How to make a bouquet of sausages and snacks with your own hands

Before the "men's day" on February 23, as well as on the eve of the birthday of their best friend or boyfriend, many women are puzzled over the question of what to give a man.

I don’t want to present trivial things like a bottle of alcohol, shower gel or a box of sweets with a postcard, but it’s quite difficult to come up with an unusual, but at the same time pleasant and useful gift. And in the last few years, an excellent solution has been found - a bouquet of beer, fish, snacks and sausages will surely surprise and delight every representative of the stronger sex.

Such a man's bouquet of beer and snacks to it, decorated in a box or wrapping paper, can either be bought in some stores specializing in original gifts, or you can make it yourself.

And the second idea is much better, because when collecting a bouquet of beer for a man with your own hands, you can put your friend's or lover's favorite alcoholic drinks in it and use new ideas in the design so that the edible bouquet does not look like any one " store-bought option. And below all our guests will find instructions, where step by step with a photo it is described how to make a bouquet of beer, and they will also be able to watch a master class on making such a gift on video.

How to make a bouquet of beer for a man with your own hands: step-by-step instructions with a photo

Edible bouquets of alcohol and snacks look very unusual, and even the usual domestic beer in this design seems much tastier. Moreover, making a bouquet of beer for a man with your own hands is not difficult at all and is not expensive for money - beer and snacks can be bought in any supermarket, and wrapping paper, scotch tape and thin wooden slats (skewers) - in a stationery store.

And you can show your imagination and wrap the edible bouquet not in wrapping paper, but in another material. For example, bouquets of beer with dried fish, beautifully wrapped in black and white newspaper, look original.

Since a bouquet of products is valuable, first of all, for its composition, a gift for a man should include his most favorite drinks and snacks. If a woman does not know what kind of beer a man prefers to drink, an excellent option would be to buy premium German or Czech beer for a bouquet.

An appetizer, which should also be in an edible bouquet, can be dried or dried fish, smoked sausages, nuts, peanuts and even sunflower seeds - in a word, any favorite snacks of a man.

Making a bouquet of beer and snacks step by step

To make a bouquet of beer with your own hands, first you need to prepare all the components of the future gift. Here we will tell you how to make an edible bouquet from cans of beer, dried fish, hot peppers and nuts, but if you wish, you can use any other snacks instead of these snacks. So, to make a bouquet you will need:

  • 2 half-liter cans of beer
  • 3 smoked / dried fish (vomer, roach, etc.)
  • Bulk salted peanuts ( you can also take croutons, croutons, chips)
  • 3 peppercorns
  • Wrapping paper
  • 4 thin strips or twigs approximately 40 cm long
  • 9 wooden skewers
  • Wrapping polyethylene
  • Scotch tape
  • Rope or thin tape
  • Scissors.

First, you need to make the basis of the composition around which the rest of the bouquet will be located. This base will be two cans of beer, each of which is attached to two sticks or slats and attached to them with tape (as in the photo). Then all 4 sticks need to be tied at the bottom with a rope or ribbon.

DIY bouquet for men from beer and snacks (fish and sausages): new ideas (master classes with photos and videos)

A bouquet of sausages is another of the delicious bouquets that are perfect for decorating a table and quickly fly apart. For such a bouquet, we need sausage, sausage and sausage again. You can really help out the hero of the occasion with your gift! After all, it can also be offered to guests. Well, if the bouquet is individual, then it can be combined with any dish.

Ingredients for a sausage bouquet

In addition to sausage you will need: • Skewers. • Brown paper wrapper. • And the threads are dense, woolen can be dark red. • Peppers are red. • Sausages of different sizes, 2-3 pcs. • Greenery for decoration.

If all the ingredients are ready, we can start!

How to make a bouquet of sausages

• Cut 2-3 sausages of different sizes in half. From each we cut off 2-3 slices of thin sausage, we will have this for the flowers. • We will not cut thin sausages the size of a sausage! • We stick everything into the skewers. • Collecting a bouquet. • We tie a bouquet with a thread. • Next, proceed to the petal! We just twist the sausage and, shall we say, stick it between the sausages over the entire surface. • We also stick the greens between the sausages and wrap them in paper, then tie them with a thread. • Our creativity is ready. If the skewers stick out of the wrapper, then cut off the protruding places so that the bouquet does not disintegrate and not be pulled out.

Can be served or presented to a person. You can also decorate with braided cheese!

