How to extend the life of a donated orchid

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When I was first presented with an orchid in a pot a few years ago, I enjoyed its flowers for about a month, and then the plant faded and withered. I had to throw it away. For some reason, I then decided that such an exotic flower requires special complex care. And then in the office of the head of the kindergarten, where the grandson goes, I saw 6 pots with different orchids. They all bloomed and looked great. It was after March 8, and I decided that these were gifts. It turned out that these orchids are from 3 to 7 years old. Natalya Vasilievna gave some advice on care. And I was so impressed that the next day I went to the flower shop and bought an orchid. Today I already have three beauties. And I got a taste! In fact, caring for them is not that difficult. I tell the readers of the channel.

Orchid selection

When buying an orchid, first of all inspect its roots. They should be light green, grayish or white. And necessarily elastic, durable in appearance and without flaws. Stem and flowers also must not show any damage or signs of illness.

Once you bring the orchid home, let it go through the adaptation period. To do this, set it apart from other colors. Place on the windowsill only if direct sunlight does not penetrate into the room. Better to choose a permanent place farther from the window. After two weeks, you can start accustoming the plant to the sun and watering.


Orchids are thermophilic perennials native to tropical forests. Therefore, the conditions are like appropriate.

Air temperature. On average, 20-24 ° C. Higher is allowed in summer. BUT! Orchids cannot tolerate dry hot air, so keep them away from radiators. Drafts are also contraindicated.

Air humidity. Ideally, if the humidity is 60-70%. If you don't have a humidifier, spray your orchid often with room temperature water 3-4 times a week. Use special leaf tonics

Ground. Use a special nutrient primer for orchids.

Fertilizer. You can't do without top dressing. But do not use any organic matter such as banana skins and the like. This way you can easily start the decay process. It is best to rely on ready-made fertilizers that contain all the necessary elements


Always pay attention to the condition of the soil and roots of the plant. To do this, it is better to keep the orchid in a transparent pot so that the root system is visible. Plus it's very impressive!

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