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A paper accordion is one of the simplest elements. Any person can create it, after which you can make a huge number of spectacular decorative things from it: for example, a variety of snowflakes and little books. Accordions can be simple or more complex, small or huge, for interiors and postcards.

  • 1 Materials and tools
  • 2 A simple way to make
  • 3 How to use a simple accordion
  • 4 A difficult way folding the accordion
  • 5 Octagonal accordion
  • 6 Doll accordion

Materials and tools

Easy manufacturing

Take a rectangle of the desired size, the length of which is several times longer than the width. To get a long accordion when there is no paper of this size, glue several sheets together and do not fold them until they are completely dry. The glue seam should be as wide as the planned fold so it will not be conspicuous.

If in doubt about your eye, mark the workpiece with vertical lines, placing them at an equal distance. Do not press down hard on the pencil when marking, so that snowflakes or other items look beautiful. Mark the places along which you need to make the inner fold with solid lines, and for the outer folds - with barely visible points.

Once you have marked the rectangle, you can bend it by carefully stroking each fold with your hands. Its your cardboard blank, you will have to work harder to make it look neat.

Use cases for a simple accordion

The top of the blanks can be decorated with curly cutouts - manually or using a hole punch. The same snowflakes from such an accordion will look especially elegant. To make them, you need to fasten the accordion in the center with a stapler, make holes in the edges according to your taste - here you can show your imagination in full force! Holes can be cut not only along the edges, but also over the entire surface of the workpiece using a hole punch or nail scissors. After that, straighten the accordion and fasten its edges to make a circle. Instead of ordinary paper to create a snowflake, you can take colored or beautiful napkins with patterns. You can decorate a Christmas tree, a window with such snowflakes, hang them so that they hang from the ceiling or form a beautiful festive decor on the walls.

If it is supposed that you will make a free musical instrument out of the blank, you can draw keys on it with paints or felt-tip pens, or stick them by cutting them out of paper. For the accordion, on each side of the accordion, you need to leave the segments without folds in order to decorate them as it happens with a real instrument.

If you make wide folds, you get a booklet, on each side of which you can make illustrations on the topic. For example, this may well turn out a bright alphabet for kids or a book with numbers for learning them. If you make a booklet out of a paper accordion with your child, this will contribute to his development, will allow you to become closer to him.

Making a paper accordion

What can replace dumbbells at home?

If you do not want to do dumbbells yourself or do not have the necessary tools, you can use the heavy things that are at hand for training.

The most common items used to replace dumbbells are regular plastic bottles or bricks. The latter can be used immediately without additional modifications. A standard red brick weighs about 3.5 kg.

Bottles should be used as a weighting agent only with filler: water, gravel or sand. The weight of the inventory directly depends on the type of filler. 1 liter of water weighs approximately 1 kg. This is an insignificant mass, therefore, if you are using water, it is better to take a 2 liter bottle. Filling it with rubble, you can get a weight of 2.6 kg, and with sand - 3.4 kg, and if you fill it with additional water, about 4 kg will come out.

These weights are suitable for training only for girls. Men should use larger plastic bottles. Today, you can easily find plastic containers for 5, 6 and 10 liters. By filling them with various fillers, you can get sports equipment weighing up to 40 kg. Such a load will be sufficient even for experienced athletes. But there is one problem: it is not very convenient to hold such a bottle, while its fastening is not designed for heavy weights. Therefore, it is better to make your own dumbbells with a comfortable handle.

Dumbbell Exercise Technique

Let's consider in more detail how this exercise should be performed. So, we fix ourselves firmly in the pose. If we are doing the exercise while sitting, then fix in the pose. You should put your feet shoulder-width apart. They stubbornly stand on the floor. You can sit on a ball or bench. You can also do this exercise, lifting the dumbbells, while standing.

That is, you stand on your feet, place them shoulder-width apart. After that, keep your back straight, strain your stomach and pick it up. You need to stand steadily. Next, we raise and lower the dumbbells. Here we raise our arms straight, not bent at the elbows.

You can lift them straight, or through the sides. This way, you can prepare yourself for the exercise. Warm up in advance. To do this, you can do squats, jumps, bends. You can also run in one place, it will relax your body well.

Dumbbell Exercise Technique

Making a paper accordion ⋆ Detailed instructions + video! There are more than 1000 more excellent homemade products on our site! 100% fun. Come in

No matter how many miracles a person has seen, the first snow will probably always evoke a feeling of admiration. Snow is always associated with something light, festive and clean. Many interesting facts are connected with this miracle of nature.

How does snow form?

The origin of snow is not much different from the origin of rain. This is also a type of precipitation. In fact, rain and snow are one and the same phenomenon, occurring at different temperatures.

The first condition for snow to appear is the appropriate temperature: water turns into ice already at 0ºC. When it gets colder, the water in puddles and bodies of water freezes and becomes covered with ice. In the same way, raindrops freeze in the sky and rain drops begin to fall in the form of snowflakes.

Microscopic raindrops in clouds under the influence of low temperatures are attracted to dust particles, salt, sand, ash and even living bacteria and freeze to form ice crystals. As a result of condensation of water and air in them (snowflakes are 95% air), they grow and fall under the influence of gravity.

