The importance of stretching your neck muscles

Often people don't think about how important it is to stretch such a seemingly tiny body part like the neck.

It is the neck muscles that are responsible for the necessary processes: any turns and throwing back of the head, maintaining its balance, breathing, swallowing, partially reproducing sounds, as well as maintaining the condition of the skin. Stiffened, not worked out neck muscles have a negative effect on the condition of the face, causing overstrain of the facial muscles.

Regularly doing simple exercises for stretching the muscles of the neck, even at home, will further relieve the sagging skin on the neck, develop mobility and a healthier state of health.

A set of exercises and recommendations for its implementation

The muscular atlas of the back is represented by many muscle groups. It is necessary to select such methods of influencing them, which will help to work them out well and help burn body fat. There are many effective back and shoulder blades exercises to help combat this unpleasant phenomenon at home.

If you use the whole complex below, then each exercise included in it can be performed from three to seven times. Several times a week is the best option.

If you choose from the whole complex only two or three exercises that you especially liked, then the number of executions of each should be increased several times. For example, instead of seven repetitions, do twenty. important! Experienced instructors advise you to approach this issue individually, so as not to overdo it and not harm your health. How to Lose Upper Back Fat? Exercise is the first way to deal with the problem area of ​​many women and girls. Such troubles as fatty deposits on the shoulder blades, sides and back can be affected by both women and men who are overweight and obese. Everyone is encouraged to start shaping a slim figure with physical activity, at least at home!

Flattening and spreading the shoulder blades

A very simple and effective exercise. The following muscles work - large and small rhomboid, trapezius, lats.

How to strengthen your neck muscles

Pull-ups are the most effective basic exercise for developing muscles and maintaining a familiar posture. All that is needed to complete it is a crossbar. It would seem that everything is simple - reach out and lift the body up. But this main question arises every time you and your friends decide to compete in strength - which grip is more correct to pull up? To end all the ongoing controversy, personal fitness trainer Manvel Mamoyan

tells you if there is a 100% option and how to choose the hand position that suits you.

What muscles work when doing pull-ups?

The main benefit of pull-ups is that they allow you to work out almost all the main muscles of the shoulders and back:

  • Large pectorals
  • Small pectorals
  • Anterior dentate

Also included in muscle work:

  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Back Delta
  • Forearms
  • Press

The best workout venues in Moscow. Athlete's choice

7 free sports grounds you won't want to leave.

How to learn to pull up more. Trainer Tips

Increasing the number of pullups is easy. The main thing is to avoid common mistakes.

Which muscles work?

Regular neck stretching is a prophylaxis against headaches, shoulder numbness and dizziness. Neck stretching exercises are suitable for home use and are not time-consuming.

This article is about the biography of a bodybuilding titan from the 90s. - Greg Kovacs. In it you will learn his story, unusual facts from life, as well as the cause of death. Why did this bodybuilder, although he possessed excellent data, only got a victory once? How did Greg Kovacs weight and strength reach such incredible levels? You will find answers to these and many other questions in our article.

Let's rewind time ...

Greg Kovacs was born into a farming family in Canada. Already in childhood, he was a fairly large child.

Greg's first hobby was football. Then he became interested in hockey and began to play in the youth team of Canada. We can say that this period in the boy's life was a turning point: thanks to hockey, he first appeared among the simulators and fell in love with them without memory. Having discovered a craving for sports equipment, the young man immediately switched to bodybuilding. This was expected, because with an increase of 180 centimeters, he weighed about 105 kilograms.

His debut in the professional field of bodybuilding was rather unsuccessful: at the age of 20, his body was not suitable for professional performances, as it did not correspond to bodybuilding aesthetics - the judges did not find the necessary relief in him, but the poses that he demonstrated were too far from professionalism.

However, the purposeful strong man decided not to give up and continued to intensively engage in strength training. Only eight years later, in 1996, Greg Kovacs took first place in the Canadian national championship.

David Robson: In the previous part of the conversation, you mentioned some of the difficulties you faced in approaching the competition, and that maintaining such a mass as yours can sometimes be a problem. How difficult is it to maintain such a mass, and what kind of problems might a big performer like you have?

Nasser El Sonbati: I could cite as an example someone who was one of the biggest pros ever to step on stage: Greg Kovacs. I knew Greg and he was so big he could hardly function.

I flew to Knoxville, Tennessee one day for a workshop and guest posing. Kovacs was supposed to be there with me. From the airport to the hotel, I had to go in the same car with him and his wife (they also stopped there). I turned on my player, i.e. did not want to pretend to communicate with this family. My guest posing went well, but I didn’t see Kovacs’s guest posing.

But the next day we were supposed to conduct a seminar together. As a result (and this is not a thing) the seminar was held in the hall by me and Kim Kovacs. Greg just sat on the couch, physically and mentally exhausted. And, as usual, he was sweating profusely.

Here's another story from life: once Greg and his wife Kim were at an amateur competition in Texas. She cut his steak into tiny pieces as he sat at the table, panting and sweating. Then Kim fed him with a fork, and with the other hand held a small fan to blow on him, because, again, he was just soaked with sweat.

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