Intensive Circuit Training for Strength and Mass

To build biceps using dumbbells exclusively, you need patience, strength and the help of genes! To tackle this daunting task brilliantly, read the complete guide in this article!

If you are not looking for easy ways to work out muscles and decided to learn how to pump up biceps with dumbbells, you can rest easy - in this article you will find a complete guide to solving this difficult task. It will be really hard to complete, but we are tough guys, right?

Here's what our expert, Alexey Hernandez Ortega, says about it:

Pumping biceps with dumbbells alone is very difficult. Honestly, only genetically gifted people can do this. In the creative process of building the body, the situation is as follows: the more arsenal of shells, and hence exercises, the more likely success. But nothing is impossible, let's do it!

Here you will find the best exercises for building biceps with dumbbells and an effective workout to achieve great results!

So, let's start, as a basic one, we offer you the following video program.

Now let's go briefly through the anatomy and figure out how your muscles work under load.

Bodymasterru recommends Workout Plans:

Since the body is not accustomed to the unusual load of strength training, most people, when starting to lift weights, notice rapid growth. However, the longer you practice, the more resistance to development your body begins to show. Then you need more and more time and effort to achieve results. Hands that grow quickly from any workout in the early stages require some modification in order to grow as you progress.

There are a lot of things you really don't know when you start practicing. At this stage, body position, technique, principles are just words, not guidelines for your work, and you rush into the pool with your head and start just training. Unfortunately, you will have to think and analyze further. Therefore, you must be creative to maximize muscle growth and strength gains. And even more so if you set yourself the task of going against genetics and pumping up your biceps quickly with dumbbells. Solving this question will make you think about how quickly your muscles grew in the first months of training and think about the anatomy.

Biceps Anatomy

How to build biceps with dumbbells

Dumbbell exercises for men have advantages: you do not need to spend money on visits to fitness centers, you can exercise at any time. And the load with the help of dumbbells is distributed evenly to all muscle groups. The effect of exercises with dumbbells is visible after 3 weeks of regular training.

The result may exceed all expectations. The main thing is to know what weight of dumbbells a man needs to choose in order to achieve the most effective result.

Benefits of dumbbell exercise for men:

  • Effective building of muscle mass and strength;
  • Working with joints and increasing their strength;
  • If necessary, prepare for heavier loads, for example, for athletes seeking results;
  • Prevention of osteochondrosis and straightening posture;
  • Prevention of diseases of the circulatory system;
  • Improvement of lung function, development of correct breathing ;
  • Flexibility and endurance of joints;
  • Fast metabolism;
  • Strong nervous system.

It can take a long time to list the benefits and positive effects on the body. It is impossible to give an answer to how much dumbbell weight is needed for beginner men. It all depends on age and physical condition. A salesperson in a sports store will help you choose dumbbells for men.

The body becomes much stronger and more enduring, agility and speed increase.

And the main advantage of gymnastics with dumbbells for men is the unique contours of the figure that will delight any girl, and cause notes of envy in lazy men.

Biceps Load

Effective hand exercises with dumbbells: # 1. Sit on a chair with your back pressed firmly against the support.

Alternately raise the right and left arm from the dumbbells, lowering them tightly along the body. Inhale - lowering, exhalation - raising.

Today #CoachAnswers

to one of the most popular questions - how to pump endurance. The expert on this topic was again the elite trainer of World Class Anton Kotov.

Very often people working out in the gym forget about such an important thing as training their cardiovascular system (CVS). But our well-being and progress in training will depend on how our heart works. It can even be said that according to the indicators of the work of the CVS, it is possible to determine the state of the body's physical health. If you understand that walking for 10 minutes or climbing to the second floor is accompanied by the appearance of shortness of breath, then this is a sure sign to start paying attention to cardiac muscle training.

Such training is most often associated with the development of endurance. And there is. Your endurance, “household” including, will grow thanks to classes. This will be accompanied by an improvement in well-being and mood, the appearance of a feeling of lightness, you will be able to be more efficient and do more.

We'll look at three ways: cyclic aerobic training, circuit training, and high-intensity interval training. In the circle of fitness practitioners, such activities are often called "cardio". There is logic in this, translated from Latin, cardio means the heart, which we train in the first place.

Cyclic Aerobic Training

In such training, we are talking about performing a repetitive movement for a certain interval of time. It should be noted that the goal of any endurance exercise will be to achieve a certain heart rate and maintain it. Examples include walking on a treadmill, running, working on an elliptical trainer, or any other cardio equipment.

