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Osobistі schodenniki - tsemki and almost, about them I don’t know anything, except the author. They write about those who don’t get in the way of telling the best, and for an hour it’s not going to be good, as a human being is right to care for the inviting shell. Especially if you are about celebrities, who are always in plain sight.

Succesful media in excess of supply will give chanuvalniks a view of the private life of the stars: from the stench they create and go out, like to dress up, see and go to dreams. Ale is a special schodennik - it’s a lot more, you don’t have access to open access. Most often, love is alive, the actor is a musician only after his death.

Read on Joy-pup, which was not calm and had some peculiarities, as they went from life.

Kurt Cobain

If the legendary frontman of the "Nirvana" group is 27 years old, he put his hands on himself, the light was caught by the mournful movchanna. The managers of a bright talent and a unique voice, Cobain, was destined to lose the icon of rock music, and after his death, the helpless people humbly hummed information, as if they could explain his children. "Kurt Cobain's Schoolchildren", published in 2003, motto rose among the fans: he was kindly wanted by the nobility, thinking about the idol.

The New York Times bestseller - hundreds of zamitoks and malunks, crumbled with a chornilny pen in the development of rock, to "Nirvani" and even to the peak of the popularity of the group. Lists, sheets, mani- festos, sketches of the songs are visualized with a sense of the musician, who pushed to the world, and serve as his own autobiography. “Yakshi tse read, sue me,” having written in one of your notebooks, it sounds even more ambiguous, since we know that the widow Courtney Love has made on the publication of special recordings of my family $ 4.

Cobain's friends helped the directors Brett Morgan, who knew the documentary film "Chortiv Editing" (Montage of Heck, 2015), put an unprecedented thought about Lyudin, do not get hung up on the status of a legend. Yakshcho vi doteper sumute for "Nirvana", read "Schodenniki ..." by the leader.

Nina Simon

Unrepeatable, the riddle of Nina Simon is not required to be presented. Volodarka has a charming voice, a vicarious hit of “Mississippi Goddam” and a sensible classic “I Put a Spell On You” to pour into the music of the world and become a symbol of struggle for civil rights. If I want a special friend, she died in 2003, but was not published in open access, the journalist Joe Hagan read into the distance these seven rockets for the reason and became enemies in the EU for the magazine The Believer.

“I didn’t know, but it was brought about by the person (Andrew Stroud, another person and manager, Nini Simon, who was in the edge of a horrible person). Vona has been leading a schooler since the 1960s - a small plant in the shkіryanіy obkladintsі. Until painfully in the doorway, spreading Simon's records one by one tell about this difficult lot, ”wrote Hagan. - It’s an hour to be built, so you saw a great lodging, wiggling thoughts on the porch in the midst of your year ”. Mi rosum, like a neural force behind the callous blish Simon, and went through the road to glory - like a chorno woman, like a tormentor's squad and like a lyudin, who fought against a bipolar discord, which left the last 20 days

Diznatysya, as she lived in a pose of music, it meant becoming a mimic evidence of a tragedy, but it is especially hospitable to be seen in one of the entries: greedy samotnya ".

Alan Rikman

Celebrity crafters, published posthumously

The parable of two sinners - a publican and a Pharisee, who prayed in the same church - is well known to all Christians. The poet Innokenty Annensky, who was considered their teacher by Anna Akhmatova and Nikolai Gumilyov, turned to this well-known plot in his work. With whom does Annensky compare himself - a publican or a Pharisee? Why were the themes of sin and virtue worried about the saddest poet of the Silver Age?

Does a star fade in the sky ...

Does the star fade in the sky, or does earthly torture last; I never pray, I don't know how to pray.

Time will extinguish the star, We will overcome the torture anyway. If I go to church, I become there with the Pharisee.

With him I fall mute, With him I will rise, rejoicing. Only in me, why is the Publican restless, yearning.

Historical context

The turn of the XIX – XX centuries. was a turning point not only in the socio-political, but also in the spiritual life of Russia. It was a time of revolutions, wars and intense religious quests.

By the beginning of the 1905 revolution, the entire society was subject to religious doubts and hesitation. The revolutionary upheavals led to both an oppositional attitude towards the Church (especially among the intelligentsia), and an appeal to the Christian religion, and the transformation of Christianity into new religious teachings (the most influential of which was the sophiology of Vladimir Solovyov).

Writers, philosophers and artists have united in many religions and groupings. Religious and philosophical gatherings arose in St. Petersburg and Moscow, the most famous of which was the circle of Zinaida Gippius and Dmitry Merezhkovsky. They held special meetings at which a new image of the Church was proclaimed, their prayers were more like mysterious incantations - there was much more artistic content in them than spiritual.

Innokenty Annensky knew about the activities of these groups, sects and religious circles, but was skeptical about it. Regarding the ostentatious theatricality of one of these gatherings, he writes: “Seek God - Fontanka, 83. Get applause on God. on the conscience. Seek God on Fridays. What cynicism! "

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