How I cured arthritis - I share my experience

Hello my dear friends and readers! Today I decided to share with you my experience - how I cured arthritis. I must add that during my life I have had many trials, including 2 times before this incident, I have cured arthritis. Previously, I was afraid to talk specifically about this. Now I am trying to overcome this shyness. After all, perhaps this will save many lives, or at least save them from unnecessary suffering.

How arthritis is characteristic

Many people who have had arthritis noted that arthritis is characterized by severe pain in the joints and muscles. It is impossible to step on a sick leg, it is impossible to hold a spoon in a sick hand, and even to go to bed alone is impossible. Everything hurts so much that it seems that at least the heart could withstand it.

As a child, when I lived in a village where everyone went to the neighbors easily, there were no locks on the gates, I visited a woman who fell ill with arthritis from hypothermia at work. She worked on the railroad, laid sleepers. She worked in any weather - in cold weather, in rain, in the sun. At first, her joints were broken. I did not take any measures for treatment. Didn't know how to be treated. And then she took to her bed. Hands and feet were swollen. I could no longer eat on my own. I am scared to remember her suffering. She was dying before our eyes, a young, beautiful woman. She left her 10-year-old daughter.

And now the diagnosis of arthritis makes me shrink into a lump.

So, I'm telling you how I cured arthritis - my real experience.

Onset of arthritis and possible causes

I got arthritis at the beginning of February 2021. The pains started in my legs. At first I thought that I had sat at the computer, that I needed to get up more often and do the exercises. But I also do them. Perhaps I got arthritis from hypothermia. February 2021 amazed us with persistent twenty-degree frosts with high snowdrifts in Moscow. And any hypothermia is accompanied by a weakening of the immune system. Due to the loss of immunity, the multiplication of fungi in the body is activated and a whole garland of diseases, including arthritis, can occur.

And the pains are getting stronger and stronger, and moreover, pains began to be felt on the hands! A few days later, I could not step on my sore leg - the neck of my thigh hurt unbearably! I realized that it was arthritis, because I suffered from arthritis, these pains are familiar to me.

I rubbed my muscles and joints with the excellent PENTALGIN remedy for the first time. (ph = 7.0 ORP = + 56). The active ingredient in it is ketoprofen, which has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and decongestant effects. And already in the morning the pain became less. So I'm on the right track! Then I rubbed VIVATON EXTRACT into my muscles.

Then my daughter took me by car to the clinic (I myself could no longer move on the street). We got to a good doctor, who not only responded to my request for a referral for tests, but also asked me in detail about the disease, diagnosed Rheumatoid arthritis and prescribed injections. MELOXICAM 10 ml.

How I cured arthritis - I share my experience

Interesting technique

In this master class we will look at the method of creating earrings from polymer clay using decoupage technique. This technique consists in cutting images from a variety of materials, which are then attached to surfaces as decoration. Currently, there are many techniques and surface options for decoupage.

First you need to choose a drawing.

You can print only on a laser printer, in no case do we use an inkjet printer. If earrings are planned with the same pattern, then they should be mirrored.

Manufacturing requires:

  • Clay rolling machine or rolling pin;
  • Knife;
  • Varnish or glue;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Image ;
  • Clay.

We take a piece of clay, wrinkle it in our hands, then roll it into flat plastic. There should be no waves, no dents, nothing like that, because after baking it will all appear.

Now we attach the images at a small distance from each other. This will simplify cutting and further work. We try to cut almost flush with the image, it is allowed to leave 1-2 mm.

It is better to do all the work on the surface on which our product will be baked so that it does not distort when transferred to another surface.

After we cut out the details, shoot the images, remembering which one was on the right and which was on the left. Attach the pins in the center.

Now bake the clay without images. We look for the required temperature and time on the manufacturer's packaging. When the blanks are cool, glue the pin to the glue. Then we take a polymer clay varnish, coat the blanks and carefully glue the images, carefully releasing all the air. We check that everything is glued over the entire area. If the picture has crawled out of the clay, you can sand it a little with sandpaper. Cover the image above with varnish, about three or four times. You can also use epoxy.

We are waiting for the varnish to dry, fasten the hooks, and the earrings are ready to go out. A few more examples of work in this technique.

Beautiful crochet flower pin cushion

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