Farmer's Walk Exercise: Complete Instructions

Beautiful, correct posture and horizontal bar

We often scold our children, noticing how they slouch. And how many of these moments do we miss? Of course, it is necessary to monitor the posture and teach the child to self-control, but do not comfort yourself with the hope that a person can be as straight as a string.

Subtle, small bends of the spine to the side (within normal limits) are not only inevitable, but also necessary - they provide a softening of tremors and tremors of the body while walking, running, jumping.

One of the methods of aligning and unloading the spine is the usual hanging on a horizontal bar. You can even hang passively, without pulling up, without swinging. Just grab the bar and hang for as long as you can. At the same time, try to relax the muscles in your back and lower back.

When releasing the crossbar, DO NOT JUMP IN NO EVENT, but gently lower yourself onto your toes. Otherwise, when you jump, all the intervertebral discs that you stretched so carefully will shrink again, reducing the result of the training to zero.

Note that this exercise can be performed NOT ONLY by CHILDREN, but also by people of ANY AGE and GENDER. If you have enough strength in your hands, you can swing back and forth a little or to the sides.

To maintain the health of the spine, you can also perform a half-hang - your legs are on the floor, but on them you shift only the weight of the lower body so that only the torso is in the hang. Relax and feel the thoracic spine stretch.

Well, for those who are full of strength and energy, classic pull-ups will be an excellent exercise. Their main benefit is to strengthen the corset (the back muscles that support the spine). As a rule, the stronger the corset, the smoother and healthier the spine.

In addition to the horizontal bar, you can use another not tricky, but very useful for the back invention called fitball. Fortunately, there are a lot of examples of exercises with it:

If you do not practice your posture, the posture of your child, the consequences can be the most unpleasant. Even a simple violation of posture, not to mention scoliosis, can cause problems in the future:

  • With your studies (try to sit through the entire lecture, with back pain from the neck to the lower back);
  • Health (for example, headaches from displaced neck vertebrae press on the vessels - a very common phenomenon);
  • Personal life, after all. After all, people are more willing to pay attention to handsome guys and girls with beautiful posture.

For complete information on what diseases of the spine exercises on the horizontal bar are recommended, and for which they are contraindicated, you can read the horizontal bar and the spine in our article.

Will the horizontal bar help you become taller?

Why pull-ups on the horizontal bar are useful

Plank: Benefits

Going to gyms, exhausting jogging in stadiums and squares, strength and strengthening loads with the help of wall bars, horizontal bars, dumbbells and other attributes of sports exercises are unattainable concepts for many. Sometimes, they do not allow you to fit into the daily schedule, or even simply frighten you with excessive effort and responsibility.

Plank is an exercise that is unique and versatile in every way.

Correction of a figure with a bar

If you want a clear and clear picture of what the plank exercise will lead to after repeated workouts, then the results before and after monthly sessions can be viewed in detail not only in the photo, but also read about them here:

This is a great tidying exercise

  • Belly. The bar will force you to tighten the press, drive fat from the abdomen.
  • Waist. The sides and the muscular frame in the waist area will acquire outlines, and if from the very beginning you also measure the circumferences of body parts, then the desire to improve your figure will only grow.

Tip! After the first exercises, the muscles of almost the entire body will ache. This is inevitable, but it should not be alarming: it means that all the actions performed were carried out in strict accordance with the instructions.

Slimming Plank - Before & After

The benefits of the plank as an independent physical exercise are beyond doubt. The plank not only trains and strengthens every muscle in the body, but also increases overall body endurance, makes you more flexible and lean, improves posture and stimulates blood circulation, and allows muscles to receive more oxygen. An extensive list of plank advantages makes it ideal for both home workouts and gym workouts.

Together with the trainer, we figure out if this exercise is really as useful as it is said to be.

For cervical osteochondrosis of any severity, vertebrologists recommend daily therapeutic exercises. Regular exercise helps you forget about the crunch and pain that occurs when bending and turning your head. Performing dynamic and isometric neck exercises is the most effective method of preventing the spread of the disease to healthy vertebrae and intervertebral discs.

When to do exercise therapy

It is necessary to start doing therapeutic exercises when the first signs of cervical osteochondrosis appear. These include pain in the back of the neck, aggravated by turning the head, crunching, clicking, stiffness. With osteochondrosis of the 1st severity, regular training allows you to cure it without taking pharmacological drugs that have a negative effect on the internal organs. The indications for classes are the following symptoms characteristic of pathology of the 2nd and 3rd degrees:

Daily exercise is the most effective prevention of cervical osteochondrosis in people at risk. As a rule, they spend a lot of time at the computer, spend a long time with their heads bowed while working with documents.

