Money goes into hands: talismans without a conspiracy

How much can you earn today by putting money in the bank? It is reported by belkagomel. y.

Victoria Drobyshevskaya, who has worked in the banking sector for many years, told the Internet publication using examples of deposits.

According to myfin. y, today the top 5 banks look like this: Belarusbank, Belagroprombank, Bank BelVEB, Priorbank, BPS-Sberbank. They all offer deposits (bank deposits) with a government return guarantee.

A few introductory notes: what is a deposit

Deposits are on demand (you can take the money whenever you want) and urgent (we agreed with the bank about three months - that's it, don't contact us earlier). Usually, on demand deposits, a minimum interest rate is charged, which is much lower than on time deposits. Simply put, if you are saving up for your retirement or a rainy day, then a demand deposit is suitable for you. And if you want passive income, look at the second option.

Now carefully. Term deposits are also of two types - revocable and irrevocable. The first option - you can take the amount ahead of time, but without interest, the second - only at the end of the contract and with interest.

Let's consider the most common case. We have, say, 50 BYN lying idle. And we want to make them work.

Watch your hands: what are the percentages

It all depends on two things - the term and the amount. Let's see what is on the market today. Data from official websites as of February 10, 2021.

First, let's go through revocable deposits for up to a year. Belarusbank offers to deposit money for 3 and 6 months at a rate of 14 and 11.6%, respectively. Priorbank for 2, 3, 12 months at 11%. The minimum amount for opening a contract is 100-150 BYN and cannot be replenished. Belagroprombank and Bank BelVEB offer approximately the same deposits for 3, 6 and 12 months at a rate of 13-14.5% on similar conditions, when replenishment and capitalization of interest are provided. The amount for opening is from 50-100 BYN. BPS-Sberbank offers a deposit of 50 BYN for 35 days at a fixed rate of 15% without the possibility of replenishing before the end of the contract, but you can add money if you decide to reissue at the end of the term. By the way, the possibility of prolongation is also worth paying attention to - it is not always provided for in most deposits. For term deposits over a year, the options are mainly at plus or minus 11.5%, and the terms reach up to 1000 days.



Equity security, which entitles a part of the company's property and part of its profits.

When it comes to investing in securities, most people immediately think of stocks. This is no coincidence, because this type of securities has the greatest potential in comparison with all others and can bring enormous profits.

In this article I will tell you about what a stock is in the financial market, what types of stocks are there and how stocks differ from other investment instruments. Read to the end - closer to the conclusion, I recommend good free books and courses on investing in stocks.

What is a promotion

Let's break it down element by element.


This is "paper" because shares are printed on paper in a special way. Now this process, of course, has been modernized; people rarely buy back shares in paper form. But nonetheless.

This paper is “valuable” because it entitles its owner to a “part of the company”.


I have machines for making wood products. All machines cost 100,000 rubles. I decide to issue shares. The total value of the shares cannot exceed the value of my business. If I issue one hundred shares, each of them will cost no more than 1,000 rubles. 1,000 rubles * 100 shares = 100,000 rubles (the value of my business).

You bought 10 shares from me, invested 10,000 rubles. As soon as you did that, my business was shut down. It just closed and that's it. The machines are sold out and turn into 100,000 rubles. After their sale, you get back your 10,000 rubles, because you purchased 10 shares out of 100 issued, that is, you received the right to 10% of my company.

Money is an important tool that enables us to live a fulfilling life. It is sometimes very difficult to earn them in sufficient quantities, so many ask for help from the world of magic.

In the article, we will talk about talismans that attract money, while they do not need to be spoken or done for them certain rituals. You just need to find them.


Probably everyone knows from childhood that clover brings good luck. In addition to its main property, the plant is also used for other purposes, including raising money.

To keep a flower in working order, it must be framed. You can dry the plant and make a real amulet out of it. They put the clover in a wallet, hang it on the wall and even give it away.


Horseshoe in the most ancient times has always brought people family prosperity and good prosperity. That is why she was always hung over the front door so that she would launch wealth and never let her out. Unfortunately, today it is quite difficult to find a real horseshoe, but it certainly is in souvenir shops. It is difficult to say whether the souvenir in the shape of a horseshoe works, but you can try.


Mint works the same way as clover. But only mint should be kept in its natural form and try not to wrinkle in the wallet. Only in this case the talisman will work in full force. By the way, if you grow mint yourself, then it will be more energetically strong and efficient at raising money to your home.


There is an old saying that money always goes to other money. To do this, you need to find special coins, you can choose old ones or from another country. The main rule is that the moment should always be in your wallet.

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