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How to make elegant bows with your own hands

Bows are always cute. Even in spite of their simplicity, they immediately make everything somehow more elegant. Whether it's hair, clothing, or accessories. Therefore, there are many ways to make bows with your own hands.

This post will describe how to make cheerleader style hair bows. But in essence, this is a universal method. It's just that if you need to make bows, for example, for decoration, blouse decor or gift wrapping, you just don't need to attach them to a clip or elastic band. And now directly to our bows.

Cheerleading may not be as popular with us as, for example, in America, but we can still pick up a small detail of the image of these athletic girls with pompoms from the cheerleading group. To make bows like cheerleaders do with your own hands, you need to stock up on such materials: ordinary ribbon ribbons of three colors. Specifically in this master class, they suggest choosing purple, blue and silver ribbons, but you can choose other colors. The width of the tapes should be different because they will stick on top of each other. Let the widest tape be 75 mm, the second tape - 38 mm, silver - 9 mm. You will also need a thin strip (9 mm wide) of purple ribbon to wrap the bow in the middle. If you don't want to buy a separate roll of tape specifically for this, then just cut a small piece from a wide one. In addition, you will need a hair tie, double-sided tape (also different in width, like ribbons), scissors, pins, a glue gun, and a large and small crocodile barrette.

When everything is ready, you can start working on the bow itself. The first thing to do is cut a piece from each tape. Adjust the length yourself depending on how big you want to make your bow. But it is in this lesson that the length of all three ribbons is 72 cm. The next check in the work is to stick the ribbons on top of each other. Glue the entire length of the silver tape with double-sided 6mm tape, carefully peel off the top of the tape at the very beginning of the tape, and glue the edge in the center of the blue tape. The protective top layer on the tape must be removed gradually, smoothing the tape so that it sticks evenly and does not crumple. Now take the blue ribbon tape and follow the same procedure. It is better to use a wider tape here. But if you don't have it at hand, then you can glue the tape again with the same 6 mm tape. Only in this case, it must be glued not with one strip in the middle of the tape, but with two - above and below.

When all the ribbons have gathered in one tricolor, it's time to continue working on creating a bow with your own hands and move on to forming the bow itself. ... To do this, cross the ends of the tape so that you get such a ring in the middle. At the same time, make sure that the ends of the bow are symmetrical in relation to each other. To fix the tape in this position, pin a pin in the middle, and for reliability, also secure the tape with a small clip. Now you need to sew the ribbon in the middle or tie it up with an organza, as in this case. To make the bow symmetrical, pull the organza through the large bifurcated clip, and fasten the clip to the center of the future bow. Tie a nice knot to keep the bow secure and remove the clip. It remains a little to shorten the too long ends of the "dressing", and the bow is ready with your own hands.

But in order for them to decorate the tail, you need to attach an elastic band to the bow. To do this, turn the bow over and glue the rubber band to it with a drop of hot glue. You need to drip the glue onto the bow itself, attach an elastic band and hold it a little while the glue cools down. Then take a short purple ribbon, add a little glue to one end of it and glue it over the elastic. Pull the ponytail of the short ribbon that remained loose forward and glue in the middle of the bow to hide what you tied the bow with.

The final touch is the V-shaped edges of the cheerleader bows. To make them, fold the end of the bow in half and cut the tape at a 45-degree angle. Remember to melt the ends of the bow to keep them from fraying. And now you can make more than one such bow with your own hands.

Beautiful volumetric bows with your own hands step by step photo

Making bouquets for the bride has recently become a very relevant occupation. It takes very little time for this, but compared to a real bouquet, it looks much more beautiful, and also, its huge plus is that it will be kept in its original form for a long time, reminding of a special day. By the way, it is the wedding bouquet made of ribbons that instead of the real one is thrown by the brides to unmarried girls at the wedding. It is possible to compose it in different ways, while also using your imagination and manufacturing secrets. Some make it from ordinary blanks, others use flowers from satin ribbons, and then simply form its shape and size. It all depends on what the dress will be, as well as the flora of which the bouquet will consist.

