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Georgy Sviridov: his music is woven from eternal time flying forward!

Today marks the 105th anniversary of the birth of the famous Soviet composer, pianist Georgy Vasilyevich Sviridov (1915-1998).

At the end of the post - a video in which you can see the composer and how the audience welcomes his music.

At least one work of this composer is known to each of us - an emotional, impetuous, memorable overture to the film by Mikhail Schweitzer "Time Forward!", which later grew into a whole orchestral suite of six parts. For many years it sounded from the screens as the callsigns of the Vremya news program on Central Television (here the music sounded in the original) and then the news programs on Channel One (in the arrangement).

Perhaps, the creative fate of Sviridov can be generally called happy: he managed to preserve complete inner freedom and independence, write exactly the music that lived in him, while fully adapting to the political and social conditions of his time .

The secret of such a harmonious life, probably, lay in the character of the composer - an intelligent, highly educated, when above all he put passion for pure art, the realization of creative ideas. Indicative in this regard is his statement at the moment when he found out that his theme was made the callsigns of news bulletins, then removed, calling it "too disturbing", then returned again. To begin with, Sviridov did not watch TV, and therefore at first he did not even know that the first 18 bars of his work sound from the screens every day. When the “true heroes” of that time demanded that he “make his music quieter”, or it would be removed from the program again, Sviridov described the situation in the following way: “... to be frank, he did not attach much importance to this issue at all. In my life, as in the life of my generation and my older generation, there were a lot of unpleasant, offensive, sometimes unfair assessments, malicious attacks, prohibitions, withdrawals. It was a good school of patience and endurance. ”

So, leaving "Caesar's Caesar", Georgy Vasilyevich created wonderful vocal works, a special place among which belongs to romances, vocal cycles and cantatas; instrumental works for piano, strings and symphony orchestra; wrote a lot of music for films and performances (the popularity of music for two films - "Blizzard" and "Time Forward!" - even surpassed the glory of the pictures themselves) and two operettas (or musical comedies). A separate place in his work is sacred music: especially in the last decade of his life, Sviridov constantly worked on choirs for Church Slavonic texts; some of them were included in the large choral cycle "Chants and Prayers", but most of what was written has not yet been published and performed.

Georgy Vasilievich greatly appreciated folk roots and poetry. The second is evidenced by a large number of works written for performance by soloists or chorus. And the first is in each of his creations. Sviridov was proud that he was Russian: “They ask me: what am I? I am Russian! And that's the end of it. (…) I am what I am - a Russian person. And I'm proud of that. " And when, at the beginning of his career, the young composer formed his own style, his main characteristic was the Russian basis. Born in the Kursk region, Sviridov devoted a lot of time to collecting the folklore heritage of his native land and working on it. As a result, a choral cycle "Kursk Songs" appeared, and a new direction appeared in the musical academic tradition - "a new folklore wave".

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