How to surprise a girl on March 8

It's back on February 23rd, and you got nothing but shaving foam or socks as a gift. My beloved took care of the congratulations, bought a nice present and organized a surprise. It's your turn to hit her.

We offer an unusual solution on how to organize a holiday to please a girl. Even if you're full of creative ideas of your own, read the article. We are sure you will find something interesting for yourself.

How to surprise your loved one on Martha: ideas with flowers

You can't do without a bouquet on International Women's Day. This is bad manners, and an oversight will be remembered for a long time. But there are many ways to replace the traditional ribbon-tied composition.

  • Arrange a photo session for your darling in a dress of fresh flowers. If the girl is relaxed, you can come up with a spicy image in the style of Eve and give her several flowers with large buds, for example, amaryllis or calla lilies. The image of a forest nymph will suit a shy girl, which will fit carnations, eustoma, eucalyptus branches.
  • Decorate an ordinary gift with live buds. Put it in a box and cover it with floral netting, which you can buy in major flower shops. Use a glue gun to firmly attach the buds to the net. You will get a package of fresh flowers. Such a “bouquet” will not last long, but it will definitely not leave a girl indifferent.
  • A novelty in the floristry market is flowers in test tubes. Every stem fits in a separate flask in a frame or on a stand. The girl can then change the plants to wildflowers, dried flowers, lilac twigs. The present gives room for imagination.

Choosing an unusual place to celebrate March

Save restaurants and cafes for your usual romantic evenings. International Women's Day should be full of impressions, fun, joy and a little adrenaline.

  • Interactive space. The Spring Festival is a good reason to visit creative museums or an unusual quest. There is a wide choice: see how life will change in complete darkness, visit the virtual computer world, take part in a quest with live actors.
  • A date on the roof. Seeing the city together from a bird's eye view is both romantic, touching and unusual at the same time. A hearty candlelit dinner can be ordered. Or you can wrap yourself up in a blanket at home and, embracing, watch the bustle of the city.
  • Take a joint part in a master class. Those who are fond of natures who like to try something new will enjoy lessons in a pottery or art studio, culinary or floral master classes. St. Petersburg also has a ceramics school, a glass-blowing workshop, and many theater studios. The main thing is that the lesson overlaps with the interests of the girl.

How to surprise your loved one on Martha: inexpensive solutions

Sometimes the financial capacity does not allow for a luxurious surprise. But even in such situations, there are great options.

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