I don’t throw away empty glass bottles, but I find a use for them: original ideas

Botanical characteristics of the pawpaw

Brief description of pawp:

  • In nature, there are two types of pawpaw - shrub and tree.
  • Dicotyledonous foliage can be leathery or herbaceous, depending on the variety. Leaves with a smooth surface and no edged edges. The size of the leaves is up to 25 cm long and up to 12 cm wide. / Li>
  • In late April or early May, flowering begins. Flowers in the form of drooping bells with a brick color. Intense aroma is not very pleasant - the smell of rotten meat.
  • The shrub type of plant reaches a height of up to 5 meters. Under natural conditions, you can find specimens up to 15 m high. / Li>
  • With cross-pollination in the first half of autumn, fruits ripening weighing 250-500 g. In shape, they are more like bananas. There are seeds-seeds inside the fruit. Ripe fruits of the pawpaw are edible and healthy. The orange (creamy) tender pulp is sweetish in taste and at the same time somewhat similar to the pulp of mango and banana.

Azimine is grown mainly in France, Japan, Italy and Spain. You can also meet the plant in the southern regions of Ukraine. Azimine trilob grows well and bears fruit in the gardens of Krasnodar and Stavropol paradise. You can find a banana tree with fruits in Orenburg itself. At the same time, in the regions of Russia, azimina blooms from May to June. The fruits are formed and ripen in the second half of summer.

Outdoor cultivation of azimines

In the garden, azimine can be grown from seeds, cuttings and using grafting. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Seed Azimin Trilobus

Growing a pawpaw in the open field from seeds is considered the easiest and simplest. Planting material can be purchased at a specialized store or collected from purchased fruits. The seeds have a high germination capacity in any case. First, the selected seeds are soaked in a light solution of potassium permanganate to disinfect them, loosen the oily layer and awaken vegetative processes. After processing, the planting material is dried and laid out on a stratification tray, which is removed to a cool, dark room.

Term of stratification of pazimina seeds - 3-4 months. The best time for it is November-March.

The maximum germination of seeds will be ensured by their stratification in boxes with soil from the garden, buried under a layer of snow. As soon as the snow melts, boxes with planting material are moved to a greenhouse or other warm room. At the same time, they provide future seedlings with a sunny place. While the seeds will germinate (30-40 days), the soil surface is carefully sprayed so that the soil does not dry out and a crust does not form.

After the emergence of shoots, deformed and weak shoots are removed. More intensive watering is carried out. When 3 pairs of leaves are formed on the sprouts, they begin to transplant them into separate containers.

To avoid damage to the root system when transplanting seedlings, special peat pots are used in open ground.

Plants remain in greenhouse conditions until mid-April. When the air warms up outside and the temperature stabilizes, they begin to transfer the seedlings into the open ground.

We get acquainted with the rules for growing paws in the open field

Hanging planter

If you are tired of the same type of plastic flower pots, and ceramic containers are expensive, use glass wine bottles to decorate your garden area. I planted vines and tradescantia in them. They are hardy and unpretentious, suitable for garden decoration.

You can decorate them with beautiful patterns or leave them as they are. It all depends on your imagination and creative skills.

What can be made from glass bottles: Candlesticks

If you cut off the bottom of the bottle and cover a burning candle with it, you get a pretty spectacular candlestick. Find out how to competently cut a bottle at home here.

Materials and tools:

Fancy bird feeder

A glass bottle bird feeder will look very unusual if you choose a container of an unusual shade for making. If you have children, invite them to participate. We built a blue one, fortunately, there was one in the garage.

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Handy Gadgets

Homemade glass bottles can be not only beautiful, but also useful. There are several options for useful attachments where this cookware is used. For example:

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