Poems for May 9 for preschoolers: 36 best







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MY DELIGHT! - Artist Maud Humphrey .. Children on vintage pictures and postcards. Part 5 ...

March 1st! Celebration of cats! HOLIDAY OF CATS! All mustachioed, striped And fluffy and shaggy, Cats.

MY DELIGHT! - Artist Maud Humphrey .. Children on vintage pictures and postcards. Part 4 .. ht.

Happy first day of spring I congratulate you on the first day of spring! March went down on the calendar today At night.

Short Poems for May for Children - Years

Fireworks complete our holiday with a big one,

It's not easy, we are waiting for it with all our hearts!

Grandfathers and fathers have been waiting for him for a long time,

They won, they are great!

When all of a sudden everyone shouts "Hurray!",

He is bright, he is in charge,

This day is a great Victory!

Victory Day is a celebration of glory

Those who stood up for us in battle

Who donated the most important at times,

Who gave his life for us.

The Russian flag flutters proudly,

Poems for May, a reading contest


Young Nurse, Our Comrade Lieutenant. There is a pigtail under the cap. (She would have liked a white bow.)

And where did this power come from in a fragile girl? How many from the field endured, Explosions as if not afraid.

I remember being hit by a stray bullet I was seriously wounded in the shoulder. I hear a voice over me: "Honey, bear with me ..."

Bandaged hastily, The evening battle subsided, And from the tenderness of the tide, the pain somehow dulled.

The fireworks have died down ... Eh, Rita. We would have lived, if not for the war ... Me from the past from granite She smiles.

That war died down many springs ago ...

That war has died down a lot of springs back, Kneeling, the old soldier is crying. With a hardened hand he strokes the dark granite, Where their battalion lies under the gray slab.

Golden from the sun on the chest of the order, Their steel hand was distributed by the war, Generously filling every wound with lead, And in pain she screamed with a twisted mouth.

How many innocent lives were claimed by that war, How many were burned in tanks and died in the fields, How many of them who did not live, only the earth knows, They laid down their lives for you and me,

To be loved and lived. How they believed in us! So that our children are happy now, So that the morning is born in the blue of silence, So that the memory of that distant war does not betray.

The shortest Palm Sunday greetings (for SMS)

Let the beauty Spring Give the mood! Happy holy holiday - Palm Sunday!

Let the willow branch introduced into the house Fill it with gracious warmth, Love with a fragrant spring aroma And happiness, like a willow inflorescence, fluffy!

The pussy willows are shining, the bell is ringing. I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart! I wish you a million!

The willow blossoms, blossoms - Palm Sunday has come. Let the ice in your heart melt, Let your soul be clean and light!

Let the fluffy willow twigs Decorate at home today. I wish everyone hope and faith, And do only good deeds!

I wish you joy, warmth, Life to be generous. May love, luck, And happiness come to the house. Happy Palm Sunday!

Happy Palm Sunday! I wish you sincere joy, health and patience, Grace and warmth of the heart!

The willow has straightened the flowering branches. Happy holiday, Patience and peace!

Fasting ends, which means Sunday Palm has come. Well let everything be ... and not otherwise, let the soul fill with joy and warmth.

We light the willow branches, We meet Christ with it! Happy Sunday Verbny, I congratulate you. At this hour I heartily you!

Accept my congratulations rather today on Palm Sunday! Let the sun shine through the window And the soul will be warm.

Entering the Lord's Jerusalem Today we all celebrate, May the firmament shine peacefully, May joy surround us.

Humorous April Fools' Day greetings: funny and funny poems

Congratulations to everyone on April Fool's Day, Let smiles light up, Sadness and interference evaporate, Errors will be forgotten!

I wish that the enthusiasm covered with a stormy wave, The eyes burned with delight, Everyone was fresh and cheerful!

Happy April Fool's Day, I congratulate you, I wish you smiles, fun. Let the positive inspire you, Giving you a boost of mood.

Let jokes sound everywhere, Let the whole world feel joy. There is no place for boredom today, After all, humor gives everyone a smile.

Good luck, happiness, success And great joy. Today, on the great April Fool's Day, Let your laughter sound very loud. ***

Happy April Fool's Day! Have fun, joke beautifully. Let the holiday not pass merry by. You can smile at your friend very playfully and play him nice and easy!

Smile all day long, try to deceive everyone. They will make fun of you - do not be offended, But just take it out on the sly! *** I congratulate on April Fool's Day And I wish to laugh, Only with humor in life Amicably, it is fun to walk.

Laughter always sounds loud, Let life amuse you, Humor is a panacea, Only hold on to it. *** I congratulate you on the day of laughter, I wish you a joyful life. Let the clown cheer you up, Drummer fight thunders.

The mood will be cool, Luck will not leave you. A smile will be on your lips, And a twinkle will burn in your eyes!

Cheering April Fools

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