ORI and Nottingham - pantyhose, stockings, socks and lingerie with Italian chic

ORI and Nottingham - tights, stockings, socks and lingerie with Italian chic. Spring discounts up to%! Express

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Women's tights, stockings, socks, knee-highs - this is the part of the wardrobe without which a modern woman can no longer imagine her life. Colored, monophonic, with prints and embroidery, they will cheer you up for the whole day! The purchase includes a large assortment of tights, stockings, socks TM ORI, as well as women's and men's Nottingham underwear. Prices in catalogs are already discounted, there is a great reason to pamper yourself with real Italian quality, pleasant shopping!

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Attention! In order to control the quality / packaging of goods, video surveillance is carried out when parsing orders. For more than twenty years, ORI tights have delighted women on five continents. Every year new items are created, taking into account the needs and wishes of lovely ladies. Over the past years, the owners of the factory have increased production volumes and are constantly updating equipment without changing the typology of their products. Now the factory employs over 100 people. The factory occupies a vast production area, recently expanded to 45,000 square meters, of which 12,000 are under the roof and dedicated to production only. The machinery park consists exclusively of LONATI machines: 404R - 500 JR - 501, if we talk only about the latest models. The high technological level of the equipment is combined with the high quality of the raw materials used, obtained after careful study from the most renowned suppliers, who guarantee exactly those standard quality characteristics that are necessary for the production of the highest quality products. The computer-generated designs for stockings and tights are transferred to the knitting machines that produce the product with the help of an automated control system, after which they are manually finished and quality controlled in accordance with the basic requirements of the factory. Factory quality control is the strictest it can be: product quality control is only done by hand, pair by pair, first during assembly, and a second time before packaging the product. From the very foundation of the factory, its main goal was to achieve high quality products, and since then, the products of the "ORI INDUSTRIA SpA" factory have become associated with especially exquisite, high-tech products, with a large share of manual labor. Indeed, "ORI" tights are clearly different from competitors' products, first of all, by a significant amount of manual labor during their creation, since each pair undergoes quality control over the entire production cycle. The quality of ORI brand products is also influenced by a program of combinations of various yarns, developed by the R & S group, which allows us to give our ladies a special feeling of comfort and luxury by wearing ORI tights. ... Show

Description: Microfiber tights. Extra thin, invisible on the leg. No shine, flat seam. No shorts, reinforced toe, cotton gusset. Body: 75% Polyamide, 22% Elastane, 3% Cotton.

Description: Tights with comfortable shorts and gradual pressure distribution over the leg. Flat seam. Cotton gusset. Body: 81% Polyamide, 16% Elastane, 3% Cotton.

Description: Thick soft microfiber tights with comfortable low-rise pants. Comfortable belt. Flat seams. Cotton gusset. Body: 81% Polyamide, 16% Elastane, 3% Cotton.

Description: Dense matte warm microfiber tights with modeling high shorts. Slimming effect on the sides, thighs and buttocks. Flat seams. Reinforced toe box. Cotton gusset. Body: 83% Polyamide, 14% Elastane, 3% Cotton.

Description: Thick super matte, velvety 3D microfiber tights with a classic fit without shorts. Flat seams. Cotton gusset. Body: 87% Polyamide, 10% Elastane, 3% Cotton. Manufacturer: ORI Industria Spa, Italy.

Description: Sheer silky Italian stockings with Lycra lace. Perfect fit to the leg. Color uniformity. Invisible toe. Composition: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane.

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