How residents of Voronezh can help animals

Our today's plot: the pictures of bright underwater filming that conquered everyone in the film "Amphibian Man" and, of course, the charmingly young actress Anastasia Vertinskaya, in whom everyone noted the unearthly beauty.

In the film "Amphibian Man", the heroes for the first time in world cinema played their roles under water. Yes, how they played! One expert critic gave the following assessment: "Even naked Anastasia Vertinskaya would not have shaken the USSR as beautifully drowned in a swimsuit."

Yes, you have to be able to drown beautifully! Moreover, at the same time, become almost an idol for millions of viewers. The key word here is beauty. And the beauty of a woman is sometimes more precious than life.

"She won't be filming for me!"

You know that one of the most beautiful actresses of Soviet cinema, Anastasia Vertinskaya, was scared to death to dive into the sea in the film "Amphibian Man" (1961, USSR).

Then they brought her underwater swimmer, master of sports in scuba diving, trainer of fighting dolphins for underwater scenes.

But you know women! A beauty with a figure, for which all the men of the Soviet Union sighed later, 17-year-old Anastasia Vertinskaya, seeing the understudy, said: "She will not be filming instead of me, I'd rather drown!" So, in any case, her partner Vladimir Korenev, who played the role of Ichthyander, told.

Oh, she knows how to get angry! What angry eyes! Still from the film.

The success of the film was colossal, in the first year it was watched by 65 million viewers - they wrote about it a thousand times. And the heroes of its plot, the most beautiful pair of Soviet cinema: Korenev-Ikhtiandr - and, of course, Nastya brought success to the film "Amphibian Man".

Nastya Vertinskaya (Gutiere) and Vladimir Korenev (Ichthyander) in the movie "Amphibian Man".

I'd rather drown!

“MY! Online "gathered charities that treat and build them

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Heart of the Forest

Help for wild animals is provided at the Heart of the Forest rehabilitation center. The organization mainly deals with birds, but hedgehogs and rabbits often get to the volunteers. Philanthropists organize the treatment of the animals and set them free. If the Heart of the Forest understands that the animal cannot survive on its own, they are looking for an owner.

The center exists on donations. How to send them is indicated in the group on the VKontakte social network. If you see a wounded animal, inform the founder of the "Heart of the Forest" Anita Pryadotkayte by phone 8-960-128-22-11.

Right to Life

The Right to Life Foundation has been helping stray animals since 2010. Zoo volunteers organize treatment for homeless four-legged animals, find them overexposure and a permanent home, and help spread information about the search for pets. The organization exists thanks to donations that it collects during photo sessions with wards, for example, at the anime festival in the Alye Parusa park or at a rock concert that is held annually at Station Mir.

For more information on helping animals, please visit the fund's website or call 254-14-78.

Our Nature

Our Nature Center for Animal Protection was registered in Voronezh in 2019. Its director Elena Sherstyanikh specializes in bats, so the organization is famous, for example, for the ability to take two "vampires" for overexposure. The scientist also holds an educational event "Night of the Bats" at the Voronezh Zoo, where he talks about how to communicate with bats.

The main activity of Our Nature is to organize the treatment of animals and release them to the wild. Volunteers also help birds, hares, turtles.

To help, report a wounded animal by calling 226-95-74. The center is open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00.


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