How to develop balance and coordination: the best exercises and sports

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In simple terms, coordination is the ability of different muscles to work in concert. This property of the body makes our life much easier. If it is well developed, we confidently master cycling, dancing, snowboarding, do not fall on ice, keep balance in public transport, and so on. All of them have developed coordination to varying degrees. Some are "like an elephant in a china shop", and some are gracefulness itself. Many argue that it is impossible to improve this ability, because it is innate, but this is not the case. There are coordination exercises that help you develop these skills. To begin with, let's figure out how coordination arises naturally.


Coordination begins to develop at a very early age, when the child learns to hold his head, turn over, and carry out any directed movements. In the future, if you properly train the baby, introduce him to sports or dancing, this ability will improve. As an adult, a person no longer thinks about coordination and, as a rule, does less exercise. Nevertheless, he will never look awkward, performing this or that task, since the "muscle memory" will do its thing. Therefore, it is important that from childhood the child is active and goes in for sports, while the amateur level is quite enough. At the same time, we note that the development of coordination is possible at any age. Before mastering coordination exercises, you need to assess how much this ability is developed in your body.

The best exercises for developing balance and coordination

If you have any health problems, be sure to consult your doctor before doing the following exercises.

• Balancing on one leg

Start with this beginner exercise by keeping a chair or wall within arm's reach. With your legs folded, lift one leg with your knee forward or to the side. Change your leg and repeat four reps for each leg.

If any movement seems wrong or unsafe to you, stop and consult a trainer. Depending on your health and physical condition, some exercise may not be recommended.

Stand on your right foot and lift your left a few centimeters from the floor. Keeping your arms at your sides, rotate your left leg back and forth, touching the floor for balance, while keeping your torso straight. Finally, twist your left leg to the left, extending your right arm. Change legs and repeat.

Stand up straight, straighten your back, place your hands on your hips and lift one leg. Visualize a clock and point your hand straight at 12, then to the side at 3, then at 6 and at 9, without losing balance. Increase the difficulty by asking your partner to name different times. Switch to the opposite arm and leg and repeat.

All on video. Before a banal and stupid accident, a couple of MMs were not enough. carried away. Let's go, each on their own business) ...

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Main muscles - biceps Additional muscles - shoulder Difficulty performing - easy

Benefits and Disadvantages of Exercise

The crossover biceps curl is a movement that has many different variations. It has a number of advantages and disadvantages compared to the classic bar lift. Therefore, it is worth considering these exercises as complementary, and not replacing each other.

The main benefits of curling on the block:

  • Ability to change the degree and focus of the load using different grips, handles, one or two hands.
  • Helps to master the correct technique and perfect execution of the movement pattern.
  • Creates tension even at the starting point due to the tension of the cable, because of this, the working muscles are constantly under load.
  • Ideal for safe pumping, repetitive techniques, static dynamics and other techniques.
  • Consistently increases the volume and strength of the biceps.

Disadvantages when working with the lower block:

Exercise Description

Can be done with one or two hands. Unlike the barbell, where the biceps practically rests in the upper part of the trajectory, here, even at the top, the muscle is forced to overcome the tension of the cable.

1. The further you move away from the block, the harder your biceps will have at the top of the range. After all, here the force of gravity is directed not downwards, but towards the cable. Therefore, even if you throw your arms back, the biceps will still remain tense.

Effective Back Exercises Train your latissimus dorsi and trapezius

The back muscles are responsible for the movement of the spine, legs, arms and head. They can be divided into three groups - lower, upper and deep. The lower back (lumbar) interacts with flexion and extension of the lumbar spine and with the movement of the pelvis back and forth. This group takes part in the formation of the correct posture in a person and includes almost all movements of both the lower and upper torso.

The upper and middle parts of the back (lats, round and trapezium) lower, raise and rotate the shoulder blades, and also rotate, abduct and bring the humerus. Basic exercises for these muscles are pull-ups on the bar and rowing from the bottom block. The upper back is mainly responsible for the pulling movement.

Video: Back Workout with Dumbbell Exercises

Deep paravertebral muscles (vertebral sacral) form the so-called "muscle corset", which serves to maintain the normal position and bends of the spine, the position and movement of individual vertebrae relative to each other, are involved in maintaining stability.

In our life there is not a single movement in which the back corset does not take part - hence the importance of their strengthening and development, as well as the correct understanding of their involvement in the physical work of the body.

Latissimus dorsi

Download width

To train the back in width, it is recommended to do the following exercises

Pull-ups require a certain amount of physical strength and are great for developing the large circular and latissimus muscles, and, at the moment of bringing the shoulder blades at the end of the pull-up, rhomboid.

This movement develops the lats and muscles. His efforts extend to the biceps and shoulders as well.

This exercise builds the core width, engages the trapezoid, rhomboid muscles, biceps and shoulder deltas.

This exercise perfectly develops a wide back, its upper and lower bundles, as well as large round muscles.

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