Pilates exercises for men

You can maintain your body in good physical shape with the help of various sports techniques - strength, cardiological, static (stretching). But the best results are obtained by those systems that provide for the combination of muscle load with proper breathing and allow you to include in the work not only the muscles, but also the brain, because, contrary to the hackneyed slogan of Soviet times, it is a healthy mind that ensures the health of the body. Pilates is one of the techniques that provide just such an approach to training.

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What is Pilates

Despite the fact that the concept of "Pilates" has entered the lexicon of people practicing a healthy lifestyle, relatively recently, this system of physical exercise appeared in the 20s of the last century.

Did you know? The author of the system is a certain Josef Pilates, an American of German descent. Being a weak and sickly child and painfully suffering from his inferiority, the boy managed to defeat himself and created a unique training method that allows him to perfectly balance all processes in the body, increase flexibility, endurance, muscle strength and immunity. Joseph's invention was widely used, first for the rehabilitation of prisoners of war, later for training police officers from Scotland Yard, and finally conquered the whole world.

The essence of the technique is that during the performance of the entire complex of exercises, and they are designed in such a way as to ensure the inclusion of all muscle groups in the work, it is necessary to achieve maximum mental concentration on each movement and, moreover, clearly adhere to a special breathing rhythm.

Thus, Pilates is not just a set of sports exercises. This is a whole philosophy. The program has more similarities with Indian yoga and oriental martial arts than traditional European fitness.

It is based on the idea that it is impossible to achieve physical perfection without putting things in order in your own head, without bringing your consciousness into a state of complete harmony with the world around you.

Health, as Pilates was able to prove, is not a gift fortunate enough to have the chosen one, but a valuable prize available to everyone who can win it.

Important! Do not look for excuses for your own failures, do not whine or complain, but set a goal for yourself and move towards it, showing perseverance, methodology and unshakable confidence in success. Here, in short, is the main philosophical platform for Pilates.

Having learned to control his own body, having revealed all its secret reserves, a person begins to feel much better not only physically, but also mentally. Thus, health and happiness (body and spirit) are inextricably linked with each other, one provides the other, and we are fully able to influence both of these categories.

Benefits for Men

The very idea of ​​Pilates is based on the fact that it suits absolutely everyone - men and women, children and old people, strong and weak, rich and poor. Surprisingly, among the modern adherents of the system, for some reason, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity predominate, although initially the technique was developed by a man and for men.

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