How to check the diode bridge of the generator

The generator set is the most important element in the design of a car. The device supplies power to the on-board systems and is responsible for recharging the battery. At the same time, the module is also susceptible to damage, wear, like the rest of the machine. From here, users have questions such as how to check the diode bridge of the generator with their own hands, without the help of specialists.

Why is the diode bridge damaged

The device itself is an assembly of 4 or 6 individual diodes connected in a common circuit. The module converts alternating current into direct current suitable for the automotive network. The main problems with the generator are due to the following reasons.

  • Ingress of moisture, dust and dirt. The generator set is not designed to be completely sealed. When overcoming fords or active off-road driving, foreign inclusions enter the body and can provoke a short circuit.
  • Increased load on the installation. Here the user is often at fault. Module overloads occur when the polarity of the wiring is not respected, a cigarette is lit from another car, the operation of a device that does not fit the parameters of the car's on-board network.
  • Mechanical damage caused by careless repairs.

How to check a generator diode bridge

There are two popular techniques for testing a diode bridge. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Tester check

The sequence of actions here is as follows.

If the tester readings differ from the established standard, the part is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Verification without problems

A multimeter is used in the same way. Usually, the procedure is performed on bridges where there is a complex circuit, but it is possible to solder each element separately. Further, the sequence of actions is as follows.

How to check the diode bridge of the generator

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