Atlas is mainly used during production. The color of which must be chosen by yourself. To do this, we need the following materials: a foam ball with a diameter of 11 cm, satin ribbons 5 cm wide, ready-made beads for decoration, as well as a cardboard tube (it remains from foil, cling film or baking sleeves). It is not sold ready-made. It is he who will be used by the base. You will also need a stationery knife, skewers, lace of your choice and a thermal gun.

Cut off 3-4 cm from the foam ball from below.

We do not throw away the remaining foam, but, on the contrary, break it into small pieces and fill the tubulus with them.

All this to keep the skewers very well. But first, we need to decide on the length of the handle. Adjust the length with a clerical knife. We define it ourselves.

Then carefully pierce the base with skewers (through the foam filled inside).

The more skewers, the stronger the bouquet will hold. Prick on the foam ball.

We are not stringing it up to the end, since it is this very base that we still need to fix with hot melt glue. For this, we leave 0.3-0.4 mm in advance.

Apply glue, press firmly. It turns out a blank in the form of a decorative mushroom.

Now we glue a thin white strip with a diameter of 0.5 cm around the base.

Bouquet making has become a real art. What to assemble a beautiful composition from and how to pack it - these are the main tasks of florists and those who want to learn how to make flower sets on their own.

Variety of materials for packaging flowers

The beauty and harmony of the created bouquet depends not only on the quantity, quality and variety of floral elements, but also on the packaging of the composition itself.

There can be many options:

  • film. This is the most common and cheapest type of packaging. However, a huge number of colors and textures makes this material popular and relevant. For festive occasions, it is better to choose bright and cheerful films, for more restrained and official occasions - laconic (colorless, white or gray);
  • mesh. It is a colored mesh material, the size of the holes of which can be of different sizes and shapes. Often, the creators of bouquets make interesting combinations of packaging, combining delicate mesh with thick velvet or craft paper;
  • organza. This material is most often used in wedding compositions due to its solemn and brilliant appearance. The trend of the 2019 season is wrapping the bouquet with a light organza and decorating with pearl elements;
  • felt material. The soft and velvety fabric is very often used for wrapping bouquets. In addition to monochromatic options, today florists prefer complex compositions using printed and multi-colored felts. For flowers with long stems, a trendy beige or gray material is perfect;
  • sisal. This is a new type of packaging, which is a natural fiber produced from a certain kind of plant. It is isolated from the stem and not subjected to additional processing. For short stems and laconic bouquets, sisal will be the perfect finish to a flower arrangement;
  • jute mesh is a coarse fiber that resembles burlap. This is a rather rare and expensive material that is used in status compositions;
  • craft paper. It is a type of paper produced in an environmentally friendly way. Often it is artificially wrinkled packaging. It is considered a fashionable and relevant option for competition and exhibition samples.

How to beautifully pack a bouquet without burdening it with unnecessary decor and too bright packaging, you can learn at special floral courses dedicated to the design and technique of this direction.

Registration rules

When drawing up flower arrangements, several basic rules must be followed. The sense of taste and measure is brought up empirically. Rarely is such a flair innate. Therefore, the profession of a florist, like any other, requires education and continuous professional development. After all, fashion does not stand still, even in the art of creating bouquets.

The main rules for creating compositions are:

    divide the components of the bouquet into central and secondary parts. It is necessary to highlight the bulk of the plants that will stand out and attract all the attention, they are usually placed in the center. The rest - on the sides as decorations and additions;

  • define the color scheme of the bouquet. This is usually done according to seasonal preferences. In the autumn period, golden or orange-red bouquets will look good. In the spring-summer season, fresh and juicy colors (green, lemon) will perfectly decorate the composition. Also, special attention is paid to the compatibility of shades. Pastel colors can be invisible against the background of bright colors. It is better to combine them with gentle and calm;
  • to determine the size of the bouquet. If the composition will be made up of plants and flowers with stems of different lengths, you need to take this into account and arrange all the components in ascending order, or trim everything to the same length;
  • leave room for greenery and branches, which serve as a great addition and make flower arrangement completed and assembled;
  • take into account the gender of the person to whom the bouquet will be presented. Ethics dictates certain rules: women's compositions are usually collected in a rounded, lush form, for men, as a rule, elongated and strict samples are made;
  • in order for a bouquet to please for a long time, it is necessary to form it from closed and half-closed buds.

