Retired from civil service and opened a flower salon

Ordering flower delivery in Kiev by March 8 is a great idea, because this holiday is simply impossible without freshly cut gifts of flora. And what it will be - a small symbolic bouquet, a magnificent composition of rare varieties and intricate combinations of shades, or a luxurious basket - it is up to the customer (and his wallet) to decide.

The internet is better than the stall around the corner because

They value their reputation here (after all, customers write reviews that directly affect the number of future orders).

Lifehack: if you don't trust the reviews published on the website of the florist studio itself, visit the "representative" of this store on Google maps. First of all, pay attention to the feedback from local experts, as well as users with "human" names. If these people are happy with the service, the store is definitely worth your attention!

Due to the large flow of orders (which come literally from all parts of the city, and often also from the suburbs), the delivery service always has fresh flowers, and each composition is collected immediately before shipment. This means that your gift will delight the girl with its beauty for a long time.

Prices in such a store are pleasantly different from the market ones.

The Internet is a great place to order “non-trivial”, “boring” flowers (and these are not necessarily “not roses” - “correct”, meter-high roses adored by girls because of the influence of Instagram, you also need to find ). And the choice of packaging will delight: if you want - here's craft paper, no - shiny bows, or a basket, box, bag.

There is a large selection of composition options on the Internet: here you can find inexpensive flower bouquets for March 8, business bouquets, and even fashionable novelties of the flower market (such as hearts of roses or monochromatic mono bouquets).

the benefits of online ordering

You can lie in bed longer. Women are so impatient! They persistently want to wake up on a holiday, and immediately get their bouquet in order to have time to take a picture of it before going to work and post it on Instagram. A serious flower delivery in Kiev is carried out not only during working hours, but also in the morning.

Feet will get wet by the courier, not the customer. Whatever snow-removing equipment Klitschko bragged about, in February Kiev was completely covered with snow. Which will melt together all the first week of March. That is, the city will become a continuous puddle (or even a skating rink, if frost hits in the morning - and according to forecasters, this is possible). Why run somewhere in this weather when you can hire someone to bring the selected flowers right to your doorstep?

This is insurance against the next lockdown. Spring has been a season of acute acute respiratory infections before. The authorities are not asleep - the hour is uneven, they will again dazzle them with a lockdown (as they already once "pleased" the people on the Old New Year). In this case, flower shops will also be closed - both in large shopping centers and in cans on street corners. Round-the-clock and prompt delivery of bouquets of flowers in Kiev from the Kvitochka online store is a guarantee that even if at least two lockdowns start in the city at once, the ordered bouquets will reach the address, because the delivery services are not subject to quarantine restrictions.

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Valery Kulikov, an entrepreneur from Popasna, was the first to offer the city such a service as flower delivery. I had been thinking about my own business for a long time, but did not know in what area to realize myself. In 2017, the impetus for starting a business for him was his departure from the civil service.

For several months he was plagued by doubts: whether it will be possible to realize the plan, and whether the flower delivery service will be in demand, and whether the local residents need flowers at all, because there are many people in the city who grow their own on their personal plots.

Kulikov took a chance and opened a studio of flowers and decor "Romantic". For journalists Popasnaya. ity he talked about the challenges he faced, what inspires him in his work, and how he manages to "stay afloat" despite the competition.

This material is part of an interactive media series on Svoi. ity. We have collected 8 stories about entrepreneurs from the east who work 24/7 to develop their own business. They talk about their path in business and the problems they faced during the quarantine. Watch the video and meet our heroes.

Vodka was useless

To open this business, the artist had to carefully study its specifics in order to know how to care for flowers and combine them harmoniously.

- I gained basic knowledge at the schools of floristry in Kharkov and Kiev, and then I “improvised” - I collected ideas on the Internet and came up with something myself. At first there were many surprises: for example, the fact that cut flowers must be kept in the cold. Just in the room that I rented, one room was not heated - this instilled even more confidence in the correct choice, because life offered opportunities specifically for the flower business.

Work began to boil: the entrepreneur learned to pack bouquets, create compositions, studied the market for accessories for the original presentation of flowers. It was not possible to avoid mistakes: at the beginning of his activity, Valery added a glass of vodka to flowerpots with flowers, thinking that this helps the flowers to last longer.

The advice was completely useless. Later, he learned that in this way water is disinfected, but it can be easily done without it. For cut plants, it is enough that they often change their water, prune and cut off dried petals. And the flowers growing in pots still have their own "whims": the anthurium needs diffused light and a special temperature, and the Decembrist cannot be rearranged at all from place to place, otherwise it will not bloom.

I collected ideas from the Internet for flower care Ekaterina Radionova

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