Men's bouquets of products

Bouquet tips

Getting started, you should adhere to certain rules. The style of the bouquet should correspond to the event, age and gender of the person to whom it is intended.

Composition should look natural. To find out how to make a bouquet with your own hands, use step-by-step instructions.

In the composition, each flower should be visible at a glance. Plants of different types, of the same color, but of different shades can be included in the design being created.

White works well with other tones. Pay attention to the stability and size of the composition.

The benefits of homemade bouquets

For a hero of the day or other recipient of a gift, such a present will be very pleasant. For the master, there are a number of other advantages:

  • Possibility to adjust financial investments as a gift.
  • The master has the ability to independently determine the composition of the sweet bouquet.
  • The choice of the decorating part is also entirely the responsibility of the owner of the original presentation.
  • A large assortment of models, as well as step-by-step instructions for creating a bouquet of candies with your own hands for beginners.
  • There is no need to study in special courses - a little dexterity and craftsmanship, improvised materials, stationery.

Self-made bouquets will be appreciated by any birthday person.

Materials for work

Work is best done in a well-organized area with a source of quality lighting. You also need to prepare:

Unusual bouquets for women not made of flowers with their own hands

Have you ever wondered how to choose the right bouquets for this or that event? For example, if you are going to your mother-in-law's birthday, then the large bouquet of red roses you have presented may not be perceived as you planned. Conversely, if you put together a bouquet that is too simple, the guests and the birthday girl will consider you a mean person. The ability to make bouquets - floristry will help you not to lose your face.

What is floristry?

Floristry is the art of assembling flower arrangements. The peculiarity of floristry is that it consists of technical and creative components. This means that almost everyone can learn this art. It is not necessary to master floristry completely in order to be able to collect bouquets beautifully and appropriately for the occasion.

It is enough to learn this art and remember a few basic tips

In addition, good florists make great money, and you can monetize your activities if you want. Also, the tasks of the florist include not only the creation of bouquets, but also the design of flower arrangements in an apartment, a private house, at corporate parties and even in a car. Such a specialist is in demand at events and holidays of any level and will not remain without work.

What is floristry?

Color selection

Any flower has a certain meaning, so you need to give them depending on your goal or theme of the event. For example:

  • mimosa should be presented to a person for whom you have warm and tender feelings;
  • roses and tulips will help in a declaration of love;
  • if you want to express your respect and admiration for a person, give him hyacinths and chrysanthemums;
  • if you are going to a friend's birthday, give a composition of orchids and chrysanthemums - this way you will show that you value communication with this person;
  • present lilies and camellias if you want to show the person that you admire him (the birthday of your mother-in-law, boss or good friend).

Before picking a bouquet, ask what kind of flowers a particular person likes. If you don't know what to give, choose roses - almost everyone likes these flowers. If you want to confess your feelings - take red or white roses. If you want to show your respect for a person, give yellow roses.

Basics of floristry: how to choose a flower for donation?

Preparatory phase

We start creating a composition with the preparation of raw materials. Raw materials mean flowers selected for a specific case and additional elements:

In the last two years, it has become fashionable to create gifts with your own hands: from fruits, sweets, soft toys. Such compositions look original and exclusive. Find out how to make unusual bouquets for women with your own hands.

One of the options for an original men's gift is bouquets of products. The components that may be included in its composition are selected optionally, depending on the taste preferences of the recipient.

Such a bouquet can be made only from alcohol (in this case, it is best to purchase miniature bottles with different drinks so that the set does not turn out to be unnecessarily bulky and heavy) or with the addition of other products - an appropriate snack, vegetables and even fruits, chocolate.

Bouquet of snacks and alcohol

Men's grocery bouquets are a universal gift that can be made for any occasion: birthday or Valentine's Day, New Year and other celebrations.

Any alcoholic beverage, from beer to tequila, can be its “fundamental” element.

However, if the bottles are large in volume, then they will have to be used in a minimum amount so that the whole composition is stable. There is also an option for special packaging of bottles, which is discussed below.

The main materials and tools that will be needed to create bouquets are as follows:

  • Wooden skewers. They are available in various diameters (from 2 mm or more) and lengths from 8 to 40 cm. It is best to take the longest ones, as this makes it easier to form a bouquet. You can always cut off excess ends. Depending on the number of components of the bouquet, they will need from 10 to 50 pieces.
  • Pruning shears, scissors or cutting pliers.
  • Stapler for easy binding of wrapping paper.
  • Wide and narrow tape. If possible, you should also purchase green anchor tape, which is used in floristry. It is an adhesive tape with a paper layer.

This material is useful for fixing greens and vegetables. You can use green wire (available from craft stores) instead.

  • A hot glue gun is also useful for securing nuts and other lightweight items.
  • Materials for decorating a bouquet - twine (twine), ribbons, colored double-sided or corrugated paper, thick paper, chenille fluffy wire (chenille), tinsel and other decorative elements and decorations.
  • Floral foam or styrofoam to form a heavy volumetric composition in a basket or metal bucket.

With dried fish and beer

To make a simple bouquet with beer, fish and cheese as a snack, you need the following products:

It is impossible to imagine a single bride without a wedding bouquet. He accompanies her throughout the event and only at the end of the evening is the girl ready to part with him. According to a happy tradition, the bride throws a bouquet to her unmarried girlfriends and the one who catches it will be the next to marry.

