Is it possible to swing triceps and biceps on the same day at the same time: how best to combine arm and shoulder training

Any athlete can make a protein-based cocktail for himself. To do this, you need desire and the right ingredients. A proper and balanced diet is key for a bodybuilder. In order for the achievements in this matter to be high enough, it is necessary that your body gets the right amount of protein every day. Chicken breasts or juicy grilled red meat is the first thing that comes to mind, but it takes time to prepare such a dish, which usually never happens. And the very process of digesting meat takes a lot of energy from the body and such a hearty meal cannot be combined with a visit to the gym. On the other hand, you can replace meat dishes with an equally effective remedy.

Various types of proteins, which are powdered concentrates, are excellent alternatives. With all this, each species has its own specific task: muscle recovery, body weight gain. Concentrated proteins could hardly boast of good assimilation by the digestive organs. They literally forced bodybuilders to grimace like a toothache. Nowadays, the modern market gives you the opportunity to choose the most varied and tasty proteins. Despite this, the regular procedure for taking such powders that are diluted in water gives few positive results. They cannot be compared to natural food. In this article, we give you the opportunity to choose one of the most sought-after natural and fresh protein shakes that suits you best and that you can prepare at home. Let's first discuss the most favorable time of day for drinking such homemade cocktails - this is undoubtedly morning!

At this time, the glycogen level in the liver decreases, since the body has not received any food throughout the night. In principle, the energy that is spent during sleep is insignificant, there is nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, a lack of glycogen, combined with active actions after a person has awakened, can activate the release of catabolic hormones that eat away at muscles. After waking up, you can drink a protein shake, in which you have previously added fructose contained in many fruits, and in particular in honey. Compared to fructose, glucose is consumed immediately after entering the muscles, and fructose is converted into glycogen after entering the liver.

Before you go to workout, you must recharge your body with nutrients that stimulate muscle growth and help provide them with energy. To do this, you need preferably slow proteins (20 grams) and carbohydrates (40 grams). Ordinary meals in this situation will not be effective. Firstly, training with a full stomach is not the best option, and secondly, the assimilation of regular food is a long process. In this case, it is best to use a whey protein shake. Stop your choice again on fructose when choosing carbohydrates. Fructose gradually releases energy and does not stimulate the release of insulin, which we absolutely do not need at the beginning of a workout, since it significantly lowers blood sugar levels and prevents fat burning.

After finishing your workout, you need to complete two missions - to restore glycogen and supply your muscles with more protein. And our protein shakes will help us with this. The best choice would be whey protein (40 grams), but more recently it became known that for the best effect, casein should be added to this protein, from which muscles will grow much better. Fast carbohydrates are also needed, the minimum dose is 60 grams (rolls, chocolates, candy).

A bodybuilder needs to eat every two to three hours, which doesn't always work out, especially if you're working and not on vacation. But a prepared protein shake

which contains honey and fruit will easily come to the rescue in this situation. So you can make the rudimentary protein soaking a pleasure. You can use whey protein, casein, or a mixture of both as a base.

By the night time, it is imperative to prepare your muscles, as they are depleted during sleep. You do not need to fill your stomach with ordinary food, because during sleep it does not digest heavy food. Here, too, a protein shake comes in handy. Long-lasting casein is the main ingredient in the cocktail. You can take carbohydrates, but only in small portions. During sleep, muscles do not need energy and excess carbohydrates will be converted into fat.

You will naturally spend more time preparing these cocktails than dissolving the powder, but the result is worth the cost.

Hot cocoa before bed:

DIY Fat Burning Cocktails

Top 7 protein shakes you can make at home

Dumbbell Work

Dumbbells are a wonderful sports equipment (how to make dumbbells yourself). Warm up your muscles before exercising (warm up before exercising). Do not jerk during exercise.

Proper breathing is also very important. Lifting is done on exhalation, and on inhalation - hands should be lowered

Thus, you can train biceps twice a week. You don't need to do a lot of workouts. The muscle will not have time to recover and rest. It is dangerous both with injuries and ineffective training.

If you fulfill these requirements, you will not get injured and build beautiful muscles.

Effective Exercise

Concentrated biceps curl. To do this, you need a stool. Sit on it, spread your legs slightly to the sides and place your hand with dumbbells between your legs. In this case, the hand should rest in the knee area with the elbow on the leg. Just bend and unbend your arm.

When doing it, do not forget the basic rule - to do supination of the hand when the elbow is bent at a right angle. At the same time, try to strain your biceps as much as possible at the end point. Then pause. Continue to tense the muscle for a one-two-three-four count. Lower your hand in the opposite direction. The same is done with the other hand. Perform the exercise 15-20 times 3-4 sets.

Inclined lifts on the ball. Take the dumbbells with a regular grip (palms facing away from you) and lie with your back on a special sports fitness ball. Control balance with your feet so as not to roll over to the sides. Begin to do dumbbell lifts by bending your elbows. Do the exercise 15-20 times 3-4 sets.

With this performance, the forearms receive additional load

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