A master class on making such a bouquet is shown below.

How to make a bouquet of beer snacks

Men are not very sentimental about bouquets! What if the bouquet consists of beer, fish and chips? We are sure that men will be delighted with such a gift! And not only the man, but also his appetite.

For such a bouquet you will need: • Pistachios. • Scotch tape or glue. • Corrugated paper. • Ribbons. • Skewers. • Dried fish. • Transparencies. • And all sorts of nuts, seeds, etc. in bags. • Optionally add beer.

Step by step instructions

Ideas and master classes for making bouquets of beer and snacks with your own hands. A pleasant unusual gift for a man on February 23 - a bouquet of his favorite beer, fish and sausage

Every year we think about how to congratulate a man and what to present to a loved one on February 23rd. It is not necessary to congratulate only those who served in the army. Every man can be gifted with a symbolic gift. In addition to the material component, a gift made with your own hands can leave a pleasant impression of a surprise.

Still, men are more practical and it is more difficult to surprise them with some souvenirs and paper crafts. It is better that this is a gift that can be used in real life. Cups, beer glasses have long become commonplace souvenirs, to which everyone is accustomed. Recently, hand-made bouquets of socks or underpants or men's alcoholic bouquets have gained popularity. You can make such a gift with your own hands in a matter of minutes, but the result will be practical, beautiful and original.

Presenting just socks or panties is quite trivial, but arranging them in a bouquet would be an extraordinary idea. Choose the color of socks in the same range, although most men's socks do not have a wide variety of colors. You can also complement the bouquet with panties or make a bouquet of panties alone. There are options for men's bouquets made from alcohol and food.

DIY bouquet of socks for a man: a step-by-step description

To make a gift bouquet from socks with your own hands, it does not take much time and costs. To make fancy flowers from socks, you first need to cut the tags from each pair, prepare ribbons and tubes or skewers.

We twist each sock into a tube with the edges outward.

Each created bud is pinned with a pin so that the sock does not turn around.

We pass a skewer or a tube inside the bud.

We create as many colors as needed or how many pairs of socks you have purchased.

Next, the most interesting work remains - decoration.

This can be done in different ways and use imagination.

Original socks can be wrapped by wrapping them with a leather belt, which will become part of the gift.

If you want to pack your socks into a bouquet, you need to do it like this:

Various bouquets of all kinds of things and products are popular now. Sometimes it seems that making something original out of socks, for example, will fail. But detailed master classes convince us otherwise. If you decide to impress your man, you can make a meat bouquet with your own hands. Meat products are striking in their variety: sausages, kebabs, smoked meats, rolls. All of these products can be included in a gift bouquet. It will turn out to be an unusual and practical gift.

DIY meat bouquet

How to make a bouquet of sausages?

With such a bouquet you can please your beloved man on his birthday, and present him on February 23, or even give a present on Valentine's Day.

It will be appropriate for both a loved one and an unfamiliar guy

A creative gift will definitely arouse interest and surprise on his part. There are many various step-by-step master classes on the Internet for making a bouquet of sausage and cheese. But for the first time, we will choose the simplest option.

To make this interesting gift you will need:

  • foam ;
  • wooden skewers (long);
  • wrapping paper;
  • wrapping cellophane;
  • parsley;
  • red ribbon;
  • smoked sausages of various types;
  • cheeses (braided, in layers);
  • buns.

  • First you need to make the base for the bouquet. Wrap a piece of foam with paper and secure with tape, stapler, glue so that the top of the foam is open.
  • Now we make flowers. Wrap sausages (like hunting) in thin layers of cheese so that they begin to resemble calla flowers. Tie them together with pigtail cheese cord. Secure the flowers on the skewers.
  • You can also make roses. Cut the sausage into thin rings. Fold 5 circles together. Roll them up. Secure with cheese string or scallion feathers. Wear on skewers.
  • Heat the buns on the skewers. If you have a loaf, then slice it first.
  • Now all the flowers are ready.
  • Insert ready-made "plants" into the base: calla lilies, roses, skewers with bread. Fix the sausage with sticks and cheeses between them (but you can do without additional sausages).
  • Add parsley to the bouquet.

It remains to measure a large enough square of packaging cellophane. Put the whole composition in the middle. Gather the edges of the cellophane over the bouquet. Decorate with a bright bow. An interesting gift is ready.

Bouquet of sausage and cheese

Kebab bouquet

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