In your purse there is always a toner, hand cream, napkins and perfume

One person with an eating disorder dies every 52 minutes in the world. The mortality rate among people with RPD is one of the highest among people with psychiatric illnesses. But, as strange as it may sound, the stomach is not to blame here - the problems are in the head. We listened to the stories of people who have had RPP and asked a psychologist about what the desire to look good and others like can lead to.

Let's start with the terminology: Eating Disorder (Eating Disorder) is a mental problem that leads to poor eating habits. The most famous types of this disorder are anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder. Often these disorders appear together or replace each other.

“My heart almost got up from“ vomit Sunday ”” Anastasia's story

Bulimia is a disorder with binge eating disorder and severe weight control anxiety. Bulimics develop a peculiar style of eating: after eating, they induce vomiting or take laxatives and diuretics.

Anastasia is 25 years old, 5 of them she lived with bulimia. The girl realized that she was uncomfortable with being in full body while still in school, and in the eighth grade she had already gone on not the first diet.

- My first diet began when I was 160 centimeters tall and weighed 68 kilograms. Then I ate one grapefruit a day. It always hovered me that I was not as slender as other girls, I thought that my mind and beauty would not be considered by anyone because of my figure. Already at the university, when I was preparing for graduation, the thought came to my mind: I need to cleanse myself. This was my first deliberate vomiting ...

The weight dropped from 68 kilograms to 52, I could eat anything and as much as I wanted - for example, at one meal I ate stale bread with jam, seized it with half-baked pasta and ketchup, filling my stomach as much as possible, and then vomited ... She went to the grocery store again and vomited again. On a weekend, I could have ten calls to vomit, that is, 90% of the time when I was awake, I vomited.

In case of vomiting (and this could happen anywhere) I always had a foundation, hand cream, napkins and perfume with me.

Health was undermined: hands were corroded by stomach acid and scratched with teeth (since each time it was necessary to push them deeper and deeper), there was redness near the mouth (which could not be removed with a foundation), teeth began to crumble, fell out hair, face covered with pimples, and even fainting occurred.

Thoughts in my head were: "You have eaten, it will remain in you, you will become fat, you will not fit into any pants." And this manic idea lives in your head, and you torture yourself until there is only gastric juice in your stomach. One day, after another "vomit Sunday", my heart practically stopped. I could not stand up, fell out of bed, barely made it to the phone and called the specialists. I just cried and asked to help me. Then I realized that I could die.

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Jewelry Exhibition "Women's Business"

A unique event takes place in Moscow from February 25 to March 6, 2021. "Women's Business" is the world's first exhibition of jewelers and designers, in which only representatives of the beautiful half of humanity take part.

The chamber gallery Ilgiz F has become the location of the exposition. Here you can get acquainted with the works of the participants - in total, 20 representatives of the industry are involved in the project. The products are made both by hand and using the latest technology. Styles and trends are also very different - from natural minimalism to architectural Gothic.

Subtle flair, attention to detail and out-of-the-box thinking help create truly beautiful jewelry. The exposition will provide visitors with answers to questions about how women see the jewelry world, and why this profession is becoming less masculine every year. More than a week will be given to appreciate the work. The opening of the exposition on February 25 is held in a closed format, but the next day the doors of the cozy gallery will open for everyone. Admission is free, and you can order a pass by calling +79639931575.

Tom and Jerry

One of the most popular cartoons of the last century is back on the screens. Director Tim Sotry decided to bring back his favorite characters. Tom and Jerry have lost their home and are now forced to seek a new home. Without hesitation, Jerry settles in the best hotel in New York, where 4 presidents, 3 popes, 2 kings have stayed, and soon the wedding of the century will take place there. The presence of an unwanted guest, of course, strains the hotel management. Therefore, the newly minted employee (Chloe Moretz) is instructed to get rid of the annoying rodent. She chooses the old proven method - to call the cat, in our case Tom. Well, then everything follows the well-known scenario - the cat is looking for hundreds of ways to get rid of the mouse, and he cleverly dodges all the traps.

The film can be classified as a family one, as adults will remember the old days and favorite characters, and children will be drawn into an exciting and funny confrontation between the main characters.

I would like to say that this is a light Russian comedy, but this motion picture looks more like a tragic story with notes of sarcasm. Perhaps someone recognizes himself in it, so the director advises to go to the film with his father or, conversely, with his son. Successful Muscovite Max (Stas Starovoitov) spends his days at work, not seeing his wife (Nadezhda Mikhalkova) and two children. Everything is changed by an unexpected trip to Bata - a real stern man who raised his child in the dashing 90s. Times were not easy then, and the upbringing system of Soviet people was significantly different from the ideal ... The main question that is raised in the film is what does it mean to be a good father?

Special screenings from Moschino

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