The wedding bouquet is symbolic, it is the personification of tenderness and beauty, the bride herself. That is why he is given a huge role. It is noteworthy that brides began to marry with flowers for a long time, so the bouquet has a huge number of traditions and superstitions.

Bridal Bouquet: Traditions of Composition and Superstition

On the most important day of their lives, most girls try to observe the traditions that came to us from antiquity. It is believed that with their help you can find real happiness and harmoniously enter a happy family life. There are also those young ladies who absolutely do not observe traditions.

In any case, they are worth knowing about.

  • Artificial flowers have never been used in bouquets. It is generally accepted that artificial means dead flowers, their place in the cemetery. In the hands of a young and beautiful bride, just entering into a happy family relationship, there should be fresh flowers.
  • Florists claim that flowers have their own language and you need to know it in order not to express the wrong emotions. Rose represents passion, orchid - affection, tulip - sincerity and pure love, lily - gratitude, wild rose - jealous feelings.
  • It is better if the wedding bouquet is gathered by the groom. Traditionally in Russia, grooms wove wreaths for their brides or made beautiful bouquets of wildflowers. Before the wedding, young guys presented fragrant plants to their spouses. Such a gift was considered a talisman against the evil eye and evil spirits.
  • The bride keeps her wedding attribute all day long. At the end of the evening, as one tradition says, it is worth playing out your accessory among friends by throwing it up. According to another superstition, the bouquet should go home with the spouses. Nowadays girls have become cunning and use two customs. Initially, two accessories are made: one is thrown, with the other the girl goes to the matrimonial home. The easiest way is to initially analyze whether there are unmarried girlfriends. If there are very few of them or none at all, then it is better not to throw the bouquet. Traditionally, throwing a bouquet is not a Russian, but an American tradition. In Russia, the girls blindfolded the bride and stood in a round dance next to her. The young lady was spinning and where she stopped, that girl received field daisies, symbolizing an imminent marriage.

How to make a bouquet with your own hands

Do-it-yourself bouquet for the bride - what is special? According to ancient Russian superstitions, flowers in the hands of the bride were collected by the groom. Now, in most cases, this is done by a florist. There is an opportunity to make a bouquet yourself, in which case it will be filled with more positive energy.

Accordingly, a charge will come from him that will help direct family life in a favorable direction. There is nothing difficult in arranging a flower arrangement yourself.

DIY wedding bouquet, photo.

To do this, you have to decide on:

  • variety of flowers;
  • the size of the bouquet;
  • the presence of additional decor.

DIY wedding bridal bouquet of fresh flowers

A wedding is an important day in a girl's life, and the main accessory for her wedding dress is a bouquet. You can order its production from a professional florist, but a self-made composition looks much more interesting.

How to assemble a wedding bouquet of fresh flowers with your own hands?

How to make a wedding bridal bouquet from fresh flowers with your own hands: first of all, you need to get acquainted with the basic techniques of drawing up. For each bouquet, it is selected individually.

Advantages and disadvantages of different options for composing wedding bouquets:

  • A bouquet made from your own stems of flowers without additional options can be put in a vase of water so that the flowers are saturated with moisture and retain their freshness longer. The difficulty is that in this way it is impossible to create a complex composition, since the stems do not bend, and the stem of the bouquet will turn out to be quite voluminous.
  • A bouquet of flowers that are fully or partially fixed with wire: it is inserted into the stem or superimposed on top of it. This technique allows you to bend the stems as you like and create an original bouquet shape. But the composition itself will be heavy in weight.
  • Taped bouquet - the stems are cut to the desired length according to the pattern of the bouquet and fixed on a wire, which is wrapped with a green floral ribbon. The advantage is that you can arrange a bouquet of any complexity, and the main disadvantage is the lack of flower nutrition. Therefore, they will retain their fresh appearance for a short time.
  • The stems are completely cut off, and the inflorescences are attached to a thin wire, which is attached to a thicker one. Thus, inflorescences and twigs are formed. Such a bouquet will be very graceful and beautiful, but short-lived, as in the previous version.
  • A bouquet with a port-bouquet, where the stems are strengthened in a special moistened sponge. Such a bouquet is made up quickly, it can be given a round or falling shape, and the flowers will not fade for a long time. If the flowers are large, then the composition will be heavy.
  • Glue technique: petals and flowers, leaves are attached to the surface of the base with glue. Such a bouquet is assembled very quickly, but it is distinguished by its fragility.
  • A frame bouquet uses a small cone filled with water, which is attached to the stem or inflorescence. The flowers feed on moisture well, and an interesting arrangement can be created. But such bouquets are usually very bulky and uncomfortable.

A glass or plastic flask can be filled with tinted water and give plants extraordinary shades and additional color effect

Different MCs for drawing up bouquets will help you decide on the choice of a composition and choose for yourself a convenient way to create a wedding bouquet for the bride.

The process of creating a bridal bouquet

DIY wedding bouquet of peony roses with their own stems

Do-it-yourself bridal bouquet of roses and lilies with wire

Bridal bouquet of tulips in glue technique

Master class in making a wedding bouquet for the bride from live spray roses

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