How to learn to walk on your hands

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Possible reasons why weight may have increased after exercise

Before we start analyzing weight gain, let's make an important point. In the process of losing weight, there can be no permanent weight loss. From time to time, the weight will stop for a couple of weeks (or even a month!) And even increase - and this is absolutely normal. Even if you do everything correctly and competently, your weight will not melt before our eyes.

With weight loss, the body gradually and rather slowly adapts to new conditions. Give him time to change his biochemical processes and stabilize his weight.

Muscle edema

The most likely cause of weight gain after exercise is muscle swelling. After unusual loads, water begins to linger in the muscles, and they increase in volume. This phenomenon is temporary and has nothing to do with muscle growth. In a couple of weeks, they will return to normal, and your weight will go down.

What to do about it?

Do nothing, this is a natural process in the body, you can't get away from it. Wait 2-3 weeks, the muscles will adapt to the load, and the weight will go down. The main thing here is not to be intimidated by the numbers and systematically continue training, not paying attention to the scales. Also, do not forget to do good stretching after class: high-quality stretching workouts perfectly tone the muscles and help in creating a beautiful relief.

Excess daily calorie intake

Don't think that if you play sports, you can eat in unlimited quantities. This is not true. An average workout burns 300 to 500 calories per hour, which is just a slice of your favorite puff cake. If you eat more than your body can absorb, then you will not only lose weight, but you will also gain weight after exercise.

What to do about it?

Warm-up is required

Before you start learning to walk on your hands at home, you must secure yourself by doing a preliminary warm-up. It includes the following exercises:

  • Tilts and rotation of the head, rotation and swing of arms and legs, tilts of the body forward, backward, right, left.
  • Squats, jumping in place, lunges.
  • Warm up the wrist - we take the wand in our hands and begin to rotate it to the sides.
  • We spread our arms to the sides and begin to rotate them vigorously in order to use the entire shoulder girdle, then we do similar movements with bent elbows.
  • Hands in the lock, knead the wrists with rotational movements.
  • Hold the bar for a few minutes.
  • Complicated plank on one side - leaning on one elbow and leg, raise the other arm and leg up.
  • Make a corner.
  • Kneeling, lean alternately on the back and the inside of the hand.
  • The warm-up of the brushes must be carried out, due to the fact that a very large and "unexpected" load will be on them. If they start to hurt, then you should stop further training today and continue it tomorrow. Time will help your hands get used to the load.

If your wrists are unaccustomed, wrap elastic bandages around your hands or use special wristbands. Over time, the discomfort will disappear.


Learning to stand on hands

Of course, not every physique can quickly learn to walk on hands. For example, if you are overweight or you have been inactive in the past few years, then initially you need to strengthen your body and muscles.

In general, if you learn to walk on your hands, then this skill will remain with you for life, just like cycling. You can meet people of age who are no longer distinguished by excellent physical fitness and may even have a "small" tummy, but they can safely walk on their hands.

Strong hands

In order to determine if your arms are strong and if they can withstand you, you need to do a simple exercise - push-ups, but with complications.

You need to do push-ups in two ways:

  • Habitual push-up only in this case it is necessary, as it were, to press the chest so that the shoulder blades go up.
  • You need to do push-ups, putting your feet on a dais (sofa, chair, chair), take such a position of the body so that the legs and body create a right angle (the head looks down). Do push-ups on outstretched arms. If you can't do push-ups like this, then initially learn to stand in this position.


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