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Read the above story and the first few comments to it. I remembered my case, which happened to me about 4 plus years ago, on May 9 - May 10.

I once met a pretty pretty lady. Or she is with me, because the acquaintance would be very original. But it doesn't matter. But we agreed to meet with her, drink coffee, talk. We met, first sat in a coffee shop, then went to a cafe to eat. talked about life. After a couple of hours, she apologized, said that she had to leave for work (she was engaged in renting out apartments). I asked her to wait. An hour and a half later I called and asked not to worry. After about three minutes, her phone stopped answering. I sat for another half hour and went home. At the same time, there was a vague feeling that something had happened, something was wrong. At the end of the story, I will explain where it comes from.

The next day, at five o'clock in the evening, a call from an unknown number.

- Good afternoon, are you installing Windows? - No, - But your friend said that you are installing Windows- Can you tell me your friend's name? - Egor. - confusion is felt in the voice and one more voice is heard - I have no friend with that name. - What are you chasing? - the man in the tube gets annoyed. - So let's be honest, who are you and what do you want from me? “This is the homicide department. You must report to the local police station at the address of such-and-such to testify. I talk about the summons and my right, in response I hear about the outfit, and obviously with a threat. I say that all my conversations are written (there was a program for recording on the smart) I'm going home. At home, my mother says that the police came. I tell her I am not for anyone, I lock myself in a room with things. Chapez a couple of minutes the doorbell rang. I hear male voices. Mother tells them that I am not. Somehow he drives them out. all the same I risk taking a ride to the police station. I'm going out. I see a UAZ with cop numbers nearby. First on foot, then by bus I get to the place. I introduce myself. I am interested in the reason for the attention to my person. Everything is correct. But apparently the sled is nervous. - Do you know such and such? - he calls her surname. - No, - I answer, - although wait, and it is not by chance to call her that? - Yes, exactly. I tell him yesterday's story, right down to the make of her car, where they met her, where they sat, what time she arrived, where she parked the car, where I sat, what was ordered and how much it cost. Up to the table number and the name of the waiter. At the same time, I mention when she called me, and that all calls were recorded, only the phone I prudently left at home. But if I need to, I'll bring the records. Ledak asks a couple more questions, whether I knew her son and how she was dressed. I answer that no, but I said that she mentioned him in the conversation. About clothes, I describe her dress, what print, etc.

I am still interested in what is happening and I am informed that yesterday, May 9, she was found murdered in one of the apartments at such and such an address. Moreover, the address does not correspond to what she said when she left. I am reporting this fact.

After the conversation, he says that he needs to consult and I remain in the office alone. Moreover, he locks it from the outside with a key, although from the inside the lock opens perfectly (invoice). In the office, I notice a camera. And I continue to sit quietly. Sometimes I lay down on a row of chairs, a couple of times I hung on the horizontal bar. Apparently I was being tested. What will i do. Trying to run away or hang myself. (a specific belt hung on the horizontal bar) An hour later I go to the door and open it. I think to go out into the corridor, but give up. I leave the lock open.

Ten minutes later, the sled comes in and says that I am free and can go home. But at the same time, etrm asks me to take the time to bring the recordings of the conversations. I agree that I will do it tomorrow after work.

The next day I will print them to the USB stick. We are already listening to them with other trackers, they are convinced of my words. Thank you and I'm leaving.

A week later, there is a big article about her in the local newspaper.

As it turned out that the customer of her murder was her own son, as revenge for her grandmother (her mother). At one time, she tried to recognize her incapacitated through the court and hand her over to a psychiatric clinic, but the court found no reason ...

Then six months after the press conference with the head of the regional department of internal affairs, I asked about this case in a beer conversation and he confirmed the data to me. (the case was under his control)

PS Why did I sense something wrong then? Literally a year and a half earlier, there was a similar case. The three of us sat in a cafe with colleagues. The next morning, one of my colleagues did not show up for work. It turned out he was killed on the way home. More precisely, he already met some Kents near the house, went with them to drink and they stabbed him to death. And with special cruelty. At the trial, the forensic medical examiner showed a photo and said that she had found more than 72 knife stabs, the last one on the throat with traces of saws on the front side of the spine (they tried to cut off the head).

To whom I am interested, I can give a link to an article with a lady in PM