How to choose quality Provence style bedroom furniture; designer tips

Severe frost can destroy a beautiful bouquet in just a few minutes. It is very important to keep the bouquet and deliver it to the customer even in severe frosts. As practice shows, cold winter is not a hindrance to ardent feelings and fresh flowers. It is important to keep the bouquet and deliver it to your sweetheart.

Where to buy flowers in winter

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How to deliver flowers in winter to a customer safe and sound

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Provence style bedroom furniture assumes natural materials and light shades. The set is complemented with accessories and decor elements, giving the room the maximum resemblance to the country houses of French aristocrats of the 17th century.

Style Features

The Provencal style is light soft shades combined with spaciousness. The romance of the eponymous region of France is felt in the elements of this design.

Provence is characterized by rustic simplicity and elegant luxury. Therefore, it is often compared to country and classical style.

To create an interior, you need a set of Provence style bedroom furniture, as well as accessories. For this style, details are important that give the charm of natural beauty.

  • light tone of the walls;
  • aged wooden furniture with patina;
  • accessories, forged decor items;
  • free space;
  • lightness and softness of lines;
  • emphasis on interior details;
  • floral patterns, openwork elements;
  • natural materials and fabrics.

Headset composition

Provence style furniture is made of wood with beautiful carvings and fittings with restrained shapes.

Provence style bedroom furniture set includes:

  • bed ;
  • bedside tables;
  • wardrobe;
  • decorative elements.


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