Cardio is different. What if I don't like running

Cardio is the best way to lose weight and get in shape. Five effective and varied trainings in our selection.

If you are just starting to exercise, then I recommend starting with 20 minutes of training with a heart rate of 50-65% of the maximum. The maximum heart rate is determined by the formula max = 220 - age. Gradually, as you get used to the activity, the duration and intensity of the exercise can be increased.

Running is worth mentioning separately. Perhaps this is the most accessible type of activity. However, in some cases, it can do more harm than good. For example, if you are overweight, you may want to postpone your jogging until it returns to normal, as this can negatively affect your spine and knee joints. Also, if during exercise your heart rate rises to 80-90% of the maximum, you should first prepare your body for such workouts, replacing running with brisk walking. Despite the fact that running is absolutely natural for our body as a movement, there are many nuances of technique that need to be learned. And here, of course, a qualified coach will come to your aid.

In our country (in any work collective for sure) February 23 is perceived as a holiday for men. Even the presence of military service is no longer required. But even though the holiday is for men, it is on this day that the fate of many women depends, since we will avenge the socks (no). Onliner with 360 support. Y went out to the people again, this time they learned how to please a man.

Pavel: “Let's go without foam and socks, please”

Pavel recently came from the army, so from last year's gifts he has congratulations from the foreman and three cheers from his comrades (a double portion in the dining room does not count).

- The choice of a gift depends on the interests of the man, for example, it would be cool for me, just do not think that I am an alcoholic, creative gift sets, such as bouquets of fish, kebabs and cheeses, complete with a bottle of craft beer. Here's a friend who acted interesting, she packed the gift and presented it in advance, but she said to open it on the 23rd. And I'm interested, but I'll keep my word.

Utility worker: "Giving coffee and tea"

So, we practically won the snow thanks to our taxes and the strength of strong utilities. But how do they celebrate Defender of the Fatherland Day?

- I served in the Air Force, then there was the USSR, I will celebrate with the guys at home or away. We peasants need nothing at all - kindness, affection and love. In the team, women congratulate us with cakes with tea and coffee, as a sign of attention, this is quite enough.

Dmitry: “I'll have a beer and that's it”

The young man, probably, has learned Zen, in this life he does not need anything (from gifts). The 23rd is not considered a special day at all.

- I don't need anything, neither on the 23rd, nor on the 8th, - laughs. - I'll get a beer, maybe I'll have a drink, and that's it. I myself work in a shopping center as a seller, we do not have a team, so there are no gifts there either.

Therefore, the owners of the cottage are wondering how to decorate their site beautifully and what to do for this. To decorate the summer cottage, you can attract garden designers and florists who will turn the cottage into a blooming paradise. But you can decorate the summer cottage with your own hands, where every corner will breathe love.

The most common types of flower beds

For framing flower designs, you can use both traditional materials (gravel, brick, wood), and more exotic - bottles, old tires, flower pots, carts. An old bucket or boot can also be used!

We have collected the most interesting ideas for flower beds that can be made in the country. All of them are quite simple, so you can arrange such flower beds with your own hands using improvised means.

We make decorative borders

Beautiful homemade borders can be located along paths, around flower beds, at the gate, or delimit the site into zones. For the manufacture of borders, wooden chocks, rods, vine, brick and stone, glass bottles, cinder block, concrete are used. Broken glass, colored stones and ceramic chips are used as decoration for concrete products.

We make decorative borders

Brick, stone and cinder block curbs

To lay out a brick border, you will need:

  • brick ;
  • cement mortar;
  • crushed stone;
  • shovel;
  • trowel.

According to the marking, a layer of earth is selected to a depth of 15 cm and a width of 20 cm. The bottom is compacted and covered with rubble to half the depth of the groove, and the top is poured with a solution. When the mortar sets well, lay out the brick in rows in a checkerboard pattern. The border can be solid or have gaps - it depends on the amount of source material and the imagination of the master. In the same way, they lay out a border of stone or cinder block.

To make the cinder block more decorative, you can use outdoor plaster and paint. After laying the cinder block and drying the solution, a plaster mixture is prepared: the dry plaster is diluted with water and a coloring pigment is added. Now the surface of the curb is covered with a decorative mixture and patterns are created using a spatula. This edging looks very attractive both along the paths and around the flower beds.

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