Step-by-step instructions for decorating flower bouquets

How beautiful to pack a bouquet - this question is of particular concern to those who want to stand out and do not like standard gifts.

A flower bouquet is always beautiful and solemn, but its design in a stylish, harmonious package adds special originality, sophistication and aesthetics to the composition. In addition, nowadays flowers in wrapping paper are very popular, appropriate for any holiday. How to arrange a bouquet with paper on your own so that it cannot be distinguished from the one created by the florist, we will tell you further for you: options for schemes, videos, step-by-step design of bouquets, the use of different types of paper.

Step-by-step arrangement of a bouquet with paper with a diagram

Bouquets can be large and small, voluminous or elongated, and depending on this, it is worth determining the amount of wrapping paper that will be needed for work. You can decorate flowers with one shade, or combine 2-3 colors. Arrangements can be any that do not violate the general style, the palette of the composition.

Let's consider how to properly decorate a bouquet with paper from several shades at once, for example, from blue and white - it looks very solemn and beautiful. Option for a tall and oval bouquet. The step-by-step instructions are as follows:

  • On a square sheet of blue packaging I put a smaller white one.
  • Flowers are placed in the middle, below the upper paper edge, neatly decorate the composition, tied with a ribbon, the edges of which are raised up.
  • A small white rectangle is fixed at the bottom, covering the stems.
  • A blue rectangle is laid on it, placing it 3-5 cm below the white one.

The composition is tied with a ribbon.

To prevent the flowers from wetting the effective packaging, it is recommended to wrap the flower stems from below with cellophane film (bag).

A versatile option for a lush, voluminous option that can be assembled in minutes:

  • prepare paper squares 20x20 cm or 30x30 cm (depending on the size of the flowers);
  • each square is placed on the bouquet with an acute angle upwards - from the base diagonally, and fix;
  • the result is an excellent multi-layer packaging with spectacular corners.

Flowers are beautifully tied with a ribbon at the base.

Video master class

A wedding is a beautiful and bright holiday, but, unfortunately, quite costly. Many people say that a wedding happens only once in a lifetime and they boldly spend all their savings on it. More practical people are looking for a way to save money and invest it in the development of a newly-made family. Moreover, such savings allows you to directly participate in the creation of wedding corporations, in each of which you invest a piece of yourself. If you decide to decorate your celebration with a variety of bows, then you just need to learn how to make a wedding bow with your own hands.

The advantage of bows lies in the huge variety of colors, shapes, sizes, materials and, of course, methods of application. Let's take a look at each of the options for using bows.

Bow on the car

The wedding cortege before the wedding, as a rule, is carefully decorated so that any passerby understands at a glance what is happening. To decorate cars, ribbons, fabric, bouquets, flower buds, figurines and bows are used. Here are a few points to keep in mind if you decide to create car decorations yourself:

  • If you are going to rent a car, give preference to classic colors: white, black or silver. In a wedding cortege, it is better to put such cars in the forefront, and leave bright and colorful cars in the tail.

The following materials can be used to make a bow:

Flowers can be used as the core of a bow, it will turn out very delicate and beautiful.

In the process of decorating a car, it is important to choose the right colors, because red-green and blue-orange bows, at best, will turn your wedding into a New Year or a children's party.

Watch the master class to learn how to make bows from various materials:

Dress bow

A bow on the dress allows you to add elegance and exclusivity to your look. The bow must fit into the big picture, otherwise the bride will look like a Christmas tree. Such an ornament can be placed in several places: on the neckline, on the belt, on the hem, under the throat, on the shoulders, on the veil or hairstyle. You can also think of other options for placing the bow on the wedding dress.

The bow is best chosen in the same color as the dress, however there are a few exceptions. If your wedding is decorated in black and white style, then a black bow on a white dress will look very appropriate.

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