How to choose clothes by body type for men

Martini dolls, like freckles, are made in March and symbolize spring. They were used as rituals to attract spring and as protective ones to protect against evil spirits.

History of the origin of martinic pupae

The bright lyalki got their name from the first month of spring - March. Initially, two-colored pupae were made for the ceremony of calling spring, together with the magpie and the freckle, they personify the awakening of nature and, like Shrovetide, are used to attract fertility and purify from negativity.

Pupae are created on March 1st. Martini girls are given to relatives as a wish of goodness and health. They are woven into braids and hung on clothes to protect them from evil spirits. As you know, it is in March that evil spirits gain strength and are capable of harming people, because with the arrival of spring, its power over the world melts. Such pupae are hung on fruit trees as a symbol of fertility. To get rid of negativity, vilifying martinichi on themselves, people hang dolls on tree branches in order to cleanse themselves of evil with the wind.

In addition, with the help of martinets, you can guess at the fulfillment of a wish. To do this, tie the lyalek to a tree branch in the forest and leave it for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, come to the tree and see if the doll weighs and has not suffered, the wish will come true. Damage or disappearance of pupae is regarded as a negative response to wish fulfillment.

What do martini dolls symbolize?

Each doll in the Slavic culture symbolized something and was created absolutely consciously. Martini dolls, like a spring flower, symbolized the arrival of spring.

  • Red and white laleks were used in the calls of spring;
  • to improve the yield of fruit, pupae were hung on the branches of cultivated trees;
  • as a talisman from evil spirits attached to clothes, used to protect all ages, men and women;
  • gave to loved ones with the wish of happiness. Love and health;
  • with the help of martinets, they showed sympathy, giving the chosen one.

In addition, with the help of martinics, they divined and attracted happiness into the house. Hanging around the house and throwing it on the roof, people believed that the protective dolls would attract happiness. For cleansing from evil, they were let on water or left on a tree for cleansing by the wind.

Another interesting fact, if something negative happened in the house during the making of the dolls, such a lyalka was hung on a tree higher so that no one could take it for cleaning by the wind. It was believed that the spring wind would cleanse not only the amulet, but also the negative that she absorbed into herself.

How to make DIY martini dolls?

To make spring dolls, you will need a little: white and red threads, a cardboard for winding threads, you can also wind them on your palm, scissors and a good mood.

Why do you need to know the individual body type?

Knowledge is useful for those guys who decide to go in for sports. After all, people with different body structures are not suitable for the same training programs. That is why the personal trainer of the newly-minted athlete should be aware of the shape of a man's figure in order to competently develop a program of effective physical exercise training.

You need to understand the peculiarities of your own figure in order to know how to eat and lose weight properly, or gain weight. Indeed, today there are a huge number of diets based on the structural features of the body. As a result, you will understand why different athletes gain weight in different ways, and each lose weight in its own way.

"Rectangle" (aka "Brick", "Cucumber", etc.)

With this type of figure, you need to try to visually give more volume to the upper body.

Avoid wearing clothing that visually extends the hips. It is about:

  • straight or wide trousers,
  • light-colored trousers;
  • frayed jeans;
  • patterned shorts or with bright colors;
  • belt products with patch pockets.

If you follow these tips, the girls will never guess that you have a rectangular, not wedge-shaped body type.

Yes, I almost forgot: try not to wear things with a rectangular print, for example, T-shirts - they will give you away.

Basic body structure options for guys

Every person is different by nature. Any person from birth has one version of the structure of the body, as the dominant one. For ease of study, all types of male physique, as well as female body variations, are divided into the following three types along the circumference of the wrist of the working hand:

Men's Fitness Features

Unlike women, representatives of the strong half of humanity lose weight and build muscle mass much faster. This is due to the muscular structure and physiological characteristics of the male body. The fact is that feminine nature presupposes the presence of fat mass, which is necessary for the bearing and birth of healthy offspring. The hormonal system also plays an important role, affecting the physique and body fat. Male hormones help build muscle in a shorter period of time.

Many young people are still of the opinion that fitness is an exclusively female sport. In fact, fitness is a program of exercises designed to reduce body weight and give muscle definition, regardless of gender.

Fitness classes are aimed at developing endurance, flexibility, giving the body a relief. Fitness helps to improve the general condition of the body, has a beneficial effect on the respiratory, cardiovascular and other systems of the human body.

For men, the best fitness program would be to alternate aerobic exercise with strength training. Martial arts classes and swimming are added. Of course, the choice of programs, first of all, depends on the goals set. If a young person needs to lose weight, the advantage is given to aerobic exercise in combination with strength. To acquire the desired body relief, you need to devote more time to strength exercises.

The fitness program designed specifically for men has several levels:

Clothing requirements

The most important criterion is that fitness clothing should be comfortable for men and not restrict movement. Not all young people choose expensive sports brands, but many choose to wear fitness items that fit into the style.

First of all, you should choose the right sports shoes. Unfortunately, young people often buy fashionable sneakers that are not suitable for sports. If you exercise in the wrong shoes, you can injure your ankle and foot during stress.

Criteria for choosing fitness shoes:

  • The upper and inner lining must be made from natural breathable materials. Otherwise, the feet will sweat a lot by the end of the session;
  • the sole should have a cushioning effect. Since fitness involves jumping, running, lunging, without proper shock absorption, you can get serious injuries. In addition, the load on the knees and tendons increases several times;
  • you need to buy sneakers in your size. In models that are too large, the foot will dangle, and the small toes and heel will rest hard. You cannot do fitness in shoes that are not in size!

When choosing a sports top, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

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