In pursuit of the post about the release of dangerous criminals ahead of schedule

I decided to add a little trash, about those who have already freed themselves for good behavior.

The leaders of one of the loudest and ruthless criminal communities in Naberezhnye Chelny are holding the path to freedom. The last members of the gang "29 complex", who were detained and imprisoned by the whole country in the distant zero, are packing their bags with a course to freedom. Out of 37 convicts, only a few remain in the zone. Killers, gravediggers, guards, snipers and ex-cops ... Chelny-biz. u picked up the archives of the case and calculated when the ringleader of the organized crime group Adygan Salyakhov (Alik) would come out, how much was left for the murderer of the leader of the GES OPG Farit Khisamutdinov (Khisa), and how long ago Vyacheslav Fedorov (Parasol) was released, who became famous for his ability to form youth groups.


The history of the Twenty-Ninths began in the mid-1980s, when the gang began to sprout. Already in the 90s, the community was under the control of the largest industrial enterprises, including KAMAZ divisions, a football club, markets, banks and entertainment establishments. OPS "29 complex" had weight in Moscow and Ukraine.

In 1993, the leader of the gang, Adygan Salyakhov, aka Alik, and two other leaders, Yuri Eremenko (Erema) and Alexander Vlasov (Shurin), moved to Moscow. In the capital, the “twenty-nine-year-olds” set up a business with the money of the criminal community and continued criminal trials on the territory of Tatarstan. During the existence of the gang, two leaders of the opposing groups in Chelny were killed, an attack was made on the house of a crime boss in Menzelinsk, Rafis Lukmanov, where eight people were shot, including himself. An objectionable member of the organized criminal community was strangled in Moscow. In addition, the “twenty-nine-year-olds” attempted the murder of a Yelabuga deputy, here they seized a meat-packing plant and extorted 50% of the authorized capital from the director of the Tulpar trading company in the auto city.

The end of the gang came in 2001. Then began large-scale arrests of participants in the "29th complex", then - the investigation, which lasted for many years, and the trial.


In July 2006, 33 active members of the organized criminal group "29 complex" from Naberezhnye Chelny received 500 years of imprisonment. 20 years have passed since the arrest of some of them, so most of them are at large. Only in recent days it became known about the return of two gang members.

So, 19 years later, Ruslan Khasyanov, the killer of the "twenty-nine-nine", was released. In the zone, he was the so-called onlooker, released with positive characteristics. He is described as the most principled participant in the OPS. One of those who for the entire period of the investigation and trial did not admit anything of the incriminated.

Khasyanov took part in the bloodiest episode in the case of the organized crime group - the murder of the family of businessman Rafis Lukmanov in the village of Staroye Mazino. In 1996, eight people were shot here. Together with Lukmanov, the "twenty-ninth men" were engaged in the sale of alcoholic beverages at the Menzelinsky distillery. At some point, the partners had disagreements. Four people came to Lukmanov's village, among whom was Khasyanov. He and another member of the gang, Mikhail Belenko, had pistols with them. Despite the fact that there was an instruction to kill only Lukmanov, Khasyanov and two other members of the organized criminal group, the Belenko brothers "finished off" everyone who was that evening at the time of the bloody massacre. Among the victims was the businessman's 14-year-old son.

Just a few days ago Igor Burtasov, known by the nickname Gosha, was also released. One of those who stood at the origins of the formation of "twenty-ninths", but later retired due to an addiction to alcohol. A man in the distant 2000s surrendered himself to the security forces. According to the media at that time, this allegedly happened after watching a TV show about the crimes of his colleagues. Burtasov, according to sources, came with a confession and confessed to all the crimes, hoped to remain free. Therefore, the news that he still had to go to the cell made the man mad. During interrogation by the investigators, he tried to gouge his eye out with a pen.

On account of Gosha, complicity in the murder of the objectionable authority Vasily Lysykh in 1993, the murder of a former member of the organized crime group Marat Garipov. The latter was lured into the dacha house of another member of the "29th complex" and beaten to death. The man's corpse was dismembered: his head and hands were cut off. The body parts were buried in various places, and the clothes were burned. The traces were covered carefully, in the country house the criminals even replaced the floors.

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