How to Lose Weight? Six helpful tips

Do not take the article for banality, but everything that I wrote, I experienced everything on myself. For 2 months minus 13 kg.

Lose weight. This goal is set by thousands of people every month. However, most people understand that this is not easy. Therefore, I have prepared six tips that will significantly increase your chances of achieving your goal.

Eat slowly

If you are used to fast lunch and dinner, try to take your time, as the speed makes you eat more than you need. As a result, you will put on those extra pounds, not shed them. The clock on your phone will help in the first few weeks: set it to 20 minutes and make sure you eat the entire time. Sometimes you need to take a small sip of water and chew each bite thoroughly. This stretching of food intake causes the body to receive a signal to be full before we reach for an additional portion.

Eat more vegetables

Try to keep fresh or roasted vegetables on your table. In addition to their nutritional value, they help to visually increase the size of the dish so you don't feel like you've eaten too little and you are getting a satisfying amount of food.

Useful advice: cook vegetables without oil and season with lemon juice and herbs.

Don't forget about soups and borscht

Add chicken broth or light vegetable soup to the menu, and you won't notice how those extra pounds disappear from your weight. Soup is especially useful at the beginning of a meal, as it slows down digestion and reduces appetite. Start your lunch or dinner with soup to avoid overeating as the liquid fills your stomach instantly.

Switch to whole grains

Adversity happens in every person's life. And people who listen to signs know that many of the troubles promise good luck, pleasant meetings and even an increase in finances.

Laces torn

If your laces are torn right before leaving the house, don't be upset. Soon you will receive money, there will be an opportunity to purchase what you have long dreamed of.

Broken laces on new shoes also bode well for profit.

A torn lace should be tied by making a wish, then it will definitely come true.

Sweet tea was poured on the table

If you spill tea on the table, do not rush to wipe off the drink. Take a closer look: if foam forms on a puddle, wait for financial receipts.

Single bubbles promise kisses with a loved one, and tea leaves - fast news.

If tea spills over the clothes of a lonely girl, then a romantic meeting awaits her.

The dishes were accidentally smashed

The dishes are beating for luck. Cracked utensils get rid of negative energy accumulated in the house. Dishes smashed on Monday will bring luck throughout the week. Shards of broken dishes on Sunday attract peace and prosperity to the house.

If the plate broke on your birthday, then the whole year will be happy. The girl who broke the plate will soon receive an invitation to a date, and the young man should expect career growth.

Broke a cup - wait for good news, saucer - a pleasant meeting with those whom you haven't seen for a long time. But be careful with the cracked teapot: distant relatives will come to you soon.

Red cabbage is loved by many, it is distinguished by its bright color and juicy taste, while it contains a huge amount of vitamins and microelements useful to the body. Read on ...

Red cabbage

The use of this product is recommended for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it lowers cholesterol levels and effectively strengthens the immune system due to the increased content of vitamin C. their bargain for a regular lunch or holiday recipes with red cabbage will appeal not only to adults, but also to children, it is much more fun and brighter than the usual white. There are many interesting options for how to cook and with what to serve this vegetable, and each housewife chooses her own way. Red cabbage is often used for light salads and savory snacks; it is fermented with the addition of fruits and berries, pickled with mushrooms and stored in jars for the winter. she simply has no equal as a side dish, and if you fry the chopped leaves with meat or bake with cheese and other ingredients, then you get a truly satisfying and self-sufficient meal for all occasions.

How to handle cabbage?

Vlad Piskunov, Chef of the Matreshka Restaurant:

“Red cabbage is a tough cabbage. And if you add it to a salad, then the veins on the sheets must be cut out, and the leaves themselves must be chopped very thinly. Although there is another way to make it softer: like white cabbage, it must be chopped, lightly salted, added sugar, mash with your hands and left to stand to give juice.

Red cabbage also turns brown during heat treatment - like any other product containing blue pigment. Therefore, as soon as you notice that the cabbage has changed color, add a little acid to the dish - lemon juice or vinegar, and the color will return. Just a little bit of acid is needed, so the taste of the dish itself won't change much. "

Step-by-step instructions for the Sauerkraut dish:

Wash, peel and grate carrots. I'm working on a combine.

Chop the cabbage thinly. If you are a brave girl, you can chop with a knife by hand. In principle, this is real, but, in my opinion, spoiled by progress, it is very difficult. I shred on a combine in a matter of minutes. It is also very convenient to shred with a special grater for shredding cabbage. It is sold for pennies at any hardware tray in the market or in the store. Be prepared for the fact that there will be a lot of cabbage, a lot. So it's best to prepare 2 large pots or bowls (clean and dry).

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