How to pack a bouquet of sweets: using different methods

Packaging bouquets in kraft paper has been gaining popularity in the past few years. Such a wrapper wins over other options because it is safe and looks aesthetically pleasing. The brown tint of the wrapping paper allows you to emphasize the contents of the bouquet and not draw attention to yourself. Kraft can be monochromatic or a pattern of the same type is printed on it. If this is not enough, then it is decorated with additional elements.

What craft paper is made of

Kraft paper is made from wood. At the same time, not high-quality species are used, but waste from processed wood, defective materials, and recyclable materials. The wood is boiled down, and cellulose is obtained. It is used to produce brown paper, which is used for various purposes. Translated from German, the word "kraft" is translated as "strong". Crafting as a technology appeared in the 17th century, but it was not used in large-scale production for a long time. Most often, the material was used as intermediate packaging for food products or ceramic products. It has become in demand in the floristry market only in the last few years.

Kraft is a natural material that completely decomposes in natural conditions in 3 years.

For plastic bottles, polyethylene and other plastics, this process takes tens and even hundreds of years. Therefore, the fighters for respect for the planet managed to convey the idea of ​​preserving the environment to fashion designers, including flower bouquets designers.

Benefits of Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is a material that is obtained by processing long fibers of cellulose. With this method of production, packaging has the following advantages:

  • low price;
  • strength;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • absorbs moisture;
  • UV resistant.

The density of the paper is taken into account during production, and the areas of its subsequent use. Possible options for sheet thickness from 35 to 120 g / m². Sheets with a high density absorb less liquid and withstand heavy loads.

Safety is the most important advantage of crafting from the point of view of environmentalists. No harmful chemicals are used in production, so the material is completely natural. Wrappers are made from it for storing food.

Material variations

Craft is used to wrap flowers, create crafts. For such purposes, different formats are released:

How to wrap a bouquet with craft paper

Flowers are a gift that always evokes joy and admiration. They can be given in armfuls without packaging. But this option may not always be appropriate in one case or another. How to choose a package? How to arrange a tasteful bouquet? We have answers to these questions in the form of some very useful tips and tricks.

Types of floristic packaging

In addition, various decorations are offered, which should be carefully selected, and without going too far in quantity, since with their help it is easy to turn the most chic floral gift into bad taste.

Ways of packing different types of bouquets

Due to the variety of packaging options, we will consider how to wrap a bouquet in various materials.

Decorating flowers on paper - step by step photo

As you can see in the photo, everything is very simple. In this case, we chose kraft paper, which is covered with a pattern on one side. It is folded with a pattern inward so that after wrapping the bouquet in the corners, the pattern is visible. A very simple and effective way to beautifully pack a bouquet.

And so you can wrap a large bouquet in craft paper. In this case, 51 roses are collected in a single composition. Several sheets of material are taken and stacked on top of each other. It turns out neat packaging. By the way, paper can be alternated, for example, with tracing paper. It will turn out to be more original.

We decorate the bouquet in a transparent film

Take a square sheet of color film. In our case, it is contrasting. The roses themselves are white, and the packaging is scarlet. This moment is very important, it is he who gives the effect of the finished composition. Flowers are placed on a leaf at an angle and wrapped at an angle. At the bottom they are secured with tape. Satin is desirable. Simple and tasteful!

You can use the same technique for decorating a bouquet, only you need to use not 1 sheet of film, but 2. Put a material of a different color under the bouquet. Wrap the bouquet in the same way. The result is a very effective two-layer packaging. You just need to be careful with the selection of colors of materials, taking into account the tones of the buds of the selected plants.

Decorating a bouquet in a net with our own hands

In this case, the season is used. Taken 2 pieces, which are superimposed slightly at an angle on top of each other. The flowers are wrapped tightly enough in them. The corners of the pieces protrude and wrap a little, which is quite natural, since sesal is not such a dense material as the same craft paper.

