How to lose weight by spring

Soon the cold winter will give way to spring. And spring is a time of beauty. During this period of the year, any woman dreams of looking one hundred percent. Got a few extra pounds over the winter? So it's time to start losing weight. The main thing is to be patient and be confident in your victory.


First of all, you should remove fast food, semi-finished products, fatty foods from your diet. Reduce salt and sugar intake. The same applies to baked goods and sweets.

The menu should include more vegetables: fresh and sauerkraut, beets, carrots, celery, broccoli and cauliflower. It is advisable to eat salads twice a day. For fruits, apples and citrus fruits are good. If possible, you should include frozen berries in your diet. They contain many nutrients.

Food should be lighter. It is better to replace rich soups with light vegetable or chicken first courses. Chops, fried cutlets, kebabs - all this should be removed from the diet. Preference should be given to baked meat or fish, stew with lean meat and vegetables, cutlets made from vegetables and meat in the oven.

It's a great idea to cook (you can steam) fish or meat. To make the dish tasty, you should use different herbs and spices.

Fermented milk products must appear on the menu. Cottage cheese, kefir, yoghurts help to establish digestion processes, help to strengthen immunity. It is best to consume these foods with herbs, berries or fruits. But you can also cook delicious dishes: cheese cakes, casseroles, smoothies, cocktails.

Don't you should forget about clean water. Right now it is very important. Water helps to speed up metabolism, cleanse the body, improve skin condition.

You can eat bread, but it is better to choose rye or whole grain. And use it in small quantities. Baking should also be healthy: made from oatmeal, rice or whole grain flour, low in fat and sugar. It is generally better to replace sugar with fruits, berries or dried fruits. It is better to eat baked goods in the morning. Sweets should be healthy too. You can eat berries, honey, dried fruits, fruits, desserts based on yoghurts and cottage cheese, jelly. And, of course, everything should be in moderation.

The menu should be something like this: • in the morning: rice porridge with pumpkin and dried apricots, yogurt, cocoa; or an omelet with spinach and tomato, bread, apple, sugar-free coffee; • snack: a handful of nuts and an orange; or a fruit and vegetable smoothie; • lunch: fish soup, chicken stew, cranberry juice, bread; or pumpkin puree soup, stewed fish, sauerkraut, bread, compote; • afternoon snack: vegetable salad, dark chocolate and tea; or cottage cheese with berries; • in the evening: curd casserole with frozen cherries, mint tea; or baked veal and salad, kefir.

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