Causes of osteochondrosis

The main reason for the development of osteochondrosis is considered to be the formation of various malfunctions in the neck area as a result of stress and traumatological effects. Any nervous shock does not go unnoticed for the human body. They are accompanied by muscle spasm and noticeable tension, because instinctively people in such situations press their heads into their shoulders.

As a result, not only is the natural microcirculation of blood in the body disrupted, but it can also be observed:

Adrenal tumors, thyroid problems and renal pathologies should be noted as the most common diseases that cause hypertension. Medicines used in the treatment of such pathologies are characterized by increased toxicity, therefore, the best option for the prevention of hypertension will be to eliminate the blockage of Atlanta.

Important: Degenerative changes in osteochondrosis primarily affect the bone tissue and ligamentous apparatus.

Preparing for class


The exercise is simple enough, but in spite of this, when performing it, there are some peculiarities that must be fully performed in order to achieve positive results.

  • Most often, when performing this training, it is recommended to use a special barbell that has a handle. But this is not so important, so dumbbells and weights are suitable in this case. The shells are placed at a short distance from each other and are located between them. The back should be straight.
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles and take a sitting position in order to pick up the shells in your hands.
  • Then rise to a standing position, as if pushing yourself. Make a fixation of this position. You have to look straight ahead. This will be the starting position.
  • Very quickly and with short steps you need to move forward with the shells on straight arms. The trajectory of movement should be in a clear straight line. Breathing during movement should be correct and even. After passing about fifty meters, the projectiles are located on the floor or on the ground, turn around and come back. You need to go back and forth about ten times without being distracted by respite.

As mentioned earlier, you can use all sorts of weighting materials when performing this exercise.

The correct technique for performing the kettlebell farmer's walk is the key to a safe and productive workout.

How is the exercise performed?

  • Determine how the exercise will be performed. Light weight for long distances or heavy weights for short distances.
  • It is necessary to prepare the weights with which the exercise will be performed. The farmer's walk is equally effective with a bar, dumbbells, or kettlebells. The recommended load weight depends on the athlete's physical indicators, goals pursued during training and the length of the distance.
  • Clear / prepare a place for penetration from obstacles and obstacles.

The Farmer's Walk exercise is an integral part of the professional bodybuilder's training program (along with deadlifts and squats). This load is effectively used in crossfit and endurance competitions.

The Farmer's Walk has several advantages:

  • puts stress on the main muscles;
  • strengthens ligaments and joints;
  • increases strength and endurance;
  • strengthens the muscle corset.

The exercise does not require special conditions. There is only one requirement - the presence of 2 heavy objects of the same weight.

Muscles at work

What push-ups do from the floor

These exercises are a great way to build a strong and beautiful muscle frame. The training block is selected for any age and gender. Many people believe that this type of exercise trains only a small number of muscles, but when the emphasis is shifted (supporting positions of the arms and legs), the whole body is included in the work. An active press of your own body from the floor makes you work:

  • large chest muscles;
  • triceps (triceps);
  • biceps (biceps);
  • deltoid muscles;
  • serratus anterior muscles (muscles of the lateral chest and upper ribs).

In addition to the formation and strengthening of the muscle frame, push-ups, like any properly constructed physical activity, develops proper breathing, lung function, improves blood flow in all parts of the body, strengthens the ligaments and joints, saturates the tissues of the body with oxygen. At the same time, there is no age limit: even children under the supervision of adults can do push-ups.

For men

Standard push-ups from the floor with a properly designed program will allow any man to form a strong attractive body. In combination with a diet, you can achieve the classic advertised body relief, which is actively promoted by modern mass culture. It is also worth noting the enormous benefits of these exercises for those who are engaged in martial arts: the joints of the hands, the muscles of the back and muscles of the press are strengthened, some push-ups qualitatively develop endurance.

For women

While many consider this workout to be purely masculine, it is ideal for shaping an attractive female body. Naturally, the number of approaches and types of exercises will differ from the men's set, but with a properly designed program, you can achieve quick and noticeable results. In addition to the general physical benefits, exercise will help in the following aspects:

Wall push-ups: benefits and effectiveness

Push-ups are undoubtedly an effective exercise for the pectoral muscles. By increasing the number of repetitions on a regular basis, the breasts will become tighter and stronger.

Wall push-ups are a great option for beginners or people returning to training after an injury. Safe enough exercise for all joints.

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