Kurds as a bargaining chip: why even the failed operation Eagle Claw-2 plays into Erdogan's hands

What machines for the buttocks are

Both in the gym and at home, you can work on the buttocks using a variety of technical means: exercise bikes, elliptical machines, treadmills, steppers and numerous modifications of all these shells.

Buttock Exercise Bikes

Upright stationary exercise bikes with under-seat pedals have been around for a long time. There are also horizontal stationary bicycles with pedals under the handlebars. They have become very popular recently.

Mechanical models are convenient to use at home. They are inexpensive, from 5,000 rubles, lightweight, with a small set of functions and are suitable for beginners. Cons: rather noisy and not ready for a long intensive service. Magnetic exercise bikes are quiet, but expensive, up to 800 thousand rubles, and difficult to operate.

When choosing an exercise bike, be sure to pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the seat, how stable the structure is and what kind of loading system. When we pedal, all the muscles of the thigh and buttocks work in combination, giving relief and elasticity to the buttocks without a strong load on the popliteal ligaments.

Elliptical Butt Trainers

They are slowly but surely taking the place of leaders of the gym world, which treadmills give them.

Elliptical trainers come in a variety of sizes. There are large ones with a very strong frame that provides sufficient support and stability, and comfortable handles that support the body. There are also devices on which you can work to strengthen the buttocks at home.

Some elliptical machines have a reverse motion function that increases the activity of the gluteus muscles.

When choosing an ellipse, it is necessary to take into account its dimensions, stride length, stability and what kind of load it can withstand.

The prices of the simplest ones start from 10 thousand rubles.

In this article, we will figure out when it is better to eat cottage cheese (in the morning, afternoon, at night), and also speculate on what is better cottage cheese or casein.

Dairy products, including cottage cheese, increase blood insulin levels: this is good for gaining muscle mass, but in combination with carbohydrates can increase fat mass

Curd and dairy products increase the accumulation of fluid in the subcutaneous layers, hiding the relief; therefore they are excluded from their diet during the "drying" of the body

Micellar casein has a low insulin index and does not increase the thickness of the skin fold; therefore it is suitable as a protein source for achieving lean muscle mass while drying the body

When it is better to eat cottage cheese depends solely on the goals in sports: it is suitable for gaining muscle mass, it is better to exclude it when drying the body, and use it WITHOUT carbohydrates for weight loss

The starting point for our reasoning will be an interview with the famous Russian bodybuilder Stanislav Lindover, in which he discusses comparing sports casein and cottage cheese as sources of protein in bodybuilding.

The essence of his speech is as follows:

The reason for this difference in the behavior of casein and curd, according to Stanislav, is that "curd has a significantly higher glycemic index."

Let's try to figure out what Lindover is talking about and whether he is right. In the process, we will find out the answers to the questions "when is it better to eat cottage cheese?" and "is it possible for the night?"

Before we start, please note the following. With all due respect to Stanislav Lindover, ALWAYS be suspicious of the statements of speakers wearing T-shirts with logos of famous brands and billboards of sports food stores behind their backs.

Pay attention, Stanislav claims that “he loves cottage cheese very much and has eaten it all his life and only during the last year switched to casein” ... For us this means that he achieved his good shape largely thanks to cottage cheese ...

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Cottage cheese at night: benefits and harms

Kurdish issues for Turks are not only an issue related to geopolitical and regional ambitions. There is also domestic politics - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan needs stability. And in this regard, the Kurdish factor is an ideal tool.

Arman Vaneskeghyan, political commentator for Sputnik Armenia

In relations with the United States of America, Turkey operates on the Kurdish issue as a kind of tug-of-war.

Kurds are an internal political factor for Turkey

Against the background of the tough confrontation between the United States and Turkey on the Iraqi issue, the rest of the problems between these NATO partners look pale. Indeed, there are many disagreements. This is the Syrian bridgehead, the obstinacy of the Turks in the purchase of Russian S-400 air defense systems, the sanctions that Washington threatens the Turkish military-industrial complex, the refusal to supply Ankara with fifth-generation F-35 fighters.

But all this taken together cannot outweigh the geopolitical interests that guide American diplomacy in relations with a NATO ally. In principle, diametrically opposed positions on Kurdish issues could not have embroiled Washington and Ankara, if not for one "but". And "but" this does not even lie in the sphere of global ambitions of the current Turkish leadership and specifically President Erdogan.

It is clear that the Kurdish confrontation has long been one of the decisive factors in the internal political life of Turkey. This becomes especially relevant when serious social, economic and financial upheavals are expected in the country.

Now the Turkish authorities are on the verge of just such problems. After all, if the big game that Erdogan is currently trying to start for the place of his country under the "European sun" eventually fails and the "Mediterranean confrontation" is resolved not in favor of Ankara, then serious, sensitive sanctions even from such major partners as Germany.

However, if in matters of the Eastern Mediterranean, the Greek Islands or occupied Cyprus, the European Union undertakes to seriously defend Athens and Nicosia (and Berlin has besieged Ankara more than once in this area), then the Turks will have to sweat with solving their financial and social problems ... If simultaneous sanctions from the main economic partners - both the United States and the European Union (including Germany) - work, then Turkey will actually have a hard time.

Washington and Ankara are in conflict at the intersection of geopolitics and ideology

Such a development of events cannot be ruled out, if only because now European capitals react very clearly to any signals from overseas. The current administration of the White House expresses its position with regard to its NATO partner - Turkey - quite harshly, all the time reminding about the very Russian S-400s.

Washington also recalls the aggressive and not very far-sighted behavior of Ankara during the last Karabakh war, when Turkey, not that it almost took over the South Caucasus region, also opened the way there for the Russian peacekeeping contingent. Is this forgiven in Washington, where this region originally had its own far-reaching plans? And they were connected with the fact that the Americans wanted to oust Russia from this region.

Anyway, now in Europe they understand that American diplomacy is starting a major geopolitical game. Its main goal is to force Turkey to turn its face to NATO partners again (that is, to turn its back on Russia), to recall the obligations that a state that is a full-fledged member of the North Atlantic Alliance must adhere to.

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