Plant magic: plants-amulets that bring good luck and protect from harm

In our area, migrant plants, from other regions or even countries and continents, are increasingly taking root and well mastered. They are fashionable now, in the top. But our native trees and plants are our Slavic amulets. Writers, poets endowed them with various, amazing qualities: they embrace a person with branches, and hide from predators, and feel sad, and talk to us, and heal the body and soul ...

Our ancestors possessed knowledge, many of which, unfortunately, have been lost, some of them just related to plants and their unusual properties. How can your most familiar plants protect you from the evil eye, heal or attract good luck and happiness to your home?

Today we will look at the magical abilities of some plants that grow in our area next to us.

Oak is the king of the forest and the male tree

Each nation has its own guardian trees. Because not all of them grow in this or that territory. Russian nature has immense wealth. And many trees are such a story, philosophy ...

Oak, for example. From time immemorial, powerful masculine strength was felt in him. This is a male tree. Oak is a tree of the ancient god Perun. Oak is most often struck by lightning. Because it grows where the soil contains the highest gold content.

Once upon a time, oaks grew on the ancient temples where our ancestors performed rituals. Oak is the patriarch of trees, an old-timer. In the past, our elders and sages gathered under the oak trees. And this is no coincidence. The energy of the tree helps a person, in this case, to make a wise and balanced decision. And at all times, soldiers leaving for war, put with them a piece of oak bark. It was believed that this would give its owner courage, courage, incredible strength and invulnerability.

If you look at an oak leaf, you can see the shape of a person. Perhaps that is why many legends, tales, songs have been created about this tree ... In ancient times, boys were baptized by the oak. And when the young man came of age, the godfather took him to the oak tree and had an "adult" conversation with him.

But in no case should you plant an oak near your house. Oak is the king of the forest. There it should be - in its possession, at the edge of the forest.

Interestingly, the ancient druids dedicated one of the days to the oak. Druids and Celts worshiped this tree and had special prayers. The "birthday" of the oak is on the vernal equinox.

Oak is a metal tree. For years it has been in the water, only gaining strength. And when it grows, it gives strength to a person. If you have any health problems, in particular with your husband or boyfriend, you need to hug the trunk of an oak tree and stand for at least nine minutes under it. You will immediately feel the energy. But do not hug, standing facing the tree, but with your back to the trunk with your hands back. The trunk is the base of the tree, and the spine is the base of our body. Energy from the oak goes to all seven chakras at once.

But there is one condition: in order for the mighty oak to share its strength and energy, you need to be fair and not do / wish people evil.

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