevent unnatural tilting of the pelvic region, and also contribute to shock absorption after a jump.

This muscle zone is a must for many athletes. A well-developed gluteus maximus muscle contributes to an increase in cadence, as well as the performance of dynamic work during hip extension. Track and field athletes, boxers, figure skaters, skiers and other athletes - it is important for all of them to competently pump the gluteus maximus muscle.

Gluteus medius

This group is on the side of the buttocks, located under the gluteus maximus. The main purpose is hip abduction and pelvic abduction with a fixed hip position. The zone takes an active part in the movement process. This area is reduced when walking on the supporting leg, which helps to fix the pelvic region in place. The middle gluteal zone is able to facilitate the separation of the legs from the ground when walking.

This muscle is very important in many sports. Cross-country athletes, gymnasts, figure skaters, and other athletes should work to increase this muscle area.

Gluteus minimus

Why choose a rowing machine?

A rowing machine is suitable for home sports. It stimulates the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of a person, recreates an imitation of translational movements when rowing on a boat. With its help, the muscles of the back, shoulder girdle, buttocks, thighs and abdominal muscles are loaded. The rowing machine will help everyone who decided to take care of themselves. Compared to many similar simulators, it does not take up much space and does not need careful planned maintenance, Self-training will not cause problems.

There are many misconceptions around this kind of equipment. Most of them arose out of ignorance. Many are of the opinion that shells train only the muscles of the arms and do not develop general endurance. This is fundamentally wrong, as rowing involves all muscle groups.

If the exercises are performed correctly, the load is evenly distributed. Each group is equally involved. Rowing imitation promotes stretching and active work of the joints, this has a beneficial effect on flexibility.

Rowing is a smart solution for those looking to lose weight. Compared to cycling, it burns more calories. For 1 hour of intense training, 800 Kcal are burned. The exercises are recommended for people with moderate obesity, moderate or high blood pressure, and have no age-related contraindications.

Rowing is the optimal activity for people who are immersed in work almost all day. In parallel with this, you can listen to music, watch TV, or contemplate the beautiful landscape displayed on the monitor. Thanks to the advanced functionality, the computer will notify you if something goes wrong during training.

Another myth is that such activities are contraindicated for people with spinal problems. This is fundamentally wrong. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before starting exercise. But it is worth remembering that the correct exercise will minimize the load on the back. The shoulder girdle and gluteal muscles are more loaded.

Rowing Machine Benefits

How does it work?

The classic rowing machine consists of a seat and a frame along which it slides and a flywheel (pistons) that act as oars and provide traction. The training is as close as possible to real rowing. Kicks pushing down to the seat and then returns to its original position. The load is provided by hydraulic or gas shock absorbers. The resistance level is individually adjustable. Such manipulations provide the same load as in real rowing. Despite its versatility, the device belongs to the group of cardio simulators.

Modern models are additionally equipped with computers with LCD display. Numerous sensors record the condition of the athlete, read the pulse, blood pressure and burned calories. The programs allow you to create workouts for losing weight, keeping fit, cross-training, prepare for the competition and rehabilitate after surgery.

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