How to pack a flower bouquet in craft paper - ideas for making arrangements from garden and wild flowers, dried fruits with photos and videos

Arranging a fruit bouquet is a great way to show concern, express sympathy, or make an original gift. However, packing it is not that easy compared to flowers or candy. Since the fruits are tender, they ripen and deteriorate, so it is important to collect compositions from them with extreme care.

Materials and tools required

A fruity bouquet is beautiful and tasty, but to get the best results, you will need a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. In addition, if it is not known exactly what kind of fruit the recipient prefers, it is advisable to use as many species as possible.

In addition to fruit, you will also need practical elements that will not only help maintain the composition, but give it a beautiful look. These include the following.

Flower Bouquet Component Description Container You need to choose a container as a base. This can be a basket, bowl, flower pot, bucket, box, or gift bag. Filler You will need filler to keep the fruit in the base container (otherwise it could be damaged). This can be shredded paper, plastic or silicone balls, or flower foam. Wooden or metal skewers Necessary to secure fruit in place in most cases (except for a flat basket or box base). Additional elements Additional components of the composition may be required, such as flowers, candy, nuts, tea, cheese, wine, and so on. Dyeing You can use paper, plastic wrap, stickers, flowers to decorate the bouquet after placing the fruit.

Which fruits to choose

When you have everything you need, you can start collecting the fruit bouquet. Care must be taken to ensure that everything remains edible and safe, especially if the gift is to be transported long distances or stored. Fruits are easily spoiled and damaged, so certain rules must be followed.

You should not only take into account the preferences of the recipient, but also choose not quite ripe fruits that are about to ripen. This ensures that they are ready to be consumed after being handed over, and the donee does not need to wait for them to ripen.

You will also need some fruit to serve as a base. They must be strong enough to support the rest of the composition on top.

Basic fruits can be:

  • apples ;
  • oranges;
  • pineapples ;
  • grapefruit;
  • mango ...

Less strong fruits can be placed on top. These are the ingredients that add additional color, texture and dimension, but are not dense enough to support the weight of other elements of the composition.

Fruits that can be placed on top and between the main ingredients include:

Greetings, my readers. On this page, you will finally learn how to pack a bouquet of sweets so that it has a finished look. You must admit that packaging is very important: either it will accentuate the beauty of your creation, or, if used incorrectly, will ruin everything.

What is used for packaging

What can I use for a candy gift?

Different materials are used to create the complete image:

  • corrugated paper;
  • film;
  • felt;
  • kraft paper;
  • < li> organza.

That's how many possibilities there are. And all applications have a different approach.

How can I design differently?

A gorgeous type of work is obtained if you use organza.

Agree, such bouquets immediately become airy. It is very pleasant to receive them on anniversaries or special holidays: graduations, congratulations on stage, etc.

But, if you are a beginner master, I recommend using a simple method and beautifully arranging a handmade bouquet in corrugated paper. For example, like this:

Want to know how to make a bouquet with your own hands? Ever dreamed of decorating bouquets of flowers yourself? You don't have to contact florists to create a beautiful bouquet.

What you need when composing a bouquet

First you need to understand what you want to make a bouquet of. If this is a bouquet of flowers, then the first rule is that you cannot mix different types of plants.

Flowers suitable for bouquets are:

We are used to seeing garden flowers in all bouquets: roses, asters, carnations, gerberas. Of these flowers, bouquets are most often made, and they are made quite simply.

Wildflowers grow everywhere outside the city, they can be collected in the meadow: chamomile, lavender, cornflowers, freesias. Such bouquets turn out to be romantic.

Exotic flowers make the bouquet unexpectedly bright: phalaenopsis, orchids, camellias, calla lilies. Often only decorative greenery is added to these colors, and the result is impressive.

Decorative greenery helps in creating bouquets of any flowers. With them, gerberas and cornflowers do not look bald and empty. In addition, correctly selected herbs determine the mood of the bouquet.

For bouquets of toys, socks, sweets and other ingredients, materials that are needed to create a flower bouquet come in handy.

What are bouquets?

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