MARINA CREAZIONI, CROMIA, KELLEN, TOSCA BLU and other legendary brands of bags and accessories!

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Treat yourself with magnificent bags and accessories made of genuine leather from world famous brands. The choice is huge - from strict classics to ultra-fashionable novelties. A variety of colors, shapes, sizes, accessories, leather dressing will create a fashionable mood for you!

Important! Prices from the supplier in euros, the catalog was created at the rate of 90 rubles, the final price correction will be at the time of transfer in payment. We monitor the change in the euro exchange rate ourselves. Due to the workload of the supplier, waiting for an invoice is possible for more than 7 days. Delay in shipments is also possible. Consider these circumstances when ordering. In connection with the mobile assortment, I register and book orders daily from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 22:00 to 24:00. You can take a closer look at all the models on the supplier's website

Dear participants! A video was released for the purchase of “Parade of Italian Brands”, you can see the handbags in all details. Video link -

Description: Warm beautiful poncho! The poncho can be worn outdoors, indoors, in the office and even used with evening wear. It helps to create a very trendy layering effect this season. The poncho is suitable for any figure due to the free and voluminous cut, will emphasize the advantages of a slender figure and tailor the flaws to a complete one. Composition: 76% acrylic, 10% wool, 10% viscose, 5% alpaca. Made in Italy.

Description: Dimensions of a warm stole: 182 cm x 83 cm. Composition: 50% wool, 25% cashmere, 25% viscose.

Description: Dimensions of a warm scarf: 176 cm x 46 cm. Composition: 100% cashmere.

Description: Stole dimensions: 184 cm x 71 cm. Composition: 50% cotton, 50% viscose.

A slingshot with arrows for fishing or secrets; wet; hunting

Information resource for masters and engineers, regulatory documents, examination tickets (tests), sample documents, reference materials

To prepare a knowledge test for employees of organizations of consumers of electrical energy (service organizations), we suggest that you familiarize yourself with updated questions with answers (tests), free of charge and without registration, by discipline - IV group on electrical safety up to and above 1000 V. Questions were taken from the official site of Rostekhnadzor. Correct answers are in bold.

Labor protection rules during the operation of electrical installations

Rules for the technical operation of electrical installations of consumers

Electrical Installation Rules

First aid measures (Order of the Ministry of Health of Russia from n)

Instructions for the use and testing of protective equipment used in electrical installations

Fire safety regulations in the Russian Federation

Switching rules in electrical installations

Labor protection rules during the operation of electrical installations


Who is covered by the Labor Protection Rules for the Operation of Electrical Installations?

  • For employees of industrial enterprises, which include electrical installations
  • For employees of organizations, regardless of ownership and organizational and legal forms, and other individuals engaged in maintenance electrical installations, conducting operational switching in them, organizing and performing tests and measurements
  • To employers - legal entities and individuals, regardless of their organizational and legal forms and employees from among the electrical, electrical and non-electrical personnel
  • < li> For employees of all organizations, regardless of the form of ownership, engaged in the maintenance of electrical installations and performing construction, installation and repair work in them

If you are bored with fishing and are looking for a way to diversify your hobby, then the fishing slingshot is a great addition to your hobby. What for

Wedding Jewelry for Brides: Trends Overview

Wedding hairstyle is an important part of the bride's image. It can be complemented with stylish accessories, veil.

Stylists recommend that you pay attention to the fashionable wedding trends in 2021 and follow them. Today, the trend is light hairstyles, without obvious curls, petals and complex weaves. Large crowns and tiaras have lost their relevance. A veil with lace, rhinestones and sequins is considered an outdated option.

A complete overview of the trendiest bridal hairstyles this season. HERE.

Bridal fashion 2021 moves towards simplicity. Stylists recommend opting for simple, minimalistic head jewelry.

Bridal hair decoration: trend overview

Wedding decorations are different. They, like hairstyles, makeup and clothes, are subject to fashion, so what was relevant last season may turn out to be behind the fashion line in this one. For example, satin ribbons and crowns have lost their popularity. Even fresh flowers on the bride's head are not as relevant this season as they used to be.

Wreaths made of natural flowers are recommended to be replaced with headbands and decorations in a minimalist style. Instead of hairpins with pearls - invisible hairpins and hairpins with beads.

Hairpins with beads

One of the most fashionable hair accessories for a wedding is hairpins. Stylists recommend choosing products at the end of which there are large beads of white, silver or gold color. They perform only a decorative function in the hairstyle. Hair is held due to invisibility.

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