Happiness is on the doorstep

Oh nymph!

A celestial creature visited my old bachelor cave recently. This ephemeral miracle is named accordingly - Larissa. As you know, in translation from Greek this name means "seagull".

Even though my half is far from poetry and in general from bohemia, her patronage is not a muse, but the keeper of the hearth, I felt during these few days. I write - and she takes care of the house. In the house I now have only yard and repair work. To clear the paths of snow, to throw this snow off the roof, to fix the lock on the door ... Excluding everything else taken on women's shoulders, this frees my former employment by half. The rest of the time I can create. And where is the former freedom and the current lack of freedom here?

Larisa is a great cook, she is a professional chef. He works on a rotational basis in Samara - two weeks in two. Which is also convenient: you will have time to relax, get bored, and work your head in absolute silence and solitude, which is important for a creative person.

Throats of new life

In order to live life without looking back with excruciating pain at the aimlessly spent years, as the author of tempered steel wrote, I want to leave something more essential than a sideboard with elephants worn down to a mirror shine or grandmother's chest of drawers. I'm trying to keep the belles-lettres. In short, I am a writer - and this is my main mission on earth. My kitchen. And the other kitchen is the housewife's mission. No wife - the care of the housekeeper, no housekeeper - eat whatever and walk in leaky and unwashed socks.

Bird Larissa bears little resemblance to a forest nymph, lake naiad and winged tooth fairy. She is earthly, earthly, made of flesh and blood, she is a woman. In a good sense of the word. Reliable and handy, not rattling incessantly and not waiting for precious gifts, does not nag, watches serials of the most prosaic content.

I didn't prepare for a change in my life, everything happened spontaneously. But for those who set a goal to turn the limousine abruptly on the usual straight line, my second part. And where is she more informative.

In the beginning there was a word

My single friends, kindred spirits and brothers in status in one bottle. This message is addressed to you. You’ve already come to terms with stale socks, scrambled eggs in the mornings and the TV series "In Our Area" on Sundays. Your experience of voluntary or involuntary loneliness has equated such a life somewhere, somehow, as far as imagination, with the royal luxury: absolute independence, the practical minimum of what is necessary and all the advantages of the Spartan way of life. Gastritis, teasing of colleagues and sighs of relatives do not count.

But you can't escape fate. Once she overtook you with a charming smile in the subway, in the office, at a noisy intersection ... and your carefully and jealously arranged castle of the master of life crackled at all cinder block seams! In addition to natural opiates of a purely sexual origin and a dose of adrenaline familiar to every hunter, it is possible that the first strong feeling will be panic. For the first time, imagine your home through the eyes of another person. It is a matter of time to clean up, to fill a home with coziness and a hint of a long wait for a bird of happiness is a matter of some financial costs (at least for a bouquet of flowers gracefully placed at least in a three-liter jar, in the absence of a crystal vase) ... The most important thing is the festive table. And not even a set of products, there are just no problems, but the fact that this whole set, the most eclectic, should be kept around a basic idea - call it a "highlight", "know-how" or "signature dish".

As for the signature dish - advice: lie, do not fear that it is yours - personal or collective from the time of your students, but in no way your mother, unsurpassed in culinary skills.

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