Frightening "congratulations" of children from the TFR - and a parody of it

The updated iOS 11 operating system is already available to Apple users around the world.

Apple Corporation has officially announced the release of the final version of the operating system iOS 11.

Currently, users can install the update in all countries.

The updated OS has a modified control center, which now occupies one screen. Also, now you can add other elements, but initially they are not.

This operating system has also added a QuickType feature that allows you to adapt the keyboard for one-handed typing.

The "Files" application has also been added, which allows you to manage your data stored on the device or in the cloud.

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Main news

In Russia, they proposed to toughen the punishment for defamation of veterans. Obviously, if the law is passed, rushing words with impunity will not work. The authors of the bill propose to attribute such a violation to the section on the rehabilitation of Nazism. The State Duma will consider the amendments.


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Apple has launched an updated operating system iOS 11

It would seem that buying an e-book will solve the problem of reading literature in digital form. You can take a tablet for entertainment and a book reader on the road, but sociable people are not comfortable changing one device to another in order to respond to messages in the messenger as they gain new knowledge. We offer to review the best tablets for reading, not inferior to readers.

Top Reading Tablets

We have rated tablets more than once, so we know how to choose them. Bibliophile devices must have a number of unique characteristics and capabilities, or the experience will be spoiled.

To take into account all the criteria and select applicants for the rating, sellers of electronics stores, students who spend their leisure time reading from a tablet, helped us. We have gathered a lot of information from user reviews and reviews from experts in the mobile device market. Primarily rated:

  • The volume of the battery and the autonomy of the reader;
  • The size of the display - with small screens the eyes get tired less;
  • The range of brightness adjustment for work with bright light, at night;
  • Operating system - determines the capabilities of the software reader, their variety;
  • Screen matrix - IPS does not distort the picture when viewed at angles up to 176 °.

We did not pay attention to communications, performance, memory size and even the version of installed Android: they do not play any role in solving the problems of book lovers. The quality of the cameras was not taken into account, on tablets it is usually deplorable. The TOP did not include devices with too low peak or high minimum brightness, which complicate work in intense ambient light and in a dark room, train compartment. The functioning of the program for reading text documents and a couple of background applications should not actively consume battery power. We eliminated gadgets that had to be charged twice a day.

The best inexpensive tablets for reading books

Budget options will solve all the reader's problems, additionally allow communicating in messengers, surfing the Internet, and launching two-dimensional toys. Not good for anymore. We have selected four noteworthy models from a dozen applicants. The rest were too lagging behind them: the battery was running down quickly, the brightness was unacceptable for widespread use.

BQ L Hornet

A gadget with an optimal resolution and screen size for reading text. When held at a distance of 40 cm from the eyes, they span the entire length of the line. This reduces the load on the eye muscles - the movement of the pupils along the lines is excluded. On close inspection, pixels are visible, but letters 7-8 are not distorted by the font, they are read perfectly. With a TN-matrix you will be able to perceive text from different angles, the picture when viewed from the side is slightly distorted.

The updated iOS 11 operating system is already available to Apple users around the world.

The Main Investigative Directorate of the TFR in Moscow has published on its website birthday greetings for those who turn 14 years old.

Investigators reminded the teenagers that now they will face criminal liability for various crimes - writes "The First Anti-Corruption Media" (). "From this day on, you yourself will have to answer for the murders and harm to health," says one of the ICR officers. “You will be severely punished for terrorism and hostage-taking,” his colleague warns (). The video, which, as conceived by the authors, was supposed to serve as crime prevention, was removed after it was widely disseminated on social networks. However, in the Moscow department of social protection, whose logo was on the video, the initiative is still considered useful.

The parody of "congratulations" was filmed by the "Committee against Torture". Human rights defenders reminded the security officials taking up the service that they will have to answer for corruption, abuse of power and other crimes ().

As for me, you need to issue a similar memo along with the first passport.

After all, ignorance of the laws does not exempt from responsibility.

And knowledge may well free you from committing stupidity for which you will be punished.

Sorry they deleted it - it was a good video

P. ... The video, alas, has been removed from the UK website, proofs:

Happy birthday summer!

The Investigative Committee recalls the onset of criminal liability from the age of 14.

The largest children's oncological clinic opened in Moscow

The Research Institute was opened on the basis of the National Medical Research Center of Oncology. Blokhin.

The clinic has 275 beds. It is specified that the clinic will be able to receive up to 1.5 thousand children a year. This will cover the country's remaining need for care for cancer patients under the age of 18. For treatment, innovative oncosurgery, bone marrow transplantation, high-dose chemotherapy and immune therapy will be used.

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