Gift options for March 8 Mom, sister or girlfriend

Since childhood, we have been accustomed to calling this day the holiday of spring, women's day, “mother's holiday”. In kindergarten and elementary school, children, under the guidance of educators and teachers, are concentrating on making a variety of souvenirs as a gift to their mother for Women's Day: colorful postcards with appliqués, funny crafts made from cones, leaves and plasticine. So you want to please your beloved mom with something unusual, made with your own hands. And mothers are touched to the core. Even my eyes are wet with emotion. Children are happy and very proud of their gift: they see that their mother's feelings are absolutely sincere.

With age, we become more rational, more practical, completely plunging into the whirlpool of adult life. We devote less and less time and attention to our loved ones: mom, sister, grandmother. But the desire to express our attitude, to show concern does not disappear anywhere, it always lives inside and warms us. The eve of the 8th of March is a great time to think about how to please the dearest and nearest.

We decided to help you with this problem and suggest some new ideas. We think that the gifts that we have picked up will not leave indifferent any mother (and grandmother too).

Gift for the hostess

The best gift is the one that from the heart and best conveys your emotions, your love. It may not be completely created by your hands, but you definitely put your soul into it. Imagine this picture: your beloved mother starts the morning with a mug of freshly brewed tea, takes it in her hands, and on it is your joint photo and a touching wish written in a beautiful memorable font. So glad! Choose a good photo, where mom looks young and cheerful, come up with a playful signature and order a photo in metal mugs in our "Photosphere". Perhaps you will be more interested in ceramic mugs, we will put your photos on them, our equipment allows it.

Do you want the morning of every day to be bright and positive for mom? So that she remembers you with a kind smile? Find 13 good family photos (12 months + cover) and order a wall flip photo calendar or a house calendar from us. Be sure to mark all important family dates on the calendar grid so that mom does not forget about them in the hustle and bustle of daily worries. You can use a ready-made design, or you can create your own, choosing an original background and decorations for each month. Our product line also includes a budget option - a quarterly calendar photo. It can also be decorated very nicely and with fiction.

Mom will hang the present in the kitchen and every morning, turning on the kettle, she will think of you with a grateful smile.

For a dreamy nature

Mom's smile is the most precious thing in the world! Want to see her more often? Ordering a photo book with your mother's favorite photos is a good decision. Let it not be a giant family album, only 5-6 spreads. But the best, favorite pictures. How pleasant it is to look once again at dear, lovely faces! Give your loved one this little joy, the opportunity to once again feel the warmth of touching memories. Photobooks to order in Moscow can be made in the "Photosfera" studio literally in 3-4 days, after you only photographs. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to visit one of the Photosphere salons, you can create and print an online photo album without leaving home, using the online editor on our website.

I don't like the idea of ​​a photobook - we suggest another, no less creative one. Photo on canvas. How do you like your mother's portrait in large format, printed on natural cotton canvas? Or a group portrait of the whole family? You can make any background, change people and place them in any environment (even medieval). Or leave it as it is, at will. You will get a real art canvas, like in a gallery. The baguette decoration will emphasize the similarity with the object of art. Who knows, what if this gift will become the basis of the family photo gallery?

For a creative mom

Sometimes a touching souvenir will tell about your feelings better than a hundred grateful words. If the gift is picked up with a soul, it can be seen. You feel that the person was thinking about you, and did not remember at the last moment. Choosing a gift is a serious matter, you need to approach it creatively.

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