Group of flowers: where to order a bouquet for March 8

Natural shades are the weakness of colorists! After all, they go to everyone!

Usually, when a woman decides to change her image, the first thing she starts with is her hair color. It is understandable. After all, curls are the main female pride. This means that they attract attention more than other places on the body.

If you have not yet decided what color you want to paint, then you can be calm. In 2021, stylists offer us different shades for beauty experiments - light and bright, natural and with a twist. Among them, each beauty will be able to choose a color to her liking. We are talking about 5 trendy color options that will be the main hits in the near future.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a mix of chestnut and brunet. The dark shade looks very noble and deep, but at the same time natural. It seems that this is why dark chocolate has already appeared at various fashion shows. It was worn at the shows of Chanel, Gabriela Hearst, Max Mara and Drome.

Popular stars keep up with fashion. Former model Demi Moore and actress Monica Bellucci wear dark chocolate today.

Pay attention to the type of women who wear this luxurious color. They are overbearing, passionate, strong and sexy. They usually have dark brown or amber eyes, and light, pinkish, beige, or slightly dark olive skin without freckles.

Strawberry Blonde

2021 will delight those who love original coloring. Indeed, this year the strawberry blonde is still popular. It is this color that the professional hairdresser-colorist Mounir often offers to his clients to try. But the man, who has 6.5 million fans, knows a lot about actual colors.

However, with a pink tint, you need to be careful. It should not be chosen by those whose skin is already pink or beige by nature. But for women with a yellowish, beige, slightly earthy or olive undertone, a pink blond will suit the face.

Warm blond

Beauties who tinted their blond every couple of weeks to get rid of the hated yellowness can breathe out. After all, the cold blonde was replaced by a warm one. So blond curls with a warm shimmer were worn at the shows of Alberta Ferretti and BOSS. And this luxurious color has been worn by the Australian-American actress and singer Nicole Kidman for several years now. And she honestly admits that she is in no hurry to change her image.

Kerіvnіstvo do dії for lovers of raspberries: how to correctly put a raspberry on a dіlyantsі

Trends in a modern bouquet or what an author's modern bouquet should be

We use different plants to create small bouquets for March 8, but especially our florists love to work with the first spring flowers that are grown in greenhouses: tulips, hyacinths, snowdrops, daffodils. They bring the freshness of the forest, delight with natural tenderness and beauty. Such bouquets do not even need to be supplemented with decor: they are beautiful in themselves and can decorate both the study and the living room of the house.

Mini compositions for March 8 from tulips and hyacinths in combination with other flowers - fragrant lavender, blue oxypetalum, lacy lisianthus or playful muscari - look very elegant. We also like to play with contrast and add greenery to the colors - waxy magnolia leaves, fluffy lagurus or mysterious silvery eucalyptus.

We have a large selection of small bouquets for March 8 from lush peonies loved by all girls, delicate ranunculus, bright primrose, roses with a delicate and delicate aroma and many other flowers. We use natural ecological materials as packaging - craft paper, straw and satin ribbons, canvas fabric, which favorably emphasize the freshness and beauty of flowers.

I would especially like to highlight the miniature compositions for March 8 in mugs, glasses, baskets, pots and boxes. These flowers do not need a vase: they can be put on the table right away to cheer you up all day. Such bouquets are also a great option for restaurants, cafes, hotels to congratulate guests and create a festive atmosphere.

Why buy small bouquets for March

  • They are compact and comfortable, so they can be conveniently presented to a girl in any situation, for example, on a date - small bouquets are convenient to carry or put in a backpack.
  • Affordable cost. In "St. John's Wort" you can buy a gift for March 8 at a price of 525 rubles, which is especially beneficial if you need several bouquets at once - for colleagues, teachers, etc.
  • Small bouquets for March 8 look elegant and do not require a large vase. They will find a place even on a desktop littered with documents.

St. John's Wort is an online store of gifts you will definitely like

St. John's Wort is a team of florists who are in love with their business. We strive to make each bouquet unique, meaningful, energizing. We do not have the same items in our catalog: small bouquets for March 8 and luxurious compositions of dozens of flowers are exquisite and individual, collected with attention to each flower.

Customers appreciate our store for the comfortable conditions of cooperation:

· If you wish, you can change any bouquet for March 8, presented in the catalog, or describe your loved one and his preferences to our florist - and get an author's floral arrangement, collected especially for you. · We use fresh flowers and quality materials to make our compositions delightful for as long as possible. Bouquets are collected only after placing an order. · Delivery across Moscow and the Moscow region is valid. We will deliver the bouquet to its happy owner at any time specified by you, including on the day of order. Free pickup is also available. · We accept any methods of payment: cash, card, using Internet banking. Legal entities can pay for bouquets by transferring to a bank account.

Vibiraєmo location for the raspberry tree. What is the side of the booth and it’s not for everyone to come. Planting period of berry chagarnik: spring and autumn. Features of the spring and autumn bookmarks of the raspberry tree.

Lacy Bird

An incredible selection of bouquets of an endless level of fantasy - even reading the sections of the catalog makes your eyes start to scatter: there are mono bouquets, and compositions in boxes, and offers for men, and inspired by brands, and simply author's, and on the occasion, and according to the season.

From the names of the bouquets, the head is spinning at all - "Raspberry Wine" and "Wine from Dandelions", "Power of the Wind" and "Sounds of the World", "Berry Kiss" and "Flock of Flamingos" ... And bouquets in style Prada, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent have a place in the best museums in the world.

  • Delivery: from 8.0 to 24.0, 1-2 hours after placing and confirming the order for a ready-made bouquet and 3 hours for an individual author's, delivery intervals - 4 hours Moscow. Delivered both outside the Moscow Ring Road and across Russia.
  • Address: Kutuzovsky prospect, 36, building 10, entrance number 3
  • Instagram: lacy_bird

Roots Flowers

Roots are recognized by their juicy, specific and loud bouquets with character, but in general there is absolutely everything here for every taste. A large collection of bouquets in wooden boxes, hat boxes and baskets are also available.

One of the bonuses is the ability to deliver a bouquet anywhere in Russia, although the basic company operates in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

NB: In the period from March 1 to March 11, you can order only bouquets and compositions from the sections "March 8" and "Corporate bouquets by March 8".

  • Delivery in Moscow: there is a possibility of delivery within an hour's interval both within the Moscow Ring Road and beyond, as well as delivery by exact time (accuracy up to 20 minutes)
  • Address in Moscow: st. 2nd Rybinskaya, 13
  • Instagram: roots_moscow


Flowers here "with a Parisian soul" are served exclusively in hat boxes that have won serious love of the public - in fact, it was Florentin who once brought this sophisticated and at the same time terribly practical concept to the Russian flower market, which gained popularity.

The boxes are offered in 4 sizes - from graceful Petit in 9-15 colors to impressive LUX in 65-99 colors and 4 colors (besides the "Parisian sky", there are also "pink pearls", "red wine" and "green velvet"), you can assemble the bouquet yourself, or you can choose from ready-made options.

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