The size of snowflakes depends on temperature, pressure and humidity. Snowflakes of the correct, neat shape appear when the air temperature is from -5 to -20 ºC. At temperatures below -30 ºC, snowflakes fall out in the form of diamond dust - thin ice needles.

In a way, from a geological point of view, we can say that snow is a mineral, because it is ice of a certain shape, and that, in turn, is a solid substance created from a homogeneous material (water) ...

What is the real color of the snowflakes?

Snow has no color at all, its whiteness is just an optical illusion. Individual snowflakes are tiny ice crystals. They are transparent, like the water they are made of.

It's all about light waves: each length has its own color. Some materials absorb light waves of a certain length, while others reflect them, which is why objects have different colors. A material that reflects waves incident on it will have white light, while a material that absorbs light waves will appear black.

Snowflake crystals have a complex structure with many faces. Light does not pass through them, but is refracted and reflected many times. Due to the fact that crystals reflect the entire spectrum of light falling on them, we perceive snow as white.

Our brain, our consciousness automatically interprets the information received, prompting us that the snow is white (even if it acquires a shade of sky at dusk or pink at sunset).

Sometimes a bluish tint can be seen in clear snow. In this case, the color depends on the density: in loose snow, long light waves penetrate deeply, while in dense snow, short waves, predominantly blue, remain on the surface.

Greetings to all pancake lovers on the pages of Alexey Shevchenko's blog "Healthy lifestyle". From time immemorial, pancakes have been considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. They symbolize the sun and the arrival of spring. They can be baked not only during the Maslenitsa celebration, but also on weekdays: thin and plump, delicate and solid, with and without filling.

Every self-respecting chef has their own collection of their favorite pancake recipes. Today I want to share with you my collection of kefir-based pancake recipes. Such pancakes turn out to be very fluffy, tender and with a pleasant, slightly noticeable sourness in taste.

You will also find many delicious recipes for pancakes in the article "Pancakes for Pancakes - recipes for every day."

Recipe for thin pancakes with holes on kefir

Thin pancakes dotted with holes are considered one of the most elegant and delicious. If kefir is used as a base, then the cooking process is greatly simplified. The pancake does not break when turned over, it browns evenly, it turns out juicy and very thin.

Sifting flour before adding it to the dough is a must. The main purpose of sifting is to oxygenate the flour. Well sifted flour does not clump.

  • kefir (any fat content) - 400 milliliters;
  • wheat flour - 300 grams;
  • eggs - 3 pieces;
  • baking soda - 0.5 teaspoon;
  • sugar - 2 tablespoons;
  • salt - 1 teaspoon;
  • vegetable oil (any ) for the dough - 2 tablespoons;
  • boiling water - 400 milliliters;
  • oil for frying.

Step 1. In a bowl, mix kefir and soda. We leave for 5 minutes.

Step 2. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs with salt and sugar with a whisk. It is better not to use a blender - it makes the mixture too homogeneous, and the pancakes will be less fluffy.

Mix the beaten eggs with kefir. We mix.

Step 3. Add the sifted flour and knead the dough until smooth.

Causes of back folds

The back is an area in which fat itself is not inclined to be deposited, therefore the main reason for folds is excess weight, in which the deposits are distributed throughout the body. Well, the reasons for being overweight are, in fact, obvious, and most of them belong to a single group called the "wrong way of life." This is an unbalanced diet, and a lack of activity, and the presence of bad habits, and so on.

Sedentary work leads to excess deposits in the back and sides. With a lack of activity, the muscles lose their tone, and the back becomes one of those places where fat is actively deposited. This is especially true for girls with the "apple" body type, who, in principle, tend to accumulate all the excess in the upper body.

One of the things about back folds is that they form slowly and are tricky. From behind, we see ourselves infrequently, and we simply do not notice small changes. And at one point you can be horrified to see ugly rollers on your back. However, there is good news: when we lose weight, the back is one of the first places from which fat leaves. It is only important to know how to get rid of folds in the back, and this requires an integrated approach that combines diet and physical activity.

How to remove folds of fat on the back: nutrition, exercise and massage

Hello everyone. You are saddened by the ugly folds that have appeared on the sides, even on the back, and you do not know how to remove the fat folds on the back. Do not be discouraged, there are many ways to get rid of this problem, and not only through physical training.

Reasons for the appearance of an aesthetic defect

Fat reserves are seldom formed without an increase in total body weight. Why are extra pounds appearing? There is only one answer - you are leading the wrong way of life.

Many women start to object: they say I move a lot, and I eat a little! And you analyze at least one day of your life.

Immediately notice that the diet is unbalanced, the work is sedentary, and many have bad habits. So the sides begin to grow, which grow in volumetric rollers under the bra, lower or higher.

If there are bolsters on the back, then get ready to buy clothes 2-3 sizes larger, especially if you have an "apple" figure.

Why do wrinkles appear? The muscles of the back do not receive any load, so they store fat reserves. The rollers in the upper back begin to move to the neck area, then the person looks fat, swollen, not neat.

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