How so? Princesses don't sit with their legs apart! "" But what about etiquette, lady? Olya Freimut posed in a fur mini dress and high boots, taking a spicy pose

“How so? Princesses don't sit with their legs apart! " "But what about etiquette, lady?" "Very beautiful", "You are 20 years old here, it feels like", "Feet are good, but where does the ambition come from, from a complete lack of knowledge of the rules of etiquette?" “Do not recognize”, “A very beautiful woman,” people wrote in the comments. We will remind, earlier Freimut in an interview with the program "The Interviewer" openly announced that on Ukrainian television there is such a thing as nepotism. So, the TV presenter is sure that on TV it is very important to be friends with everyone and be able to maintain a conversation. As noted by Freimut, at one time she did not understand this and lived in her own world. However, as Olga pointed out, she should have been nice with some, as it could have saved her career.

Blogger: Shufrich walks pale for the third day, with big eyes full of horror and pain

As Replyua informs. et, Ukrainian blogger Olena Podgornaya writes on her Facebook, the main news of recent days was the sanctions that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy abundantly imposed on the clan

A blogger from Gorlovka spoke about the elimination of the Russian sniper group: from to militants were killed

Nikita Sinitsyn, a local blogger from the occupied Horlivka, said that the losses of illegal armed groups in the battle near Horlivka are much larger than the DNR leaders inform. How

They haven't spit on Ukraine for a long time: the photo of Urusky and Kadyrov turned out to be genuine

As Replyua informs. et, Ukrainian political scientist Andriy Smoliy writes on his Facebook page, footage from a live broadcast of the UAE TV channel in Abu Dhabi appeared on the network. TV channel broadcasted

"Putin cannot give up Crimea, but the Donbass will be frozen": Russia has spoken about the future of the occupied Ukrainian lands

In an interview with the Ukrainian Obozrevatel portal, Russian opposition politician Leonid Gozman made a forecast regarding the occupied Ukrainian lands.

How so? Princesses don't sit with their legs apart!

A blog post and social media post is not only a text, but also an illustration to it. And for sure you are often haunted by the question of where to take photos for a blog so that it is legally beautiful and preferably serves not only to attract attention. This post contains the best photo stocks with free and paid images, among which you will find original and not worn-out pictures for personal use.

If you prefer videos, see the post on where to get photos for your blog and pictures for social networks. To keep abreast of other videos, subscribe to the Facebook page and the YouTube channel, where I post the recordings.

Taking free images for your blog from Google or Pinterest is a common practice. And if in the 2000s everyone did this, now you can get a fine and a subpoena for copyright infringement. Not everyone wants to go to photo stocks for illustrations, because they consider them too stereotyped and commonplace. On the other hand, we already have a lot of tasks and do not always have the budget to create photos for the blog ourselves or with the help of photographers.

I think the truth is somewhere in between. If you have financial resources for professional photos, then it is better to put them on those pictures where you yourself and your physical products will appear. And pictures with the image of a workplace, hands, a computer, cups of coffee, a creative environment - take on photo stocks.

A competent mix of stock images and personal photos will help you save energy, time and money for working with visual content.

License to use photos for blog and social networks (:)

A common misconception in copyright issues is that the authors of blogs think: you can either take a photo or not, and there is no third option. But there are Creative Commons licenses that regulate the process of using content (pictures, video, audio) by other users much more broadly.

Agree, it's hard to figure out all the nuances at a snap. But there is one trick that will help you not break the rules and freely take free images for your blog. To copy, modify, distribute content, even for commercial purposes, without asking permission or pointing out the author, a CC0 license is required.

When you go to photo stocks, it is important to understand what kind of license certain photos are covered and what you can do with them legally. I have compiled 9 of the best free and paid photo stocks for blog and social media based on how you can use them. I hope these resources will allow you to forget about the eternal problem of "where to get photos for your blog" for a couple of months ahead.

the best photo stocks to find beautiful photos for your blog

I hope these resources will allow you to forget about the eternal problem "where to get photos for your blog" for a couple of months ahead.

Pixabay (:)

Pixabay is the largest free photo stock. All images on this popular stock photo stock are subject to the CC0 license, so you can modify them and use them for any purpose. You can search for images in Russian, but for key queries in English, it gives more results.

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