How to make a flower bed of stones for flowers or conifers with your own hands in the country

When buying flowers, you want not only to please a person, but also to prolong the pleasure of admiring them for a long time. What should be the care for a bouquet at home? Tell the people to whom you give flowers about the rules.

If you are looking to extend the life of your gift, perhaps you should pay attention to what flowers the bouquet consists of. After all, there are plants that live longer.

When the flower withers

The loss of freshness does not mean that the flower will crumble and disappear, just after a certain period of time, the composition will begin to lose its original attractiveness. Often, bouquets are specially dried, creating wonderful herbariums.

Flower care instructions

Bouquet care rules for every day

Observe the state of the bouquet, only attention will help to prolong the life of the flower. Remove dry, unsightly leaves in time. After all, a dry leaf is fed from a beautiful living plant, the nutrition of which is already limited.

Change the water in time. This is an indispensable condition and the main rule.

What kind of water should you use for the bouquet?

Water must be clean, cool and in sufficient quantity. Add fertilizers periodically, so the care of the bouquet will be more effective. Two to three tablespoons of unsweetened mineral water or half a teaspoon of sugar will do.

If you have copper coins or a silver spoon, you can place one of the items in water. Copper and silver will stop the development of all kinds of bacteria that are harmful to the plant. This is a pretty powerful piece of advice.

You can add ammonia to the water in a ratio of 2 teaspoons to 3 liters.

A note on caring for a bouquet at home will extend the life of plants at times.

The garden area is not only a place where we grow fruits and vegetables. It is also a place for creativity. Often gardeners embody their creative ideas in the creation of flower beds. I always want something new and interesting. A suitable tool for expressing your individuality would be to create a flower bed of stones with your own hands in the country. The combination of living, vibrant, ever-changing plants with stationary and gray stones gives great opportunities for improvisation.

We have already devoted a long article to rockeries - a particular type of flower beds made of stones. But the theme of compositions of stones and plants is so exciting that you want to come back to it again and again.

What kinds of flower beds are there?

Flower beds can be fenced with stones, can be surrounded by stones, or contain stones inside the flower bed itself. One of the varieties of a flower bed of stones, when the stones are located inside the flower garden between the plants, is rockery (link to article about rockery). You can choose absolutely any stones for a flower bed: limestone, granite, pebbles or sandstone.

Simple flower bed

Making a simple flower bed of stones is easy enough. To do this, you just need to overlay the flowerbed around the perimeter with any stones in 1 or 2 layers. Usually, shapes for a simple flower bed are chosen in the form of common geometric shapes: a square, a circle, a rhombus or an ellipse.

With conifers

Coniferous flower beds are distinguished by their exquisite beauty all year round. They look solemn and elegant. Such flower gardens can be created from coniferous plants alone, or coniferous and deciduous crops can be combined.

When planning a flower garden with conifers and deciduous plants, first place conifers, and then deciduous plants are selected for them. These flower beds require planning and careful selection of plants depending on soil composition and light conditions.

Lay out the border of the flower bed with stones or lay out stones inside the flower garden, like a rockery.

Instead of traditional barbecues and barbecues, a hand-made tandoor makes it possible to bake cakes, cook pilaf or delicious samsa in a cauldron. It has the classic shape of a cylinder, barrel or large jug.

What is tandoor and what can you cook in it?

The principle of tandoor operation is to cook food using the heat emanating from the heated walls of the stove.

This convenient oven for cooking food can be called a "hot stone cave", since the principle of cooking food is as follows: we heat a stone cave with a high heat capacity from the inside, and then it, through radiation, evenly heats the food being cooked.

In fact, this is the main difference between cooking food on the grill and on the tandoor. Since the heating of products on the grill is uneven, it is necessary to constantly monitor the heating of the prepared product by turning it relatively hot coals. This means that you will need to constantly take care that the food does not burn and that only heat should come from the coals of your barbecue, not fire.

In the tandoor, on the other hand, radiation from the hot walls of the oven evenly heats the product from all sides, which means that there is no need for constant monitoring of the cooking process.

The brazier is used to prepare meat dishes, fish dishes, vegetables, bread are well baked, and you can also brew tea there. Cooked goodies have a fragrant taste, juiciness, are crispy, and most importantly, they can be cooked faster than in the oven or on the grill. Thanks to the vertical arrangement of the oven, the meat juice does not drip down, but permeates the meat. Various fuels are used to light the stove: wood, gas, even electricity.

Another plus of the tandoor is that it has different sizes. There are small, medium and large stoves, their weight varies from 50 kg to 100 kg. Before buying or building a tandoor, it is worth determining for how many people it will be used: for a family, trips to nature, for large companies and businesses. There is also a smaller version of the stove, but for the simultaneous preparation of several dishes, a larger version is useful.

Large tandoors are loaded with more firewood, which gives quite a lot of heat, and you can also cook several options at the same time. Such stoves do not need to be cleaned of firewood before cooking, which cannot be said about a small tandoor.

Features of the tandoor

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