Muscle in the neck hurts after exercise

A back neck hurts - a symptom that cannot be ignored due to severe discomfort and limited mobility. Active turns of the neck are impossible due to the sharp pain that occurs with any attempt to turn the head. In medicine, cervical pain is called cervical myositis.

What causes back neck pain? Neck - an organ consisting of seven vertebrae, is the main conductor of large vessels and nerve fibers. Therefore, damage to the cervical spine threatens with serious complications. What factors cause a person to experience severe back pain in the neck:

Neck hurts from behind what to do

Whatever of the listed pathologies caused the pain, the first thing to do is to consult a doctor for advice. An orthopedist, traumatologist, surgeon will help. Once the diagnosis has been made, treatment can begin. The treatment regimen will depend on the diagnosis, so universal “all for all” methods will not work.

If the neck hurts from behind and gives it to the hand, then in most cases it is cervical osteochondrosis. Fight osteochondrosis can give a thoughtful complex of exercise therapy, but only after the inflammatory process subsides. Exercise therapy cannot be performed through pain. Anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal drugs and ointments will help to subside the inflammation.

Neck hurts after gym

Neck pain after exercise and discomfort when turning the head are typical problems that people who play sports face. The causes of such pain are often trivial mistakes in the technique of performing strength exercises (especially if the neck hurts after pull-ups), as well as excessively weak and undeveloped trapezius muscles.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that such pains, stiffness and crunching in the neck often tend to progress, gradually developing into cervical osteochondrosis. In this article, Fitseven will talk about both exercises to strengthen the muscles of the trapeziums, and about pain-relieving ointments that can quickly save you from unpleasant pain.

Neck pain after exercise: causes

The most common cause of neck pain is the trainee's attempts to control the exercise technique by observing his reflection in the mirror. In other words, a person simply turns his head too actively at a time when the muscles of the trapezium and neck are tense and are under power load.

It must be remembered that the correct technique for most exercises involves either looking in front of you or just below the horizon - but by no means into your side mirror. If the exercise involves the muscles of the back, shoulders or arms, turning the head while lifting weights can cause not only pain in the neck, but also pinching of the vertebrae.

Exercises that are dangerous for the neck

The most common neck pain in athletes is caused by exercises such as barbell curls, shoulder shrubs, dumbbell extensions, bench press and vertical block deadlifts (remember that this exercise should always be done to the chest). In this case, the occurrence of pain is influenced by both improper technique and excessive working weight.

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